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As Nodt / Byakuya Kuchiki

By vaccatrea
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Fan art for Äs Nödt Sternritter 'F' and Byakuya's fight. Personally, I think Äs Nödt's one of the more interesting quincies this arc and I'd like to see him again. Maybe even see more of his 'fear inducement' ability. So, hopefully they battle again X3
I used coloured pencils, pastels, and thin and thick tip black copic markers.
Bleach © Kubo Tite
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Deskjet F4100 series
© 2013 - 2020 vaccatrea
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Very nice. This will help me with on my Fan Fiction I've been working on with Äs Nödt. 
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So, you like it?
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Lmao, thank you XD
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I really hate As Nodt X( But this picture is very very cool! :D
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I like As Nodt...I think he's cool and his power is pretty interesting.
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Yeah I understand that, he isn't very likeable haha
And thank you! :D
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really nice interpretation :D
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Very nice!  I love that you've put your own artistic style into it.  I think a lot of people like As Nodt and want to see him again.
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Thank you very much! :D
And yes, I think so too.
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K I saw this in my messages and I was like "oh that looks cool!" not even noticing that it was you Gandalf!!!! 
But I do have to agree he is a very interesting character and this is a gorgeous piece!
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Lmao, well why thank you :D I've been procrastinating finishing it forever though
But yes, I really hope to see more of him 
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No thanks needed
Well If Grimmjow comes back Ichigo comes back thus Rukia, Renji and Byakuya. Also if Nazi Imean Quincy leader person wants the dudes to kill the captians with their own Banki than Byakuya will fight him again, although I don't think he stole Byakya-sama's banki

njhjv ghdfxyrdutfyigulih;jlndljvophdijak;ndfglhupvs Bleach has gotten so fucking hard on my brain :stare:
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XD indeed, Bleach logic has become anti-logic it's so screwy sometimes. And it doesn't help that this arc keeps getting more and more complicated with the backstories and the character's individual struggles and plots.
Yes about that, when the captains fight the Sternritters who stole their bankais it better be good cause it took Kubo long enough to plan it >:c
You don't think he stole his bankai? I believe he did, (cause Byakuya was kinda overkilled with his own zanpakuto by As Nodt) but I'd be more interested to see As Nodt's own fear ability than him just using Senbonzakura. 
And I must say I'm curious to see how the shinigami get their bankai 'back'
.....don't even get me started on Grimmjow :3
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Rofl Idk why I ever talk about Bleach to try an understand it because you throw everything together thus scrambling my brains like someone's breakfast lol
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