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PKMNation: All pokemon of Moraine Ridge (part 1)



Part 1 of my try to draw all my pokemon, this is the first 70:'D. And headshot practice, haven't done that before.

Part 2: HERE
Part 3: HERE

Levels: Partial, shading, bg =5 for all!
*indicates a pokemon that is at lv 100 and will exp share levels.

PKMNation: Umber *
PKMNation: Rosenbergite *
PKMNation: Beryl *
PKMNation: Adelite *
PKMNation: Natrite *
PKMNation: Ilesite *
PKMNation: Rhodonite *
PKMNation: Dioptase *
PKMNation: Otavite *
PKMNation: Sengierite*
(10 * 5=50 lv)

PKMNAtion: Spinel *
PKMNation: Lazurite *
PKMNation: Riversideite *
PKMNation: Nordite*
PKMNation: Powellite*
PKMNation: Borax*
PKMNation: Tremolite*
PKMNation: Calcite*
PKMNation: Purpurite*
PKMNAtion: Corundum*
(10 * 5= 50 lv)

PKMNation: Celsian*
PKMNation: Kyanite*
PKMNation: Calomel*
PKMNation: Kleinite*
PKMNation: Hauyne*
PKMNation: Lavenite*
PKMNation: Danalite*
PKMNation: Cinnabar*
PKMNation: Ellestadite*
PKMNation: Marialite*
(10* 5=50 lv)

PKMNation: Rinneite*
PKMNation: Dravite*
PKMNation: Kozoite*
PKMNation: Realgar*
PKMNation: Nevadaite*
PKMNation: Ferroselite*
PKMNation: Murmanite*
PKMNation: Chromite*
PKMNation: Morinite*
PKMNation: Ares*
(10 * 5 =50 lv)

PKMNation: Gilmarite *
PKMNation: Namazu*
PKMNation: Iridium*
PKMNation: Palladium*
PKMNation: Vivianite*
PKMNation: Inesite*
PKMNation: Rutile*
PKMNation: Cassiterite*
PKMNation: Reinerite*
PKMNation: Anatase*
(10 * 5 =50lv)

PKMNation: Stottite grows to lv 69
PKMNation: Cejkaite grows to lv 56
PKMNation: Holdenite*
PKMNation: Vicanite*
PKMNation: Vladimirite*
PKMNation: Titanite*
PKMNation: Sarkinite*
PKMNation: Raslakite*
PKMNation: Stannite*
PKMNation: Gabrielite*
(8*5 =40 lv)

PKMNation: Jadeite*
PKMNation: Linarite*
PKMNation: Edenite*
PKMNation: Vajdakite*
PKMNation: Ardealite*
PKMNation: Andradite*
PKMNation: Anglesite*
PKMNation: Sophiite*
PKMNation: Melilite*
PKMNation: Valleriite*
(10*5=50 lv)

50+50+50+50+50+40+50= 340 levels to exp share in total.
PKMNation: Stottite gets 31 levels and hits lv 100! (309 remain)
PKMNation: Cejkaite gets 44 levels and hits lv 100 (265 remain)
PKMNation: Tatyanaite gets 66 levels and hits lv 100! (199 remain)
PKMNation: Brucite gets 34 levels and hits lv 100! (165 remain)
PKMNation: Karelianite gets 44 levels and hits lv 100! (121 remain)
PKMNation: Mattagamite gets 37 levels and hits lv 100! (84 remain)
PKMNation: Hematite gets 42 levels and hits lv 100! (42 remain)
PKMNation: Olivine  gets 18 levels and hits lv 100! (24 remain)
PKMNation: Lomonosovite gets 24 levels and grows to lv 50 (all used)
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