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Dressage Line-Art


This is the line-art for the free grayscale I'm gonna make!
Think I will make more than one grayscale! (:

I added some shadow in the line-art already :D
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Through-New-Eyes's avatar…, thank you for making such amazing lines. 
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I used your grayscale to create this. It was only my second attempt at digitally painting line art.…. Would it be ok if I post this piece to my Fineartamerica site? I will give credit to you for the line art.
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You did a very good job! :D
Ofcourse you can use it on other websites, as long as you give credit :)
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Thank you so much. I'm in love with painting in lineart now that I've learned how to do it. :) Your stock is amazing
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Do you mind if I remove the watermark? It kinda of distracts me and I also dont really like crediting people on artwork :/ it's fine if I cant
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Hi! I don't mind if you remove the watermark. But please give credit somewhere in the discription of your artwork :)
Thank you!
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Okay thanks :)
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What program do you use and which brush (es) on that program? 
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I used CS5 and just basic brushes. Hardness was 70% or something. And I've used a tablet. :)
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I never see any line arts like these before... this is too cool
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I'm a little late with my response but... thank you for the compliment! :D
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I'm not finished yet, but I thought you would like to see :)
Thank you for the lines!!
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I'm also really liked that there was already some shadow in the horse. I use it to help because helping, but I let him also be seen though: 'D

- For when you're Dutch ..
Maar als je Nederlands bent, heb ik ergens gelezen mis? Dan hier even Nederlands xd

ik vind het ook erg fijn, dat er al wat shaduw ín het paard zit. Ik gebruik hem namelijk als hulpsteuntje, maar ik laat hem hier ook wel zien hoor :'D
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So amazing, beautyful!
This is wonderful!
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This is the link for the art my friend did for me. I hope you like it!
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I will make sure to credit you!
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Could I use this lineart? I love this horse! It's PERFECT!
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That is so profecinal! I am going to use. I will credit you and link you to my work!
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I love to see it! :D
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