Capn's log No. 2
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Published: January 20, 2017
Aaarrr while saillin unknown waters me decided to stop at an uncharted island full of geek people...

Today i visited a very good local hearing center. The consultant there was very nice and after going through my medical papers she adviced me to visit a specific ear surgeon so that he could provide professional answers about my hearing nerve and hearing bones of my right ear. She also picked a hearing aparatus for me and today is the first day in my life that im actually hearing something from my right side. YAaay!!! The tech on my ear costs 1200 Eur and i only will be able to try it for 4 days. Its still an interesting and unusual experience XD.

This is John Conor if you're listening, youre part of the resistance... Oops wrong line.

End log Aaarr.
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Well that's good to hear. 
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ValdemarasHobbyist General Artist
Thanks. Regaining full hearing without any tech devices would be the best tho.