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Hey hey! So , due to recent events involving some pictures having to be removed in some places, and also cause it's not really a bad idea in general, I've decided to open a small discord server for my supporters (you guys!).
For my more dedicated supporters, this will result in some more exclusive content to see before anyone else, and for everyone, the possibility to just discuss of random things, ask question, and who knows, maybe start some silly events or stuff in the future if people are into it =P.
I really don't know how it's going to go, but if you are curious, we lose nothing for giving it a try. =)
Join now!

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Dont even try. vaderas will instaban you without any reason if he just will be in mood. Believe me

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Only to rude people like you

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I not been rude with you. I tryed chage after my mustakes years ago when my mental problems make me rant on karbo, felarya etc.

I newer been rude with you when i tryed befriending with you. And in back all what i got - just hate, instabans without resons and another things. So not surprising what i am mad on you. Espeshially after you ban me from :iconSanynaka: server where i did NOTHING rude or wrong

So dont try be hypocrite. I tryed change, you dont allowed me do this

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I might be late to the party, but would it be ok if I joined as well? I'm certianly looking for more friends and such. 
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sure! no need to ask for permission =P
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uhhhh ight dont tell anyone im there tho xd
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By supporters, do you mean Patreon Supporters or Regular Supporters in general? Like people who like, share, and follow?😅
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Kinda both, but there is a specific area still for the patreon users =P
Server is still open for anyone who wants though

About that, it's actually for 18+

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Well, I supose it is. It is kinda implied since a lot of my content is nsfw, and so it is "expected" that my followers would be of age (not that I expect it of course, we have all been teenagers after all).

But yeah, sorry for the confusion.

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I’ll join later o3o
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sure thing xD
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*secretly plots how to conquer the server*
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