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By Val-Mont
Happy to introduce a new model to you: Flora! Welcome to :)
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Beautiful shot!!!
Definitely looking forward to seeing what you and Flora will do next!
yay Heart bum woot 
paraberio's avatar
NICE PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr-Timeshadow's avatar
Wow, this reminds me of Natsumi Hayashi, "The Flying Girl". She is incredibly good at taking photos of herself in midair, looking for all the world like she was drifting along, weightless.
Oh -- that is my way of saying welcome to Flora, who lifts our spirits.
Val-Mont's avatar
Thank you so much for dropping the name Natsumi Hayashi! I didn´t know about her, but now I am a fan!! :)

That is a ripper shot and great composition.

xechon's avatar
Great shot! She's lovely, more please :) 
Destro7000's avatar
Cool sock thingies...but bet they'll get sandy!
Amazing shot!  Besides being a shot of a lovely young woman in a great stetting, the crown of flame her hair creates is brilliant!
dadga's avatar
Very good pose really !!!
I like this
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