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So I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while, but I’ve been thinking how fun it would be to try to illustrate the Fire Emblem characters who aren’t shapeshifters as some kind of a shapeshifter! So to be honest I’m using the term “laguz” here very loosely since I’ll also be doing non-Tellius characters - laguz is just the easiest / most convenient term. I would actually like to maybe eventually do all the characters from FE6, FE7, FE8, FE9, FE10, FE13, and FE14, but I have no idea if that’s actually going to be possible considering there’s TONS of characters in the franchise and that might be too over-ambitious (and I also might not include bosses / NPCs - I think that’ll just be determined per character). But honestly I thought this would be a fun way to practice my anatomical skills and maybe even push me a little outside my comfort zone! So I think this will be fun. Again, it’s something I’ve wanted to do for some time now haha.

(Should note - I fully intend to post spoilers. I'll be putting it in the title though as spoilers but I won't be changing the thumbnails.)

Although I might scale back the quality from this one. I got kind of carried away here with shading and everything just because I really struggle with perfectionism, so some of these might also just end up being colored sketches or something instead of fully-shaded images. Otherwise this project might be too difficult to undertake aha! This also probably isn’t going to be a priority to me to be honest as I have a lot of other things I really need to do. (So like. It may literally be a month or more before I do another one. Don’t expect me to pump these out super fast. I’m very slow.) I just had some inspiration for this though and wanted to get it out before that fizzled away, so...


Here’s Chrom! I’m starting with FE13 / Awakening because I’ve been watching a LP of it lately (I own the game and I’ve beaten it before, but my 3DS currently isn’t working which is frustrating to me because I really want to replay Awakening rip), so it’s been on my mind! I hope to tackle characters in order of the wiki’s list for the game (so that means Robin’s up next, then Lissa, etc.). For some reason I honestly think Chrom would work well as a wolf shapeshifter / laguz given his personality.

He’s kind of bold and fearless but also kind of a dork with a big heart and he can also be really just... reckless and frankly kind of a moron when it comes to his own safety or the logical decision but. He thinks with his heart, basically. I personally really like Chrom and find him endearing haha. He works really well for his role in Awakening’s plotline even if he’s not the brightest, because the whole “invisible ties” theme (tl;dr THE POWER OF FRANDSHIP let’s be real) in the game is a pretty important part of it / focal point of the story.

What do you guys think? I’d love to hear anyone’s opinions if you have a different suggestion for what might fit him best animal/theme-wise (although I’m not going to redraw anything - I just think it’d be fun to hear other people’s takes/interpretations of the character too!). Also if anyone has any suggestions for any other characters / what you think I should do feel free to chime in with that too! :D Enjoy and I hope you all are having a fabulous day~!

[GIFT] Hennendal (2018) for Ribbontail

[GIFT] Hennendal (2018) for Ribbontail

So this year for Ribbontail's birthday, I decided to go with Hennendal the Fog Spirit since I drew Jongea the Smog Spirit last year... and drew Aillen the Mist Spirit as a commission. This marks not only the third of the spirits from her storyline Fancy Clothes, but also my third image of the characters from that storyline in general! One of these days I'm going to eventually draw all six of them hopefully. :'D... Elaaj the Smoke Spirit is lined up for a future trade that I will maybe get around to having time for next year (it's on hiatus currently, rip)!

Anyways, Hennendal has actually always been my absolute favorite of the cast from Fancy Clothes. I've always thought she was really hecking gorgeous, and I'm loving some of the dominatrix / BDSM vibes she's got going on (I'm not sure how well-known of a fact this is about me, but I actually personally have a really big interest in BDSM and find that content sexy as heck... just saying). Her outfit in this image is based off of the one in this image here, which was also included in her reference sheet. Gosh I love her high heels so much. Hennendal's overall got a great design and also I find her character quite charming even if she's got a bundle of issues with seeming aloof / addictions / etc.! I think I might've gotten some things a little inaccurate with her design though (for instance, I think I made her anatomy a little too humanoid and less noodle-y than it should've been, ah whoops), but I hope this looks alright anyways. ;w; I fixed a gazillion things and redrew a lot of it while working on it, but sorry if anything's off / doesn't look right!

Here's to yet another year, Ribbons! Thank you for being my friend for all these years. You're such a wonderful and patient individual, and I'm really glad to know you and that we've stuck together for so long. I continue to appreciate how supportive and amazing you are! :heart::heart: I hope you have a fantastic birthday, and a super swell rest of the year. Good luck to you on all your life endeavors, I know how hecking swamped you are with various things right now, so I hope it's not too stressful for you. Hang in there, love. ;w; Here's to 2019! Hope it's going to be amazing! :'D :heart::heart:

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Nov 30, 2018
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