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deviantart's AI art program (and how to opt out) by izzy-paw, journal

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Ubik Futurosity Festival Poster by Vaghauk, visual art

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When an idea fascinates me I give my best to make it real.

I am open for commissions.

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pencil - brush - tablet
Coming back to check on my old gallery here on DeviantArt and according to statistics people sure clicked a lot of times on my paintings ... in the last 10 years or so. That is nice and I am happy that my pictures have been seen by fellow humans and if there are some that got inspired to grab a pencil and create some art themself it would be excellent. And Wow I see that my art has been been trained. All my work (and probably all the work of my fellow deviants) has been integrated in the most popular AI text to image generators so now everybody can make pretty pictures with no effort at all! And some extra lucky people even make a tiny bit of pocket money! They just stole all or our hard work and it is gorgeous! Hallelujah! A new era of endless pictures has arrived! What a plot twist! Am I special now? Does it mean I am a real artist now? ... uh? To be honest - I always knew that I was just feeding the machine. All this time I was just feeding this THING. Still feels weird to
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i got an DD !!!! what an awesome Christmas present !:xmas: i´m in my second year at deviantart.It has been like an small an catapult that projected me and my work out in the world.I learned so much and met so many people- worked together with them and gained friends.i passed the tenthousand-views mark and I did commissions and even sold a print! :D Its difficult to put in words what deviantart did to me- but it is an very positive thing on professional and personal i dont want to get emotive...but its really true! :D this daily deviation happening at the end of the year is so rewarding - all the feedback
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overwhelmed !

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i´m overwhelmed by the quantity of feedback and favorites coming in the last time !!! This is really rewarding for me and i´m very happy that my work is being credited by so many people.i want to thank everyone for faving my images personally but its near to impossible- i tried to do some quick copy paste of an thank you message but i feel bad to just copy paste and the system already thinks i´m a spammer...i´ll always try to respond to every comment i get but all these favorites are just impossible to respond-  so the best i can do is to thank everybody who is faving my deviations here and now : THANKS TO ALL OF YOU !! :
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Ridiculously cool artwork Hauke ♡

Howdy , loved your work.

We are organizing a community event and we were thinking on using one of your images on the promotion of it this one

Lisbon jumping tram

Since this is free event with no fee attached to it we cant pay for your work but we will promote it with your name. Is that ok for you?


hello - sorry for late answer- this is an old gallery of mine (AtelierGH)
and i kindof forgot that it exists !
you can use the image for promotion of the event.
if its not too late - you can credit  : hauke vagt / Atelier49 Lisboa ( we changed name from ateliergh)
that is really sad news.going to miss Muzski´s friendly presence and awesome artwork. thank you for letting me know CapnDeek373

We're all going to miss him. :(