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Pokemon Gotta Squish Em' All - Trainer Edition #5

While off on your adventure, we find our young heroine visiting the lush tropical island of Akala. As you wander through the grasslands outside of the lush forest you stumble upon another trainer. Mallow and her Tsareena challenge you to a battle, as you've come unprepared having left all your Pokémon at the Pokémon center you have only a pokeball on your belt. Forgetting this minor issue you gladly accept her challenge as she chooses her buddy Tsareena. The two raring to go as you grab your ball and throw it out. 

Only upon releasing it from the palm of your hand do you remember that every single Pokémon is at the center. As the ball flies through the air and never stops it hits, bouncing off Tsareena as it cries out in shock. The ball bounces off it's soft petal like hair before stopping, suspended in the air inches from Mallow and her buddy. The pokeballs light blips to pink as Mallow cocks her head to the side perplexed. The lid opens suddenly as her eyes get wide realizing her predicament. 

She lets out a gasp before a beam of pink strikes her and Tsareena, enveloping the two. She quickly grabbing her Tsareena as a suction begins gobbling up her buddy. Her struggling frantically as the ball slurps Tsareena's petal like hair into the sphere. Her body stretching and flowing as it begins to disappear into the capsule. Within seconds Mallow loses her footing and the two get slurped into the ball. The pokeball slapping shut behind them as it falls to the ground. 

The ball falls to the grass as the button flickers pink ONCE, TWICE, and a FINAL time before a DING Pokeball (new) ! 

Congratulations!!! You've captured a wild Mallow and Tsareena!!!!

Mallow with Heart Eyes Emoticon & #763 Tsareena  
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yourweirdisamanaphy's avatar

Are you going to make diancie get squished into the pokeball

AngelDjinn's avatar

^_^ Nice catch!

HarrisonButterGem's avatar

What's their collections even?!

VacuumVorer's avatar

What do you mean?

HarrisonButterGem's avatar

like, who's collecting all these squished pokemon and trainers?

HarrisonButterGem's avatar

that's what I wanna know.

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