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Iroja's Test P2

Commission for Killbot, featuring their character Iroja, continuing her hourney through Rida's insides. ;P

Rida belongs to Darkarri.


If you are interested to see more pictures in progress and support me, feel free to pass by my Patreon at ^^
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hyhyd's avatar

her hourney is making me very jorny

Asuroth's avatar

Very determined kitty- quite a long journey to go through in there it looks but it certainly isn't stopping her! Still love the feeling of atmosphere you give these pieces- has a real sense of the humidity lingering with all the fog and liquids around. Just all the touches really give a great feel for what it'd be like in there...though our Iroja may know it a bit more well than we ever will XD.


vaderaz's avatar

unsure if next page will be "showable" here xD

TheAnthrosTail's avatar

Where can I see it if it isn't? (That's not Patreon)

vaderaz's avatar

my eka is usually where I do post the more naughty stuff =P

TheAnthrosTail's avatar

I can't seem to find Page 3 :/

vaderaz's avatar

thats because its not done yet , gonna start working on it soon ^^

TheAnthrosTail's avatar

Oh :|

Well, that's good ^^

diboi's avatar
we're is part one ?
felwinter2187's avatar

Holy moly!!! Amazing!!❤️

vaderaz's avatar
diboi's avatar

amazing. can't wait for more

vaderaz's avatar

eventually eventually =P

Lumfan247's avatar

I love the way she just *dives* into it!

yes i've been waiting for this 😭
vaderaz's avatar

ginna be a while for the next one though ... put it is planed xD

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