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Origami for Rainmeter [1.0]

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Over 33K views, 200 favs and 13K downloads! Thank you for all your feedback.

My latest Rainmter suite - Origami - is finally available. Sleek and elegant, with over 30 skins to choose from, highly customizable and user friendly. Discover it's potential by yourself!

For all the info, see the included read me file. Remember to download the newest version of Rainmeter (beta).

Hope you enjoy it!

Stuff used in the preview
plain weather icons -
Metro UI Icon Set - 725 Icons -
Vivid Colors Mountains -…
© 2014 - 2021 VakiNakamura
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tried to download and came back no file. But great work and the look is sublime


I have a question how to change the applications in the dock. But overall the skin was great and awesome. More power to you Senpai.

Is there a way to change the time format from 24h to 12h?

do you have the version of this skin which works on rainmeter3.3

Anyone else have a broken Spodify player? The player is the main reason I downloaded this, and I'd love to get it working, any advice?

i have a breaked sportify player

the weather broken

You're one of my SENPAI now. 🤍🤍🤍

please give me wallpaper
Quick question. I have 2 physical disks, but one is partitioned. Disk 0 ( what's now C: and D: ) and Disk 1 ( X:, my 1TB one ). The problem is that the skin detects C: as Disk 1 and D: as Disk 2 (which is fine on it's own) but doesn't detect at all my X: disk at all (is not Disk 3 or 4 in the skin). I tried changing the skin text to like, recognize disk 5 or 6 and so on, with no luck. Any idea on how I could get the skin to recognize my X: disk?
I had the same issue. If you open the file (mine was under Documents\Rainmeter\Origami\@ Resources\ minus the space after the at symbol) there is a section for which drives it looks for.
Hey, I have downloaded your skin and I'm a big fan of it. But I can't seem to couple the mini spotify player with my spotify. I read the readme file and tried a few different things, but nothing helped. If anyone knows how I can fix this, could you help me with this?
(PS: I saw some reddit posts about this happening to some other people, but they said it was because of the spotify update. But there were no post about this particular skin, so that's why I'm asking it here.)
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Hola ¿Cómo pongo mi gmail? <3.
how do i edit the app icons to my own personal things like chrome and photoshop and such??
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I seem to be having problems with the weather skin, I did a bit of exploring and the XML that your URL returns says <error> <err type="2">Invalid location provided.</err> </error>
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