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Sailor Moon - Pretty Guardians


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"Sailormoon Super S' Team Led by Yuanie on AFA Day 2

Tuxedo mask says"He is so extra." (Slacking at one corner.) Haha.
I did some clearing up of the baggages in the background. (Tedious for high res photo)

:iconalasmaya: as Sailor Uranus - Tenou Haruka
:iconlunaengrey: as Sailor Neptune - Kaiou Michiru
:iconmiwitch: as Sailor Pluto - Meiou Setsuna
:iconselphie85: as Sailor Saturn - Tomoe Hotaru
:iconyuanie: as Sailor Moon - Tsukino Usagi
:iconhoshinoarashi: as Sailor Chibi Moon - Chibi Usa
:iconxrysx: as Sailor Mercury - Mizuno Ami
:iconringo-031: as Sailor Mars - Hino Rei
:iconnoshuu: as Sailor Jupiter - Kino Makoto
:iconsakana: as Sailor Venus - Aino Minako
:iconkanaunara: Tuxedo mask - Chiba mamoru

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Pity Sailor Moon's not also an idol anime. I could see Hotaru and Rini forming their own little girl group. I could imagine Setsuna as a solo idol coming out of her shell. And the five main Guardians as a multi-genre pop group with Usagi and Minako as the co-lead singers. Also, the battles could be musical battles as well as normal Sailor Guardian fights.