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Started as a volume and rendering practice.
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THIIC-zilla is best zilla. When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon)
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Seems our fast food has done a number on him...:D
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I'm guessing Zilla's been going through hard times since his film was a failure. 
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Yeah. That's basically the new US Godzilla in a nutshell.
adventurer32's avatar
I agtee legendarygoji does look a lil chubby
Kaizer617's avatar
Bloated & fat, just like America.
Goji1327's avatar
Nah, he’s not fat. It’s just muscle.
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Well that's what happens when he sets foot in America Wink/Razz 
gammera1976's avatar
Goji! You let yourself go!
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That's what happens when your hundreds of millions of years old, you eventually don't care about what you look like anymore.
GalCantHelpIt's avatar
Naw, he's just big boned. Really, really big boned.
Ramul's avatar
Too much yellow cake.
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thanks for the giggle
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Oh my gerd xD I did a chibi fatty Godzilla when I was in school and I always wished it be done, well, like you did it here.

This. Life Complete.
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