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HDR Fake Action

Updated with written out instructions and an alternate version. enjoy!

I do not pretend this is a foolproof way to make "regular" photos into HDR-style photos, however, on the right photo (a high-quality dramatic landscape or cityscape) it comes pretty darn close. One thing I know is that will make almost any picture *pop.* So try it out and have fun. And if you use it, please let me know so that I can see how it turned out.

As with any Action, this will work differently on every photo. You may get extremely pleasing results at times, other times notsomuch. Feel free to experiment with the action and toggle on and off those steps you think might improve your luck.

This action is intended for people who have a pretty decent knowlege of Photoshop and how it works, probably intermediate/advanced users.

IMPORTANT: This is not simply a saturation effect. At no point in the action is a Saturation filter or layer mask used. This is MUCH more than simply a saturation of colors.

Enjoy and have fun!

The stock photo used in the example is by :icondollieflesh-stock:! It is not my photo!
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Hola no se como descargar la accion 
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Very cool, thank you!
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Wow! amazing work. Thanks for sharing vacuumslayer 
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Thanks for sharing! We featured this action in our blog:…
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No problem--thanks!
Will you sent it to me? Thanks you very much in advance :
thanks a lot! :)
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Its very useful~
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Thank You for the action ^_^
WOW! Visually stunning! Thanks!
thank you ^__^
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Thanks a lot!
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I made this with your action [link]
It' s great! Thanx again!
Thanks, look forward to try it out.
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lovi it, thanks for sharing
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love this actions
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