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coiled. golden bones version


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coiled. golden bones version

fullbody etude commission
And the last one to finish it off. 2/2 detailed versions for your enjoyment. Make sure to check the other ones down below!
Art © Chistokrovka
tumblr furaffinity commissions

All rights to the image belong to Chistokrovka. All rights to the characters belong to their owners. Not for free use
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Holy wow this is amazing

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oh my god.. this is making me speechless.... wow... looking like an old oil painting that's suppost to be in a church or something...

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I'm finally working through my inbox and replying to all the things that need replying to :'D :'D So sorry for this ULTRA LATE reply </3
I'm really in between on which is my favorite... this one with the full skeleton, or the semi-translucent one. I absolutely love this one because it gives off a feeling of great symbolism, and the detail you put into the skeleton itself is A+! Both her skeleton and the tiny snek ;D
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Ooooh she has some beautiful bones ahah :clap: !
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Isn’t it great to be as beautiful on the inside as on the outside? :lol:
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Yessss only plusses to that haha!
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It's my favourite!
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Thank you!
There's one to fit everyone's taste now :'D
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hmmm precise and detailed...
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anatomically perfect! wow i like try this with a centaur... hmmm
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Thank you!
Oh it would look stellar! :woohoo:
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wow the skeleton is fantastic, I love the shininess 
The anatomy is so damn on point excellent job buddy!
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) take care and remember to drink your water
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Thank you very much! Trying my very goodest :lol:
Ah you are very kind, thanks!
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holy, the idea is beautiful!
I love your style and sense of anatomy <3
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The character's design was certainly so beautiful to work with!
Thank you very much! salmon heart bullet  
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