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Holidays at Moraine Ridge



I really, really loved drawing this picture. Used waaay more time than I usually do at level dumps, but I think it paid off. Some things are off, but still loving it<3

Levels are
Full body 1 x 2, shading 1 x 2, detailed background 1 x 2 =6 levels
OR Partial 1 x 1, shading 1 x 2, detailed background 1 x 2 =5 levels
Levels are marked with the mon.

PKMNation: Heneuite 6lv
PKMNation: Tosudite 5 lv
PKMNation: Junoite 5 lv
PKMNation: Dozyite 6 lv
PKMNation: Murmanite 6 lv
PKMNation: Sodalite 6 lv
PKMNation: Thomsonite 6 lv
PKMNation: Amakinite 6 lv
PKMNation: Inderite 6lv
PKMNation: Acanthite 6lv (Yes, she's wearing a sock)

PKMNation: Atacamite 6lv
PKMNation: Fervanite 6 lv
PKMNation: Cobaltite 6lv
PKMNation: Roscoelite 5 lv
PKMNation: Devilline 6lv
PKMNation: Nealite 6 lv
PKMNation: Ilmenite 6 lv
PKMNation: Polarite 6lv
PKMNation: Tausonite 6lv
PKMNation: Andradite 6lv

PKMNation: Pyrope 6lv *exp share*
PKMNation: Suanite 6lv
PKMNation: Iimoriite 6 lv
PKMNation: Mourite 6 lv
PKMNation: Rosasite 6lv (disguised as Mourite)
PKMNation: Ardealite 6lv
PKMNation: Maldonite 6lv
PKMNation: Krieselite 6lv
PKMNation: Nantokite 6lv

PKMNation: Edgarite 6lv *exp share*
PKMNation: Valleriite 6 lv *exp share*
PKMNation: Martyite 6lv
PKMNation: Hafnon 6lv *exp share*
PKMNation: Taramellite 6lv
PKMNation: Eulytite 6lv
PKMNation: Bernardite 6lv
PKMNation: Cuprite 6lv
PKMNation: Lalondeite 6lv
PKMNation: Shkatulkalite 6 lv

PKMNation: Domeykite 6lv
PKMNation: Cuzticite 6lv
PKMNation: Jokokuite 6lv
PKMNation: Kimuraite 6lv
PKMNation: Mattagamite 6lv
PKMNation: Galaxite 6lv
PKMNation: Corvusite 5 lv
PKMNation: Gabrielite 5 lv *exp share*
PKMNation: Vanoxite 5lv
PKMNation: Lueshite 5lv *exp share*

PKMNation: Inesite 6lv *exp share*
PKMNatio: Serendibite 5lv
PKMNation: Straus Jr. 5lv
PKMNation: Straus 6lv *exp share*
PKMNation: Callaghanite 6 lv
PKMNation: Cadmoselite 6lv
PKMNation: Leiteite 6lv *exp share*
PKMNation: Melilite 6lv
PKMNation: Gagarinite 6lv
PKMNation: Tungusite 6 lv *exp share*

PKMNation: Hadwiger 6lv
PKMNation: Cinnabar 6 lv *exp share*
PKMNation: Rosenbergite 6lv *exp share*
PKMNation: Byron 6 lv *exp shared*

Total levels to exp share: 11 x 6 + 2 x5= 76 levels! All of those go to my Leavanny PKMNation: Vanuralite
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That is an awesome picture!