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Valve World icon pack ADDon 1

It's addon to Valve World icon pack.

This pack include 26 icons - 4 icons for main games and mods, 20 icons for third party mods 3 extras (include tray icons) and Steam skin:
Art of Ascension
Badge of Blood
Combine Destiny
Contract Killer
Empire (new)
Eternal Silence
Half-Life 2 Aftermath
Half-Life 2 Lost Coast
Half-Life Blue Shift (new)
Hammer editor
Hull Breach
Mario Kart: Source
Opposing Source
Rag Doll Kung Fu
Resident Evil: Cold Blood
and Synergy

Steam skin include icons for all "steam menu" games ;)

Main(26 ) icons in .png 256x256 and .ico 16x16> 128x128. Tray icons in 16x16.

Some mods already released, some mods will release soon.

How to use read at "readme".

Original pack here - [link]

*Update 1.1: Redone Rag Doll Kung Fu icon and added icon for Contract Killer mod.

© 2005 - 2021 vaksa
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you know what would be cool a half life logo with the alpha letter and green for Adrian

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Иконка для Blue Shift здесь выглядит гораздо лучше. У неё тот же стиль, что и у иконок для Half-Life и Opposing Force, и это приятно)
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the download link?
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Thanks for the Hammer Editor Icon (:
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Thank you so much for these. I was looking for some new skins for current games and this definitely hits the fave stuff. Thank you for making these. :XD:
Nice man, very thanks for icons. i use in my web
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don't forget credits:
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I want to make an icon for the HL mod Black Ops.
How do I do this?
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Are you going to add Portal and Team Fortress 2 any time soon? Please D:
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How about HL2:Riot Act. Good mod
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Cool icons, but I looked up the mods that sounded cool (Hull Breach, Caliber and Inquisition) and they're all dead.
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My god the steam skin is amazing. Way better than the "obsidian theme" i had going... Great job!
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thanks, but it doesn't work anymore.
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The menus kinda worked, but the main steam screen wouldnt resize. thats the only problem i had. Great icons, and im glad about the SDK one! TY
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enjoy. but this steam skin doesn't work couple of years
Beautiful icons! I know this is rather rude, but may I request icons for 1) the Missing Information Mod 2) the Pilotable Stridermod and 3) Half Life: Decay? If not, oh well. I love the icons regardless and I hope that there will be to come. XD
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VERY nice stuff, as always...

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Hmm...Gives me a 403 Error when i try to download it. Any chance it could be fixed or E-mailed to I'd be really happy if you could since it looks awesome. ^_^
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