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Baltic Anomaly updated



for the hd version look here [link]
its NOT free for commercial use.

i updated the image- or better i replaced my previous illustration with this new one after receiving more detailed description from the Ocean X team.

from the Ocean X website :

Today Monday the 9th of July, Ocean X Team left on their second expedition to solve the mystery about the Baltic Sea anomaly.
After a lot of preparations have been made but they got everything readyin time to leave the harbor.

The crew will return to shore 21th of July and is only available on satellite telephone.
Hopefully we will give daily news about their progress."

this Image is based on the photos published so far and the descriptions of the Ocean X team .

check out the Ocean X website for more details : [link]

join the Ocean X facebook-group here :
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I just saw a documentary of this. There is two objects that it would appear skidded off at an angle to each other after the initial ground impact.
I watched one of the U tube videos and they stated, there was a layer of clay or mud covering the surface of the object. You might think they could analyze it or the depth of the clay to determine how long the object might have been there based on sediment deposits. 
Also, maybe they can determine the weight of it from the material analyses that they have already, and make an estimate of the speed it was traveling to have made a skid mark of that length. One for underwater and one for out of water.
It is not MAN MADE. It is to big and to deep for that. At least not manmade in our known history. The two pieces with skid marks that meet indicate an impact that broke the object in two upon impact. To answer a thought that maybe it was two separate objects that collided. If that were so, given the footage I saw they would of had to be already traveling on the surface when the impact occurred, and not in the air. The material metal components are of high quality and to create something of that size out of those materials would be very very costly.
The shape is far to unique to be natural and if it is sitting on a mound and appears like a mushroom, then maybe that is all the debris that it pushed as it skidded across the surface before coming to a stop. Hmm?
I believe it is a craft and if others do also then it should be one of the most important priorities mankind has right now on its plate.