Capn's log No.1
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Published: November 20, 2016
Im still in search of my dream job. This journal is being written while im taking some time to rethink my career seeking tactics. OMG i sound like some grown up or a serious person XDDDDDDD

The thing is that recently i tried a job quite far from where i live having in mind that i was getting there by public transport and it was a really awesome experience, but the job itself just wasn't my thing. Maybe its just my inner child shoutting: Don't work at an office it will killl me!!!

Still it was a good opportunity to study my weaknesses and strength likes and dislikes. For example in social center where i was a volunteer and an intern later i looked at myself as a very patient person but at an office job it was quite contrary.

The other thing is that i will still be quite inactive on DA in the upcoming months but this account will never be abandoned again aslong as i have internet connection.

So if you feel that your arts or ideas are in need of my attention or just want to have a short chat, fell free to leave a message, link or a note ;)
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