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Please, leave here names of mods, that want see it in 2nd addon to Valve pack. Also include mod's website.

Vacations is over, but i'll not forget this summer..

20000+ pageviews! Thank you all for wathching, commenting and faving my works! :thanks:

Hi friends! I'm back from Germany three days ago. There was not fun, but not boring too... I want introduce my two websites. First of all, my second DA account :iconaskav: There will be only photos. Also my blog, but it's in russian -
2nd addon to Valve world icon pack will come out in september.
Have a good summer! ;)
Hi guys! Now i have vacations, and tomorrow i'll go to Germany. I'll be back at the end of august.

Second addon to Valve World icon pack i'll release at the first half of september.
Also will be test of strength in experimental photography :)

Hi guys! Now i'm starting to make second addon to "Valve world icon pack", so need your help. Please, email me names of mods, that want see it in this pack ;) Please, also include in email mod's website.

Also 2 weeks ago i with my friends was on the sea in Ukraine. There was beach rave called "Каzантип: Маёвка Z006". Here few photos from there :XD:

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Merry Christmas, my friends!!! :santa::glomp:

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Hi all :aww: Today was 10,000 pageviews and time to sum up.
I've got 165 :+fav:'s on my deviations, 65 :+devwatch:'s and received 457 comments. Most of all, ppl like my Valve World icon pack (78 favs, 170 comments and around 40,000 downloads from DA, Filefront, Cstrike-planet, Fileplanet and other :eyepopping: )Thanks to all! :halfliquid::blowkiss:

What you'll do on Christmas and New Year's holidays? In the new year's night i'll be with my friends but in the Christmas - with my family. :snowflake:
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Check out this! -
Info -

Just be happy :XD:
Hi:aww: Today was 5000 pageviews and summer is over.
Soon i'll make addon for the Valve World icon pack. It will be some quantity of icons for mods + .tga's for Steam game menu + Steam tray icons. After this will be something new...:)
cya :halfliquid:
Hi all, i'm back and i have some ideas for realization. And soon i'll publish on my homepage some photos and videos from my vacations.
See you :)
Hi :)
Today DA gave me 1 week subscription. But i can't use it fully, because i'll go at sea in this sunday. I'll be back after 2 weeks, maybe earlier. There i will try to find inspiration and new ideas:aww:. Anyway i continue "Valve games" project. Next release on this theme will be big pack with all already released icons, some quantity of mods and maybe something else.
Thanks all who watching me :halfliquid:
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Hey:aww: Today was already 1000 page views. Thanks to all.
Soon i'll finish theme of Valve games. It will something, like my earlier icons for CS:S and HL2.
c u :halfliquid:
Today was 500 pageviews. Thanks :)
In my plans:
1 - Adding more icons to Sunrise iconset
2 - Creating completed Valve pack