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Published: September 4, 2016
1, 2... Oh hey there i was counting all the money i've made from DA recently so its 1... um hmmmm...

If seriously, not long ago i realised that art works that i do in the field of digital arts will soon form a pattern of a circle. Back in the day when i was just a wee school boy and didn't even knew anything about DA or various possibilities of learning and improving via online tutorials and stuff, i got my hands on a simple 3D modeling program developed by local IT company and it was a fun experiance for a while. I was making simple designs of furniture and rooms and applying simple textures to those models, later i also tried making full scale houses in the same program but it was a bit too heavy for the resources of the computer i had back then.
What's happening now is that im slowly learning to work with Blender. If ill someday post a design of a piece of furniture or a room or a whole house, it will basically be a complete circle :) This process might still take quite some time having in mind that my career is top priority now.
Still, i take it as a sign of destiny that computer graphics and me were meant to be. Also some knowledge in cg or 3d printing will not hurt me in todays world ;)
Im not going to lose touch with fractals and im looking forward to port some stuff from Mandelbulb to Blender.
At the moment my art is on hold because i need to learn how to texture the ashbringer the right way so that its color scheme would be similar to the original and also atleast a bit photorealistic. My art hold will last for some time this fall because of various real life commitments, but ill still be keeping an eye out for your artworks atleast once a week ;)
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