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3D Portrait of Val Done by TaliDesade by Val-domina, visual art

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Hi, Am Val, also known professionally as The Valkyrie Valfreyja. I am a public figure; professional part time model, TV series actress, artist and art producer of tangible arts, musician and composer, vocalist and cosplayer, and now story writer.

You can find my collectables and memorabilia shops at: and

This is primarily my page for my Star Wars Expanded Universe compatible novel & graphic novel "Wars of the Dark Star Lords: The Dark Reign". This story was written in such a way that it can be melded in with the Star Wars universe or as a stand alone sci-fi serial epic. I am a student of various martial arts forms, dance choreographer in hip-hop and ballroom, a triathlete and nationals multiple gold medalist swimmer, certified life guard, experienced at scuba and reef diving, cliff diver, cyclist and marathon runner and sprinter. I enjoy culinary arts, and anything creative and a Minecraft server host for invitational lore gaming, currently running games on "Valhalla smp". If you are a miner of good behavior and would like to be a part of a lore you can contact me on discord at Valfreyja#7074. I am also on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and twitch, but not a big tweeter. I co-run an art production manufacturing business in which we create arts in the form of statues, large and small scale, zoological & dinosaurs, superhero, pirate artifacts, historic arts, nascar, marine creature, fantasy women, Star Wars character inspirations, cosplay costumes, leather crafting, busts, and game pieces,model kits, printed art collectable plates, mugs, posters, printed pillow cases and other related items. We accept wholesale orders custom made on request and ship internationally by surface.

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I love the feel of her freshly bathed inside and out, soft, delicate inner labes between my lips. Finding the warm opening with my tongue as it sinks inside her and the fresh taste and scent of her inner body just days before she ovulates, so virgin-like pure and fresh. The nub of her clit as I roll my tongue over it and nibble on her hood. I hope she feels the same when she goes down on me as well. 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

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"The Dark Reign" Artist's Appreciation Fund

Hi, I am a single gal with an amazing story in the writing style of the best Star Wars sagas to tell. The artists working with me on it are purely voluntary, so please help out by donating. Thank you!

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I really don't know what the big deal is with women's breast exposure, I mean guys have nipples too and they don't need to hide them! Ever since I started developing, I appreciated every opportunity to go topless, because during that timespan especially, the nipples get SO sensitive that wearing a top of any kind made them sting, and forget about swimming in salt water, that was the worst. wearing bras is uncomfortable, they're tight, they make you itch, right girls? So for most of the time I rarely ever wore a bra, only when doing exercise or going out somewhere. But at home, it was topless and panty-less with only shorts for me and also my sister. Women should be aloud to go topless in appropriate areas, beaches, around their own yards at home without having to have a stockade fence all around the lot, at parks and pool areas, basically any recreation area. And breast feeding should be smiled upon. We're proud of our bodies when well maintained. Perhaps a simple ordnance regarding

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I grew up in a fun home, we watched scary horror and sci-fi movies and made life size statues of these characters, monsters and props for a living. I cosplayed from 1yr old onward. I later heard the term "Scream Queen" and learned it's meaning. Now I'm all grown up and guess what? I AM a Scream Queen!
Anyone know where dddkhakha1 is now that DA shot down his account? Discord? Facebook?
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SO; the stupid PLDT service here (Philippine Long Distance Telecommunications) has BLOCKED images from DeviantArt on their server! DAMN! This place is SO STUPID!, Good thing I have a back-up service provider, hope THEY don't get stupid too! I HATE being stuck in a stuck-in-the-mud country, HELP! I'm being STUFFICATED to death! (Freakin' religious fanatics)
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Interesting occurrence regarding DA user dddkhakha1 After attempting to download a few of his I found the links were laced with spam, adware and a page stopper that demanded I first turn off my adware blocker antivirus, I sent a very polite request to him to fix the adware/spam problem (something he seems to have many people griping about on his comments section on many of his "free downloads". I eventually managed to work my way past the adware without having to shut my antivirus protection off by stop-loading the page before the notice popped up and navigating through the complex maze and puzzles to get to the mega storage of the file and download it, and it was a beautiful file which I commended him on. I also took his own file link from mega and added it to my comment so that other people that would enjoy his nice ports could actually access without the adware page stopper getting them peeved and giving up. WELL I guess he didn't LIKE that I got around his malware ads which really
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"Saavine Bn-Tara: A Guardian of the Whills in Tagru'u's Court" This is Saavine Bn-Tara. She was a young padawan in the Jedi order during the days of the old republic, specializing in medical development and practice. She was accepted for training at age 6 and as is common with her race, has a special sensitivity to physiology and was an exceptional student in the medical research division of the reimagined temple as per this series. Her abilities and knowledge of physiology are crucial to the survival of a number of survivors in the temple raid of Order-66, after which she finds herself orphaned on the streets of Coruscant hiding from imperial elements where she eventually finds sanctuary in the once elite club of Tagru'u the Hutt. From there she works as a cleaner, pet cage cleaner, servant and whatever other menial tasks are required of her in order to earn her bed and meals and stay safely hidden from the elements of the empire. Above we see her on the far left of a scene

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Custom Dark Reign art requests accepted, What would you like to have them do?

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Thnx 4 the Faves!

Thanks for 3 more favs!

Hey, thanks for the favorite and addition to your collection! The entire DRASA collection is based on an aborted scenario-based space edutainment series that I built using the game Take On Mars.

Thanks for coming back for LOTS more!

Thank you for watching

Thanks for the watch!

You said you also needed characters. Can you use the outfit for the Kingon Chancellor?

The Chancellor's outfit