Watercolour stylized commissions - OPEN

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By Vakrai
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A fullbody drawing of your horse done in painterly sketchy style
any breeds  any colours  any complexity
○ Each character: 2000 Points or 20$  
○ wings + 500 Points or 5$                  
○ complex colour + 500 Points or 5$   
Paypal by Th3EmOo  Qiwi wallet by Vakrai

please send me a note with your
character's ref and a preferred way of payment
Dandelion Star by VakraiSabrina by VakraiAdeloo by VakraiJadoube by Vakrai
Eventide Blossom by VakraiSyldria by Vakrai

CoyoteBadlander FA - 1 slot - contacted  ✗

Jarydeb - ref - paid - started

hey-stardust - paidfinished ✓
люба денегина vk - ref paid - finished ✓

© 2015 - 2021 Vakrai
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you don't take money for dis?
Vakrai's avatar
These were commissions, so its for money
WolfieYote's avatar
Do you only draw equines? or can you draw canines(Coyotes) too??
Vakrai's avatar
Anything except for humans! But I have to warn about this particular style - I no longer do it :)
WolfieYote's avatar
So only horses for this style? XD Sorry I just need to get this straighttt xD
Vakrai's avatar
I don't do this style at all :)
www.furaffinity.net/commission… You can see what styles are available here!
WolfieYote's avatar
AHhh okay, well then I'm interested in the sketch headshot option lol, i don't think they are open yet though (As it's stated "Outdated" on the list)
Vakrai's avatar
Yeah, unfortunately! I will make sure to take them off the list to avoid confusion :'D
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As soon as I can afford it im so getting one of these
Zomburr's avatar
Hey there! Are these still open? <3
i know the journal says they are, but it seems to be old, so i just wanna make sure before noting you :'D
TerracottaVulture's avatar
I would like to buy one. should I note you or use the commission widget?
Vakrai's avatar
If you are willing to pay in points, then commission widget it is, yes ^^
TerracottaVulture's avatar
alright! thank you c:
EmeraldTheWolf's avatar
could I order 1 sketch commission for 1000 :points:? (:
Vakrai's avatar
i'm afraid i don't have too much time right now, but i certainly will in the future! i can put you on the waiting list, is that cool? ^^
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MadilynBo's avatar
These are awesome!!
Vakrai's avatar
Thank you! ^^
cyprussian's avatar
The temptation.
Can't stand it.
my soul. :faint:
Vakrai's avatar
shhh, selling a soul for 10$ is tad too cheap :heart:
happy-horse-for-life's avatar
I don't have enough points for your talent, Au ;_;
Vakrai's avatar
You know you can always pay with virgins, right?
happy-horse-for-life's avatar
I have none ;_;
If only you'd take me instead..
Then you wouldn't be getting any virgins, but a gal who knows what she's doing and does it very well ;D
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