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So I finally made a tutorial! My very first one! Though I have some homework and study to do...:giggle: But the last few days I had been thinking it'd be rather good to help out fellow artists around the globe, and why not doing a small, simple tutorial explaining a little bit, about a process I sometimes use on my photography! When I was only starting I found myself very intrigued over the process of great artists, and also the retro/vintage feeling many used, but I never really found a tutorial explaining it, maybe there must have been one, but I never found that one! So I decided to mess with photoshop...and end up with this, it took time, yes, but it felt very good! So, I wanted to share my small knowledge of photoshop here, in this simple and very basic tutorial! :heart:
I really hope you find it as useful as possible, and if you use this tutorial please do add a small link to this tutorial, so others can use it too...^-^ At least the first time you use it^^
I used Adobe Photoshop 7.0, I'm not really sure if this works with other versions, but I guess it must be similar somehow...:shrug:
Oh oh, and don't be afraid to ask anything you want to know, I'm always willing to try and give you a hand^^ Just post here any questions you have^^
EDIT: Ah! It's been so long since I did this tutorial --well, for me, =P-- I know it was kind of hard to read because of the color, so I'm hoping now there will not be so many problems :aww: But of course, remember to FULL-VIEW!! Good luck!

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NanaZMEYHobbyist General Artist
Thank you - your tutorial helped me here…
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KeitouChanHobbyist Traditional Artist
It is EXTREMELY helpful! many many thanks!
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yossiniaStudent Photographer
wowwww tq
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MelancholyWordHobbyist Photographer
Nicely done tutor :)
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TRNSProfessional Filmographer
nice nice nice...thnk yuuu...:) :)
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No creo que te moleste si te escribo en español, ¿cierto?

Lo que más me llamó la atención de tu tutorial fue el color que lograste con el cielo de la imagen (estuve buscando diferentes maneras de lograr ese tono en el cielo). En todo caso, me gustó mucho, es sencillo, práctico, tierno (no pensé que se podría opinar eso de un tutorial, pero así es) y además se ve muy bien.

En fin, gracias. Fue de mucha ayuda. Y, por cierto, ¡tienes MUY buenas fotos!
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Thanks a ton for this tutorial! It opened up a lot of ideas for me :la:
I used step 1's technique for my most recent piece.
I cant wait to use this technique more! Thank again! ^-^
~Trav (Art Piece -> [link])
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ngelart Photographer
Hola :), no existe la posibilidad de que subas el tutorial en español?. y una duda, de no ser así, como aplico la textura?. Saludos
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Hola! Perdon por no haberle respondido antes, he estado un toque loca estudiando jaja.

Umm, por el momento no la voy a hacer en español por falta de tiempo, porque terminaría siendo algo demasiado mediocre! Pero le explico lo de las texturas:

Puede buscar una textura aquí mismo en dA, o si tiene alguna suya puede utilizarla. La abre en photoshop como una imagen cualquiera, selecciona la imagen (ctrl+e), y la copia (ctrl+c). Luego abre la imagen a la que quiere aplicar la textura y la pega (ctrl+v). Observe que cuando pega la textura, va a salir un "layer" nuevo con esa textura en el cuadrito. La puede arrastrar y cambiarlo de "normal" a "lighten" o "multiple" o cualquier otra opción que le dé el resultado que desea.

Si está muy confuso sólo mándeme una nota y en cuanto pueda le respondo con un dibujo o algo parecido :) Suerte y perdón por la demora!
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ngelart Photographer
Muchas gracias! no te preocupes por la demora :) muy buena la ayuda!
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Jaja, fiuu :) Con gusto!
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raining-pocky88Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks for your tutorial~~

I'm gonna use it for my d.a. Id now >,<
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:D Hope it came out well! Let me know if you had any questions (sorry, such a late reply!)
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raining-pocky88Hobbyist Digital Artist
it's okay~
it came out really well btw~
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raining-pocky88Hobbyist Digital Artist
kay~ [link]
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SpeckledluminanceHobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the tutorial. I used it here. [link] Of course, it was my first time, but hopefully with much practice, I can get the color balance right!
vachi-bumbernickle's avatar
:D I'll take a look right away! (sorry for the late reply!)
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SpeckledluminanceHobbyist General Artist
Haha, it's ok.
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JoyBHobbyist Photographer
Cute tutorial! I'll try it soon! :D :heart:
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Love it! Will use it someday..:)
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i really like this!finally i know how to do this, and make it look awesome!thanks a lot!
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