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PKMNation: Aerinite



Pokemon: Feraligatr/Nidoqueen
Name: Aerinite (Aeri)
Gender: Female
Special: Cross/Fusion/Shiny/Morph
Type: Water/Ground/Dragon
Hatch Date: 25th of January 2015
ID Number: 24551
Level: 100
Started Base Attack: 40
Current Base Attack: 80 (+4 from evolving, +16 from Power Potions)
Moves: Scratch, Leer, Growl (Start), Ice fang(Chili Accident), Aqua tail (Show me your moves 2), Thunder, Flamethrower, Aerial Ace, Stone Edge, Shadow Claw, Metal Claw (5 x TM,1 Jumble Berry), Crunch, Super Power, Sludge Wave, Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Mega Horn, Psychic Fangs (5 x TM, 2 x Jumble berry)
Level Up Log:
6 levels from 1st stage ref pic
5 levels, clutch: January clutches (BA25-40, 5 DYO's!)
10 levels: Birthday of PKMNation!
5 levels: PKMNation- All the Gifts
5 levels: PKMNation: Girls at the training field
25 levels, Ice fang: Chili Accident
21 levels: Feb. event 1: After the Pink one!
10 levels, Aqua tail: Show me your moves 2
6 levels: On the porch
7 levels: Feb. event 2: What's that sound??
0 levels: Feb. event 3: Ghosts in the dark
0 levels: The Coming Storm
0 levels, evolution: Evolution
0 levels: Why are the eggs gone?
0 levels: Mothers of Moraine Ridge
0 levels: June week 1: All the candy!
0 levels: June week 2 obj 2: Catch the Aipoms!
0 levels: Payment
0 levels: Enjoying the show
0 levels: A normal morning
0 levels: OMG Raptors?!?
0 levels: Wake the trainer!
0 levels: Still not waking up
0 levels: Protect the trainer!
0 levels: There's slumber, but is there party?
0 levels: Aerinite is the best
0 levels: Vs. Acolyte Pandorachi Victory!
0 levels: Vs. Master Lilliepup Defeat!
0 levels: Vs. Acolyte beedog Victory!
0 levels: Vs. Master DevilsRealm Victory!
0 levels: Vs. Champion DrakAlGhul Victory! Mega Bracelet achieved!
0 levels: Vs. Acolyte AnimalNerd Victory!
0 levels: Babysitting the trainer

Mother: PKMNation: Basel
Father: PKMNAtion: Corundum

A lot brighter and darker blue than on normal totodiles or nidorans and light blue underbelly. There's pretty much nothing to shake of this girl, except electric attacks, severe fear of getting zapped (one could blame her aunt Valleriite about that..). Well loved by her parents, grandparents and aunts, uncles and cousins on the ranch.
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