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The main feature of new G8M is, of course, the great facial control. So my first order of business is to try do more portraits. I kind of recreated (in significantly more subtle way) my work of almost two years ago 

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Amazing girth by v94070
. I actually re-used the old scene, just replaced G2Ms with G8Ms. Only now, when linking to that old deviation I remembered that butchsl  already done almost exact same thing at that time (the prop was just released): 

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Cruising by butchsl
. Oh well, " need to remember when 'cause everything old is new again…"
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"You're looking, aren't you. Well you're not looking bad either"
it is done so subtly and the expression is poignant too. thank you.
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I love the subtlety of this - less is more, and you posed these two in such a way that the expression speaks volumes! 
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it would be more exciting if they were taking craps with privacy stalls
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Many have been there, and in more ways than one!
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Looking good, v :D

Nothing wrong with revisiting the past, I do it quite often lol
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