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Photoshop HAIR brushes

Made in 5.5, so should work in anything above.
9 brushes, many in larger sizes, but some smaller curls.
Please credit if used.

EDIT 1-1-2006::
File edited to a ZIP File containing the ABR file, crediting notes and preview image.
Brushes are © to V. Nicharico
If used, please credit to =vaia or ~firebug-stock

EDIT 1-9-2006:: Thank you to everyone who helped this recieve over 1000 pageviews and 800+ downloads since it was uploaded in January of 2005 :blowkiss:
© 2005 - 2021 vaia
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Used here Jimmy the Hand by GerdElise Thanks so much!
Ladystefani's avatar
Used here…
TY so much for sharing this Love Meow :3 Heart
SaltSilverAndBlood's avatar
I LOVE this brush, and I can't wait to use it more. I've used it very, very minimally so far here (in the edging):
milou714's avatar
hey there Valery! thanx so much for the stock!! used it here... Swing Heart 
starflytricatestar's avatar
Thankyou so much for the hair brush!
I was looking for one to do my self portrait-ish.
Hehehe. Here is the link to my artwork, using your brush: [link]
SamBriggs's avatar
Used this brush set here: [link] :)
TheNiteRain's avatar
hair used here in the mermaid picture! [link]
TheFriendlyFire's avatar
used here: [link]
Thanks for sharing! :blowkiss:
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wheres the download link?
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on the right hand side next to the image :)
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I'm learning about photoshop brushes and I have photoshop 5.5 and it's saying that photoshop doesn't recognize the file for the brushes. Any suggestiongs?
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That's very weird :confused:
These were made in 5.5 and (usually) work fine for most folks with that version and later. I wish I did know what to tell you, but unfortunately I don't know how to help :(
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I have upgraded to Photoshop CS3 thanks to a friend ^_^ If I use these brushes I'll give credit to you :)

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Awesome :D
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