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Attack on Titan - Boot Cover Tutorial

Series: Attack on Titan

I recently made my Attack on Titan boots for my Hanji cosplay for Aki Con,
and I had a few people ask me how I made them,
so here is a little tutorial!

This is my first time making one,
and it took 3 hours to put together X'D
My gawd!
So much more respect for people that make these OTL

and this is just one of many ways you can make these boots.
But hopefully it will be of some help to people ^^

S/N: If there is something I've made that you would like me to do a tutorial on let me know.
I can't do a full costume tutorial because it would be to hard and long to explain,
but if there is a part of a costume or sewing/building technique I will try my best!

Because I've been getting some repeating questions,
I'll post a mini FAQ..

How much fabric did you use?
I bought 1m and had almost half of it left over,
but this depends on the width of your fabric, so picture 4 boots laying down ^^'

What does the bottom look like?/Does the heel stick out?
Yes, the heel sticks out and the bottom of the cover. I use heel boots for this reason since it keeps the boot cover from twisting and shifting while you walk.
Also if your a clutz like myself, then the extra traction is awesome!

Can I use flats/bare feet/shorter boots
I used tall boots because...
- they are easy to trace (tracing your leg is a pain in the ass)
- They protect your feet
- They give the boot covers a strong stiff surface to rest ageist
 - and you will not see any shoe lines or pant bunchies

But in the end you can do whatever you want, this is a guide line using methods I have tested and that have worked for me.
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Thank you for the walk through on this. I made my first pair of boot covers tonight... for my son. The tops of the boots I did differently, but they came out great. Completed them in less than 2 hours (could probably do them in less the next time). Materials costs = $8 for those who were wondering. Totally worth it. 
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I think I will try this technique with my v4 Flower cosplay. I've only ever made shoe covers, not boot covers... but this seems fairly easy and definitely helpful! Thanks much~
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What is the grey fabric material you are using? Is that an interfacing fabric? Also, is it heavy weight or medium weight? I'm planning to make a Marvel Nova Prime suit for a 1 year old, so I'm most likely going to use the same fabric that I am using for the body portion, which is either ponte knit or cotton interlock knit. So that the boots will match the whole suit and not look wierd, lol.

Thank you!
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Is it a yard per boot?
Oh this doesn't look too hard at all! Though I debate if the material cost is worth just buying a pair haha
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This is bomb. Like perfect actually. 
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Thanks so much for posting this,  I was having a hard time trying to find navy blue lace up boots for my AKB0048 cosplay and now that I found this I'm going to try making boot covers instead using some navy vinyl I got from a friend ^_^
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Thanks so much^^ I was searching a tutorial for a long time 'cause I don't want buy boots :3 
Cryaonik's avatar
Thank you! This will be part of my AoT cosplay! ^-^
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Your bootcovers are epic, I have plans to cosplay Levi and this is going to help so much. Thanks for such an awesome tutorial :D
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This is so cool! Thank you so much for posting this! There's only a few weeks till anime con and I was freaking out on how to make these shoes for a Ymir cosplay! 
MemorysEdge's avatar
Thanks! Looks really helpful~ I'll have to try it...If I can ever get around to doing SNK :D (Big Grin) 
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question, is the heel of the cover open? i can't quite see and it isn't written in the tutorial. probably not going to use this, but it was cool and in the results for 'boot guards". awesome work by the way.
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Cannot wait to use this tutorial!  Thank you!
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so helpful ! Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap  you made my cosplay
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Woot! I'm so glad it was helpful ^^
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This is amazing, thanks! 
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Amazing!  Well done.
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I'll have to try and follow your tutorial! :) I'm making a Hanji cosplay too and thus far your pictures have really been helping! I was wondering how I was going to make boot covers and I'm so glad you made a tutorial because yours look amazing! Thanks a ton! :D
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Hey when your done i want to see those boots if its no trouble at all. I'm thinking about making a pair myself.
DawnStarLightning's avatar
Sure! I'll probably be posting pictures of my whole cosplay. :) Hopefully the boots will go well.... when I get them done/get time to post pics I'll definitely let you know. 
Lonewalker2's avatar
Thank you, should be very interesting.
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Okay... so I finished the cosplay a while ago and I ended up doing the boots completely differently and they turned out pretty sweet! I used old tennis shoes covered in the same colored fabric at the "boot covers" I made (the covers are actually attached to the pants I wear for the cosplay). I'll have to post pictures when school isn't totally killing me. lol But thought I should mention it seeing as I've left you hanging since August.....
Lonewalker2's avatar
I just disapeared to for awhile, yey school all that work and stuff. I already put togheter my cosplay and walked around my school dressed up. A few girls started fan girling all over me, one took off my auto shirt and started thoughing my jacket lol.
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