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Hello my fans and followers!

You like my works and want to get a print?
Check out my account on society 6 and see what is in store for you. More will come in the next days.
And if you dont find what you are looking for, just write me a PM and I will see what I can do for you.

In case you want a signed piece, writing a PM is the only way.
I am back from the RPC in cologne and have some of the Godzilla cards (original drawings) for sale.
15€ a card with a signature. Write me a PM if you want one or more. No copys available!!

Sold already: 5,7,16,23,24,28…

Hello everyone, from now on I am taking in comissions and I give out prints !
So if you want to have your roleplaying group, character or favorite monster drawn and painted, feel free to write me an email or PM me.
For posters, you can just ask me, sadly I dont have an onlineshop for this sort of business yet.

Note: Please make it so that I can tell from the title of the email what you want.
Write your name, and a short summary of what exactly you want.

Thank you.

1 character b/w 20+
Characters with a very specific look (e.g. WOW characters with THIS armor + weapon) are a bit more expensive.
1 charcter color 50+

In the end the exact price varies depending on the amount of work and time I have to put into it.
Usually I work digitally as it makes transferring the final piece easier. If you want to own an original sketch or painting write me an email and we can work things out.
I finally started to use the folder option in my gallery. Really usefull, though I am still a little unsure about some left pieces.…

A little something about colors, values and the color picker in Photoshop.
(Damn why does DA not have a simple "insert picture" option?)
I am thinking about doing poster prints of some of my works.
Mainly this one:

but maybe others from my website as well, if there are enough interested people.

Another idea is to do drawings on demand. Like Role play characters, Fan fictions and others like that.
The new exhibition about bionic has opened in the museum of natural history, here in Muenster. And I am happy that some of my works are part of it too. You can check my blog for a couple of photos.…
Looking for jobs, as usual. If anyone has a personal request I can to that too, as long as it is paid of course XD