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Aperture Laboratories Icon Set

EDIT (May 2, 2013): Check out Part 2! [link]

EDIT (March 8th, 2013): I was reading through my comments the other day and remembered how many requests I had to make more of these. I've always wanted to make more so I figured, why not? I started working on some (so far, I've finished the turret, rocket turret, and several cubes - they'll be uploaded soon!) and, as a result, I felt like I should update. They're really minor changes, mainly in how I make them, but I felt it was big enough to warrant a re-upload. Be on the look out these next few days because another set is in the works!

EDIT (May 20th, 2011): Big thanks to ~drsteve5794 for letting me know that I needed to fix the .zip. After searching for a Mac application that could save files as .ico or .icns, I found a program called Hobiconer ([link] which worked perfectly. Just to cover all the bases, I included every extension (.ico, .icns, .tiff, and .png), along with the original .tif Photoshop documents, the .psd files for both the icon set and the preview image, the .hob file (if anyone else has that program) and the preview image itself. Each group is available in every resolution size imaginable from 16x16 to 512x512 so there shouldn't be any problems. If there are, however, please let me know and I'll fix it as soon as I can.

Everyone who downloaded it so far is probably going to have to download it again because I'm an idiot and used the wrong extension the first time! :dummy:
Having said that, I hope you enjoy my new-and-improved icon set.


So, ~alicechickenmaster suggested I should try making some computer icons after seeing my ATLAS and P-body vector drawing-things ([link]. I felt that the three that I already had (ATLAS, P-body and Wheatley) weren't enough so, already wanting to do the other personality cores, I made the other three from Portal 2, the original four from the first Portal and GLaDOS herself.

I've never made icons before (well, once, but it was for my own personal use), so I'm not exactly sure if I did this right... I really hope I did, I followed this tutorial-type thingy and everything! If something doesn't work, please let me know and I'll fix it as soon as possible.

I've included a .zip file which has .tif files of every robot-character-thing (all eight personality cores, GLaDOS, ATLAS and P-body), the preview image, and the .psd files to both the icon set and the preview image (just in case you wanted to examine them for some reason). Originally, I was going to include the folder containing the full-size drawings in the icons.psd but they are huge. So, if anyone actually wants to see that, let me know.

Everything included in this set is free to use so long as you don't claim it as your own or use them for monetary gain. If that happens, I'll have to take it down, and no one wants that. If you are to use them in some way, credit me please! That would be nice. And, you should definitely show me - I'd love to see!

Photoshop CS5; it didn't take me all too long to put the set together, unless you count making the drawings themselves, which took forever!
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