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The Baltic Sea Anomaly

this is an illustration of the "anomaly" discovered by the Ocean X team on the bottom of the Baltic sea.
read the story on their web-site or join the facebook group… for more info.

please credit me ( link to my gallery for example) if you use this image on your blog or website.
its not free for commercial use- and its not free to be transformed or modified in any way.
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I saw they featured the Baltic Sea Anomaly in the "The Deep" kids TV show last season. I'm really hoping someone gets a picture of the thing! There's been a few tries since I last looked this up, but visibility is always zero or there's malfunctions. Last time someone checked was 2014 I think.

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hey thanks for commenting! yes the Ocean X team did not have much luck getting investors to pay a new expedition. It´s a fascinating mystery...

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There's my ride!
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It looks like Ebon Hawk 
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Hi :) Excellent work LOVE it! Got here trying to verify this though - is this just a photoshop of your work?… or did you work from a photo? James x
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check out the oficial facebook group for more info and discussions about the anomaly. :)…
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hey- this is a detail of the first painting i did from the anomaly. it was made with the help of the sidescan sonar image that the Oxean X Team published in 2011. for later paintings i had the additional help of the divers and multi-beam images.
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There is a lot of proposals of what this could be...from WW2 to aliens. Hopefully we will get a diver down there soon and uncover the truth!
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whoot ! this illustration surpassed 50 000 views ! :O
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So THAT's where Revan got to...
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who is Revan ? :)
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Darth Revan from Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic?

The shape looks like the Ebon Hawk, the ship you fly in.
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Or the Millennium Falcon xD
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Great, is there a episode in the series Ancient Aliens?



if the Millenium Falcon, this explain Starwars that happens in the past (like Battlestar Galactica.)




super , existe t il un épisode dans la serie Ancient Aliens ?


 si c'est le Millenium Falcon , cela expliquerai que Starwars se passe dans le passé ( comme pour Battlestar Galactica.)

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no ancient alien episode on this. they still dont know what they have found. there is a documentary about the expedition to the object called "mystery beneath" but so far it was only aired in Estonia. probably it soon comes out in other countries too. it seems that the Swedish navy is somehow interested in this, the oxean x team had a meeting with them.

i dont think it has anything to do with star wars though :D it might be an important archaeological find, maybe its a geological phenomena maybe its something completely different and unknown. only thing i´m sure it is still as strange as it was two years ago when it was first discovered.
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If it is something of a UFO then this story will disappear. What is taking them so long anyways? Nice art btw
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Very interesting.
How about an actual photo? This is a mock up, CGI movie. Come now, you mena they did not have cameras and could not take photos at only 180 feet in depth.
And, no exploration of the hole at the top? Either the divers saw and know more than they are revealing or there's nothing of value there.
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yes its a 3d movie i made with my bro, we made it just for fun.dunno if i would call it a mock-up but yeah why not. just showing my artwork related to the baltic anomaly here- i dont claim that this is the real thing- i clearly say its a 3d movie.its easy to use google to find out more about the anomaly... but well here you go : for photos and more info about the baltic anomaly visit this site [link] from there you find links to Ocean X related sites that provide a lot of information and images.
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It looks like the Millenium Falcon!! OO"
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Nice work. If there is anything in there, I hope it's friendly!

By the way, did you know this was used in an English national newspaper running a story on the anomaly today (The Daily Mail)? Link to it is:


That's how I found your page.

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hey thanks alot ! and yes - i totally agree with you - if it is anything i hope its friendly ! :) and thanks for pointing this article out- sure nice that they credited me with a link included.
regarding the rocksamples they are talking of in the article- these rocks where from around the anomaly and not actual pieces of the thing. the ocean x team was unable to break samples of the anomaly because its material is very hard- and the divers only carried little pickaxes with them. the rocksamples given to the swedish university where stones that where picked up around and from top of the anomaly- and yes some of them where most likely brought there by the ice-age.but the anomalies material itself was not analyzed is made of a different material- ocean x described it like very hard "concrete".
to say that the anomaly is an glaciar deposit because of the rocks found around it is like taking a sandstone from around the Giza pyramid and say its a natural formation. the baltic anomaly is probably older than the ice age. on top of the circle ocean x discovered small stone cicles-just like fireplaces... and this stones probably are glacial deposits- not the anomaly itself. just check out the latest blue-view sonar images released by Ocean X in the facebook group. too many 90º angles and straight lines combined with the perfect circular shape - and its huge size make it more and more unlikely that this is just an oddly formed stone.i very curious about Ocean x´s next expedition to the anomaly that starts in a few days. hopefully they will bring answers- but probably they also bring tons of new questions...
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