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Carrie Casino 2

Commission for Patrolman ... with a little continuation to a certein picture with their character Carrie ... and her players/guest xP
Seems like she may have messed up a little!


If you are interested to see more pictures in progress and support me, feel free to pass by my Patreon at ^^
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I wonder if there will be another continuation.

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sadly this is the final part. not sure how to continue this after so it'll mostly leave off here

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Luci is clearly a saltwater fish given how salty she gets so easily fufufu. Fun little continuation of the previous and sometimes even if you're having fun in these situations, some of the complications of having games hosted in this 'locale' can be hard to avoid! At least Ciel is trying to keep things a bit on the cheerier side of it while fish is just being a big grump hehe. Always a pleasure to see cute Carrie being a good (sorta) birb as ever heh.

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Hehehe, true trueeee xP

Hé hé hé hé . :-) . C'est rien du tout , juste un problème d'enceinte musicale du casino avec le micro .... ^^; :-) . Une suite assez drôle je trouve , bien jouer Vaderaz . ;-)

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Is there a part 1 or other picture of her?
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there is indeed, should have the same name if you look in my gallery =P

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Thank you, I found it.

Oui , elle est intitulé : " Carrie Casino by Vaderaz " . Tu trouveras l'image dans les galleries de Vaderaz . ;-)

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I must admit in all my travels through the multiverse I've never seen a casino burp XD

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Great stuff as always my friend, great stuff

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