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here is my newest rendering of the Baltic Anomaly. Discovered in 2011 by a Swedish treasure hunter team , the anomaly continues to be a big mystery.

if you want to know more check out this links :

i did this image with the help of the Ocean X team- but obviously it is still an artistic rendering and not a scientific illustration.anyway i attempted to represent the anomaly as close to reality as possible. not an easy task and i sure had to add an good part of my own imagination to make the image complete. puzzling together all the known facts, analyzing the sonar and blue-view images, listen closely to the descriptions of the divers,discuss the whole thing in the Ocean X facebook group is a lot of fun- and as you can see i just cant let it be. :D

NOT free for commercial use.
(the download includes a gigantic hd file of the image. ;) )

(btw i call this "artifact" here - but in fact nobody really knows what it is.yet. i was just tired of calling it "baltic anomaly" again and again- so i came up with this new "working title". if this thing is man-made or not is still part of the mystery. to me it looks like the BMW of flying saucers.according to a certain conspiracy theory, the anomaly is known to "insiders" since the fifties and it was "encoded" in Stanley Kubricks "2001 odissey in space" , and later inspired George Lucas for the Millenium Falcon Design... just one of the many odd stories surrounding this mystery. :) )
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