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Crash and Burn

Just felt like painting something quick. Inspired by many nice sunset scenes I've managed to catch on my phone's camera.
2-ish hours with GIMP and graphics tablet. Couldn't think of a title so I just named it after a Savage Garden song.

Guess I'll include a mini-journal here as well.

Over the past month I have thankfully managed to move out of my mother's house to the housing of my college campus.
It's been going good so far, as I now don't deal with a lot of the stresses I did back there, especially in the mornings. It feels like it's been much easier to keep up with and feel motivated for my work. My depression seems to be getting better too, as a lot of with it was associated with living back there with them. Still feeling a bit anxious though since I'm supposedly eligible for some financial aid for future semesters, but it's not confirmed if I'll get it yet. I'm really gonna need it.
I feel like I've been going through change internally as well. Some of it likely affected by the external situation, but some may just be "coming of age" as they call it. I've been trying to distance myself more from my parents (and some other relatives), as I think it may be better for my emotional/psychological health and better for them as well. I'm accepting that I'm not like them and that they may never fully understand and accept me, but that's okay because I'm happy just being myself. Even though I've been used to feeling alone for most of my life I'm trying to find ways to live with it. I am blessed to have some wonderful friends who have been there to support me, but for the most part we only have the internet and/or cellular data to keep us in touch with one another.
Anyhoo, I'm still here on deviantART, but lately I've been exploring other places on the web as well. Mainly forums and the like (as of now anyways), partially with helping me cope but also just to learn about various things.
Guess that is all for now. I'm still very thankful to my supporters and watchers on here as well, your feedback means a lot! :heart:

Oh also happy Discount Candy's Eve or whatever.

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I love the dreamy feel of this, excellent job with the colours and shadows too!

As a side note, I hope with every new day comes new opportunities to heal. I think you're doing great so far and you should be proud of yourself.
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Thank you, that means a lot. :heart: