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Soooo, we are about a bit more than a month for the next vore day to come, and well, this time I was considering doing something special. While the theme will be a continuation to the one from last year, Ive been thinking on perhaps trying for this to do a YCH picture, just for the ocasion. The picture would feature once again intances of regular OV, bit of UB, and AV, and for now Im considering around 5 or 6 slots, with various prey characters within the "different rooms" of the "hotel" Zycra ^^.

So yeah, before taking my final decision on the details, as this is the first time I would try this, I just want to try to test the waters and see if you guys would be interested in the idea , or if you have any recomendations =P Of course considering the nature of this projetc, I will probably develop it more on my Eka's page than here, but just letting you guys know ^^

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"your character here"

basically I create a picture with a few slots for characters , and you buy the "slot" for a character of your choice to be there

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I'd be interested in getting a vore YCH from you!

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That sounds like a cool idea
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Ohhh boy, I am so excited. Hope you will have fun drawing it

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we will see how that goes xD

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Interesting. Hey, if your interested, think you can have this character as an predator?

Princess of Klaxosaurs

I've seen some artwork of her but I think she deserves some more love.

And as for prey, you can choose who want:



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well, I did mention it would be the continuation of teh previous one, hich means the predator role is taken by default xD

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Ok, just giving you suggestions.

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Maybe you could do something with shantae
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I'd like depending on the template.
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I think I will try to make it a bit flexible

This is just a thought, but maybe a tiny accidentally enters Zycra’s brain, with her shouting “Get out of the manager’s office!”

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I might be interested, depending on how the YCH templates end up looking.

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will try to make it flexible P:

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not sure yet, gotta figure a few things still, but there is still some time

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I volunteer for tribute
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This sounds interesting.

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