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Baltic Anomaly 2012

high definition version of my latest baltic anomaly illustration.based on the descriptions of the Ocean X team.

for more info about the baltic anomaly and the ocean x team check out this sites :

ocean x site
ocean x on facebook…

a good resume of what this is about :…
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 Just learned about this today, and it has captured my imagination. Your image has been shown on TV BTW. From what I hear, the outside is made out of stone. My original theory is that maybe this was some sort of ablative armor, though I like the theory better that the vessel was organic in nature, and fossilized over time.

 If it is still possible, I'd like to see this further investigated, as this could possibly be definitive proof that we have been visited by extraterrestrials for a very long time.

 Even though the wreckage, if that is what it is, is likely at least hundreds of thousands of years old, maybe there is still something to learn from it, such as new materials or craft-building techniques.
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many thanks !!
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My latest short story entry is about this specific anomaly... Great picture!
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fantastic work :)!
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many thanks !
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Excellent. And fascinating subject.
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I remember reading about this. It looks like a UFO. But this is a nice take on it.
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thank you very much ! glad you like :)
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You are welcome.
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Great work man!!!!
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many thanks !! :)
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This excellent artwork is featured in my journal. [link]
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hey- many thanks for the feature !!!
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The pleasure was mine. :)
latest news was two drawings that a first grader could do. Can.t we get something better. On all the dives is their not one vidio that could be shared, just asking
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the dives have been plagued by equipment malfunctions. on the last dive the ROV-cable burned. on all expeditions they had problems with the electric equipment. despite of the problems many images,footage and a 3d sonar have been taken and will be releases in the documentary produced by Titan tv. Ocean X dont want to rush this- because they still don´t know for sure what they have found. results from the rock-samples that were given to the Swedish university should be released very soon. all this has been delayed also because of the swedish holidays that lasted for one month.
if you are really interested in receiving all news and developments fast check out the Ocean X facebook group!
read my blog on july 18th. Seems like it is happening. MKL
give us something new my patience is over, time to spread the word that you have been compermised. mkl
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i really dont know what you are talking about - i have been "compermised" ?? or threatened ? i would kindly ask you to just calm down.Ocean X will release all footage and data in due time. they work hard on getting the truth out- but it takes time. patience is needed. if you dont have any that is unfortunate and i cant help you.nothing is top secret, there is no cover up going on around the baltic anomaly. latest updates from Peter Lindberg can be found on red ice creations site- he gave a interviw there a few days ago.also check out their facebook page and websites for updates.thanks :)
I am reading that everything has gone top secret. What is up with that. Who has made it top secret, government????? this is what I warned would happen another coverup. So unless something very believeable surfaces very quickly I am sure that everyone involved has been compermised and threatened along with their fAMILY TO COOPERATE. i AM SEVENTY SO THEY CAN SHOVE ANY THREAT THEY WANT TO GIVE ME.I AM NOT AFRAID OF DEATH I HAVE MADE MY PEACE WITH GOD. SC IF I DISAPEAR OR HAVE A STROKE OR HEART ATTACH OR CAR ACCIDENT OR WHATEVER THEY MIGHT DO TO ME THE REST OF YOU HANG IN THEIR THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT. AND I HOPE WHEN THAT HAPPENS THOSE BASTARDS PAY SEVERLY FOR WHAT THEY HAVE PUT US THROUGH. MKL
This is July 30th???? When do we receive a update.
contract with a tv company will not stop the men in black or whoever from keeping information from us the people of the world .//Warn those who see that their life and family ///who they will list by name will cooperate with them or POOF family will have a accident. Sound like a cheap novel??? We will see, if news keeps being put off and the pictures and comments seem fishy do not be surprised. I am sure the divers have good intentions but without a 24 hour tight security team around them and family I fear the worst. I hope to God I am wrong but my gut feelings are sending a red flag of warning. Wish all involved the best of luck. MKL
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