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Solitude of Gunslinger Girl

This work was inspired by Gunslinger Girl anime. This scene, as I imagine, happens right after one of ggs kills her handler, the one who she loved since she doesn't remember anything about her previous life...and that's her solitude, she decides to kill him because he doesn't love her anymore, a few moments after, I suppose, she will decide to kill herself...this story seems to be similar to Elsas'.

Stocks used:
Snow 1
Snow 2
Snow 3
The girl itself
Thank to all these people for such awesome eyes were suffering from pain because of svds' background...white room is better than asphalt, my friend))

Other from various by =vadimfrolov:
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Looks like from Sucker Punch ^^
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Yeah, that's the second film I saw where girls in skirts have enormously big guns for their tiny hands and bodies)))
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hehe but awesome it is C:
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It's a brilliant shot you got there and the background is well-suited and the snow gives the picture more impact on the viewer so there's not much to say but it's an amazing picture :D
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YOu are so generous with warm words, thank you! (:
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thank you) And Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you (:
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I like the contrast and execution so much!
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Thank you for comment (:
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