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Snow Princess

Charlie´s "Snow Princess" sets are now online on
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A great casual and fun photo that shows her playfulness with her facial expression, the choice of clothing, and the setting
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at last in winter with no bare legs
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Is that not cold? :O
But she looks wonderful!
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8-) Not too cold for the photoshoot?

War es nicht zu kalt für die Foto-Shooting?
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I you keep moving it´s no problem! :)
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Not a "liaison dangereuse" here:  just a very well-posed and very well-shot picture!  Lots to admire here:  the beautiful outdoor winter scene, with lots of snow, the bare trees and bushes, the mountain looming in the background.  The panoply of winter color, which comes alive here very vividly.  

And, of course, the beautiful, vivacious, talented, skillful, hard-working, professional (in the most positive sense of the word, with absolutely no trace of the "working girl" meaning of the same word) young lady whose eyes smile as well as her mouth as she walks through the snow, caught here in mid-step (not stride or march either).  It looks as though you both had fun with this shoot - although her legs must have been cold out there while wearing that short skirt and no full-length stockings or leggings, and her hands must have been cold too, with no mittens or gloves on.  Well, at least she was wearing a suitable winter jacket and warm, comfortable boots - and the hat is a nice touch, too.  

And, though Charlie is a little bit to the right of center in this shot, you did succeed in photographing her in such a way that she is the main subject and first focus of the viewer's attention in this "winter wonderland" scene.

Congratulations to both photographer and model on a very well-done collaboration, one which shows great talents and skills (including that all-important attribute in any of the arts in which one has to work with others, great "people skills") and hard work and professionalism on your side of the camera, too.  Keep up the great work - and thank you very much for continuing to share great photographic art with all of us on deviantArt! 
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@Val Mont, Master.
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Great smile! Keeps you warm on a cold winters day...

:) (Smile) 
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