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Photoshop FEATHER Brushes

There are 27 brushes (some with a bit of a border) of varying feathers: maribou, peacock, quail, and hand drawn plus others.

EDIT 1-1-2006::
File edited to a ZIP File containing the ABR file, crediting notes and preview image.
Brushes are © to V. Nicharico
If used, please credit to =vaia or ~firebug-stock

EDIT 4-7-06::
Thank you to everyone who helped these reach 1000 hits! :love:
© 2005 - 2021 vaia
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Thank you for the feather brushes. Great!

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Thanks for providing these useful brushes!
Thank you so very much for the brushes! They are WONDERBAR!!!!
Thanks I really appreciate the brushes! and I will only use them for my personal use at home. Thanks Again
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Most welcome :)
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Absolutely! :D
RavensHiddenSoul's avatar there anything I can do to convert it to a file compatible with Photoshop 7? :<
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Ooh, they look beautiful - I can't wait to actually use them. ^w^
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Thank you :)
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You're welcome. :}
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^_^ I've never used brushes before... Could you tell me how to open them in photoshop? I already downloaded them and stoofs...
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You'd use them (these anyway) more like stamps than to 'brushes', I suppose.

When you go into photoshop go into the paintbrush menu where the normal brushes are, and there should be an arrow taking you to another menu off that. Find the "Load Brushes" option and load the .abr file. They'll show up on the bottom of the brush list.

Most of the time you'll want to add a new layer to whatever you're working with so that you can change the opacity of the image. But essentially, all you need to do is select the one you want and click the spot where you want it. :)

Let me know if you need any more help :aww:
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Thank you so much ^_^ These are really very beautiful.
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Quite welcome! :D
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hmm... again... not working in 5.5...
oh wel.
They look heaps nice!!
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Weird...they were made in 5.5 :(
I'll look them over. Maybe they were corrupted with some of the other stuff that dA lost :worry:
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Thank you :)
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what versions is this compatable with?
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These were made in 5.5 and should work with anything newer :)
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