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Hi , Vader and Lyra here. We hope that you'll like profile and Vader's vectors :)

Requests is CLOSED!

Greetings and welcome to visit my profile!


Favourite Movies
Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park, Matrix, Pirates of the Caribbean
Favourite TV Shows
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Classical Music
Favourite Books
History books and others
Favourite Games
Europa Universalis III, Total War series, Assassin's Creed series, Call of Duty (only 1,2 and WaW), Batman:AA and AC, World of Tanks, Hitman series
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Inkscape, paper and pencil
Other Interests
History, in particular World War II
ENG: Hey, as you probably noticed I wasn't here for a year. So I herewith inform you: I am not dead! Also, my computer did not explode, I don't stop smile at the sight of a pony and still didn't found portal leading to Equestria (But still working on it). So what happened? I had to take a break, because simply I had lost will to do this. In addition came the duties, work, other hobbies and activities ... and well, it just happened. Some of you probably noticed that I canceled the last three request, a while ago. I decided that it makes no sense to prolong this illusion that I ever finish this. So, I would like to apologize this three peopl
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I'm going back!

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Hi there! Maybe a few words to explain what had happened. As you might have noticed almost three month, my activity was negligible would not say none. I immediately calm down you: no, I not leaving the fandom! I amuse too well here. ;) Create vectors also still gives me a lot of fun. So, why the break? Well, at some point I simply lost the will and ideas did not really want to come to my mind. Let's say that I needed a break and have some time to recover my creativity. ;) However my return will not be too sharp, moving to a new home and renovation effectively take my free time. Therefore, I do not plan to accept new requests. At least for
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I hereby declare to all and sundry to start taking orders! A few small rules: 1.NO for Rule34! 2.NO for Gore! (possibly only in the show convention) 3. Acceptable gently suggestive, but do not promise acceptance. 4. If you want an OC, I would ask for detailed information about it (appearance, color and style of mane and tail, eyes, CM, ect. Short description of the character would be nice to see). 5. First comment, first in line, ect. (unless someone wants something extra then you will have to wait;)) 4. Requests can also be sent to the PM but still prefer to book a place here. Finally, I warn that execution time work may depend on th
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