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Spider email drawing offered as bill payment
I am sending you this drawing I did of a spider as payment, to help get you back on your feet.  I value the drawing to be worth more than the missing items, so I trust this settles the matter.
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deviantARTtimes Dec. 7th 2008
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The Cutting Edge 49/08
The Cutting Edge is a weekly article that features selected high quality art products that caught our eyes when they passed through our print review queue.
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deviantARTtimes Nov. 30th 2008
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As per usual, we've had a long and difficult process of gathering nominees. And as with the other times we've run it, we've had our fair share of drama, fun, and Chicken McNuggets (:drool:).
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The Cutting Edge is a weekly article that features selected high quality art products that caught our eyes when they passed through our print review queue.
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The Cutting Edge is a weekly article that features selected high quality art products that caught our eyes when they passed through our print review queue.
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Miscats in 3D
Like all other galleries, the Digital 3-Dimensional gallery suffers from misplaced and miscategorized deviations, ie, deviations that should either not be there at all, or should be in another part of the gallery.
Artwork should only be put in the Digital > 3 Dimensional Gallery if it was made with a 3D program, eg, 3DSMax, Poser, Maya, Blender etc; which lets you arrange items in 3D (x, y, z) space before rendering.
Here is an overview of common mistakes people make in submitting deviations to the 3D gallery.
Screenshots of Games
Most computer games are 3D, so it's understandable that you might think that if you make a screenshot of a game, for example the Sims or Secondlife, it should go in the 3D Gallery somewhere. However, deviantART policy only allows you to put unedited screenshots of games in scraps, not in the 3D or any other gallery. For more information, please see :faq578:
Please note, that when you devwatch a deviant, you may tick the box t
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Daily Deviations in 3D
The 3D Gallery is home to lots of spectacular artworks, many of which have been recognised with Daily Deviations. Here is a feature of some of those.


Island Bedroom by zodevdesign The Tree haus by apocryph
Metal Gear Rex Final Renders by Puckducker :thumb23254422: Motorstorm:Pacific rift boxart by radoxist Phantom - v2 by bazze
Color Symphony by k3-studio No No No by Angelus-Hellion Heat v2 by mOsk glass spikeball by damiankafe
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Commission Stamp by kyouyatsu Commissions Open Stamp by izka197

Full Color, 3D commissions of your original character beginning at $35.

Feel free to note me or visit my site for more information.

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Sprite by Amanora Sprite :iconamanora:Amanora 657 145 CELTIC LUNA CALENDAR for 2010 by ArwensGrace CELTIC LUNA CALENDAR for 2010 :iconarwensgrace:ArwensGrace 280 35 Vivaldi's Autumn Dream by Alexandru1988 Vivaldi's Autumn Dream :iconalexandru1988:Alexandru1988 7,972 2,008 The Naiads by ClintCearley The Naiads :iconclintcearley:ClintCearley 20,063 819 The Dragon by Rodier The Dragon :iconrodier:Rodier 1,455 242 Sin Deep My Wicked Angel by AlexanderCasteels Sin Deep My Wicked Angel :iconalexandercasteels:AlexanderCasteels 564 59 Girodet, Rivolte at Cairo by Sanderx Girodet, Rivolte at Cairo :iconsanderx:Sanderx 53 42 Caffeinate Me by LancerAdvanced Caffeinate Me :iconlanceradvanced:LancerAdvanced 63 3
I've seen some truly fantastic prints on :devart: in my time here, some of which I would absolutely love to have for my wall...unfortunately :dollarus: doesn't allow me to buy many :sniff:




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I've been gone for way too long...

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 5, 2013, 4:37 PM
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:: Current Stuff ::


Again, it's been ages since I have been on :devart:
A lot has happened since April...and that is a serious understatement.

Brief version:
I am happy - happier than I have been in a very long time - I'm just busy with work, kids and bills.
It's not easy doing it all yourself, but it's getting done - however slowly.

Over the next few weeks, I will be updating my gallery with...gah...6 months worth of images - and then some. I hope to post 3 - 4 a day so that it won't take too long for me to catch up. My blog and other sites/galleries are woefully behind and with work going as it has, I have scarcely had the time to keep up with all of them. I am hoping to get back to square before too long and be able to regularly post on a daily, or at least weekly basis again like I used to.

In other news, this is the 6th time I have submitted this - at least - so apologies if you're receiving this multiple times...but I HATE the new (or should I say current, as it's probably NOT new) journal system and want to kill someone right now...

I hope that all of you are doing well and that the holiday season is being good to you.

Apologies in advance for the forthcoming spamming of the account, lol, and wish me luck!



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Background image by AF-studios
Brushes by SummerAIR


V. Nicharico
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
My name is Valarie Nicharico, but most folks call me Vaia as that has been my "name" online and off for over 20 years now.

I am a freelance graphic artist, specializing in character creation for roleplayers, gamers and writers. My passion is being able to bring another person's original characters to life for them be it as a full scene portrait or pinup.

I also create custom wedding invitations & cards, photo retouching and editing, and memorial angel portraits for pets and loved ones.

Commissions are almost always open and everything I do is based on the owners direction. For more information, please visit my blog at

Where to find me

My Other Accounts:
:iconaccidental-squirrel: :iconartisticlicense-3d: :iconartistic-nudes:

:iconyggdrasilproject: :iconel-auria: :iconfirebug-stock: :iconfirebugarts: :iconagents-loc:


:iconartisticlicense-3d: :iconheavymetalmagazine: :icon3daga: :iconaccidental-squirrel:

Just a quick note...

I want to say thank you to anyone and everyone who has added my work to their favorites, or who has added me to their watch lists! I very much appreciate your support, as that's what keeps me coming back here! If I can't return the thanks personally, please let me extend it in advance! :heart:

:: Liek thanks you :: by Liek Watermarks Protect by MademoiselleGrief SMP Support Stamp by RockGirl1582

NOTE:: All of my Deviations are WATERMARKED and are not to be redistributed or copied without my written permission! Removal of watermarks or signatures is a punishable offense, and I WILL seek legal counsel if needed. Thank you.



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Happy Birthday Vaia!

I wish you a wonderful day with your family. May the coming year be filled with joy, health and prosperity. Your artworks are filled with outstanding dynamic lights and shadows. We admire your muse and talent.



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