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Is this part of the performance?

Commission for :iconlunaschatten: featuring their character Luna ... having quite a blast at a hellish rock concert with Zycra?
What a way to become ... part of the show! =P
It was kinda fun to bring back Zycra in this theme after all this time, definitly quite an improvement since then! ;P

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Sympa ! La puissance de la musique rugit autant que le tonnerre d'applaudissement que reçoit Zycra , elle jouet diablement bien . ^^ . Toutes la foule " s'enflamme " pour la musicienne . ;-)

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Looks at this 
In my head: thinks of toystory  and the claw machine 

"She has been Chosen" 
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Hah, I can actually imagine her playing something from Judas Priest or even harder stuff like black/death metal.. it would give a completely new meaning to it =P

Fan pit though doesn't seem safe :D

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Hahahaha, im suuuuure its totally fine! xD
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Love this concept!
Idea: Zycra in a demonic gym. With volunteer protein suppliments.
I say this because of toned arms lol

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Brings a whole new meaning to a "personal tour".
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Im sure there is even more potential for that term in an incoming picture ... xD
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I feel like she's playing "Highway to Hell."
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Oh Zycra....always gotta be the center of attention.  Still, seeing Zycra, uh rock XD, that rock star outfit of hers again is really fun heh.  It just fits her a bit too well :P.  The concert is really nice too with plenty of pyrotechnics for her of course and the lighting it makes as a result- but I do adore those small touches of detail like the bits of steam or the wavy lines on the guitar as effects of heat as well.  Can really tell she's into this a ton and is just nicely 'sharing' her enthusiasm with the audience it seems... :P.  Really, so thoughtful of letting people join in the show...even be permanent additions if they're lucky too!
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Love the tongue! Don't see anough of them long ones...
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Amazing! :D Love the energy in this. I'll never get tired of seeing what ridiculous outfit you'll dress that mad succubus up in next! Particularly like the shiny leather-like effect you got with her top (and the little man hanging desperately onto her tail :P)
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So you like seeing the succubus wearing clothes uh? How naughty of you! ;P
Hehe, it was a funny style to get back to after so long, really had fun on this one  ^^

>?"{P)(*&^TREDFGTY^TRFdc m,v.bnj,mhgkdxlskoeiwu37y64758904e9w87652364riot;'g


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Ohhhh no, of course, I should never have admitted my secret clothes-wearing fetish! D:
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Is Zycra planning anything?
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planning in what sense?
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If I was at the position where Luna is than I would probably get scared quite a did Luna get front row tickets or something?
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Maybe its one of those odd cases where front seats are cheaper than back seats? ... hehe xD
Vorestoryteller's avatar least it is warm...I am just a bit afraid that she might eat her...hopefully she doesn't taste that good. XD
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