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(Trade) Ghost Sisters (Pokemon TG/AP/MC)

“BOO!” Ash actually yelped in surprise at the sound of Acerola jumping up behind him while he wasn’t paying attention, causing him to fall off the couch in Acerola’s house and land on the floor as Acerola started giggling and jumped over the top of the couch, landing on the cushion as Ash groaned and sat up.
“What was that for?” Ash asked, more confused than annoyed as Acerola giggled before pointing down at Ash and chuckling.
“To see the look on your face!” Acerola admitted with a smile, causing Ash to frown as he got up, Pikachu and Mimi-tan playing around them as Acerola looked up at Ash, before holding up a small purple Z-crystal.
“I wanted to show you this actually.” She admitted, Ash holding out his hand to accept the crystal and observing it, holding it between his fingers, blinking at the sight of the cracked stone as small purple sparks came off of it.
“Where did you find this?” Ash asked, confused as to why Acecrola had a broken Z-crystal as she lay on the couch sideways.
“Found it in the mall.” She said, referring to the abandoned shopping mall on Ula’Ula. “Don’t know why it was cracked, and I wanted to show it to you.” She bluntly admitted, causing Ash to shrug before trying to hand the gem over to her.
She was about to take it when the gem crumbled to dust, causing both Ash and Acerola to blink in confusion that the gem turned to literal dust. “That was weird…” Acerola admitted, sounding a bit confused as Ash started at the falling dust, before just shrugging.
“Ah well.” Ash admitted, not paying attention as Mimi flew through a wall, and Pikachu jumped through the open window in pursuit, leaving Ash and Acerola alone in the house as Acerola sat up on the couch.
“I wonder what that stone would have done?” She asked. It didn’t seem all that special, but the fact it had given her a bit of a shock when she’d picked it up had given her cause to show it to someone.
Ash joined her on the couch, unaware that his body was starting to change due to the energy from the now defunct crystal. His height was starting to drop rapidly. Sitting sit by side with Acerola, he lost nearly an inch a second until he was equal in height with her, both of them looking at each other, eye to eye, as they conversed.
“Maybe it would have worked like the crystal Tapu Koko first let me use. Break after a single use.” Ash suggested as his hat straight up vanished from his head, revealing a patch of shiny purple hair on top of his head neither Acerola or he could see.
However, that quickly changed as the purple overtook Ash’s black hair, turning it a similar shade of purple as Acerola’s hair.
“Ash…” Acerola started, pointing at Ash’s head, causing him to raise an eyebrow in confusion, which had also turned purple as Acerola grabbed a strand of his now purple hair.
Just as soon as she did, she stopped, blinking in confusion as to why she’d grabbed a strand of Ash’s hair. He’d always had purple hair, like her. It wasn’t that weird.
“What?” He asked, unaware of his now purple hair growing in the back, before styling itself into two continually growing twin tails as the sides of his hair sprung out into large bubbles. Two teardrop like strands of purple hair framed her face as Acerola let go of the single strand she was holding, letting it fall between Ash’s eyes, his twin tails finishing their growth until they rest well below his shoulders in length.
“It’s nothing Ash.” Acerola commented, looking around Ash before shrugging. As she was looking around he failed to notice Ash’s changing feet, his shoes losing their covering but adding a few inches to the bottom of his new sandals, and revealing his petite and pale little feminine feet.
“Whatever.” Ash muttered, kicking off his new sandals as they clattered to the floor, causing Acerola to look at them for a moment before removing her own sandals, Ash and Acerola, in sync, putting their legs up on the table before crossing them. Causing both to giggle.
Both of them just sat there for a moment as Ash’s legs started to turn pale white, the same shade as Acerola’s as his legs shrunk down in mass, becoming thinner, his pants however, started to fade away, crawling up his legs and revealing more of them before vanishing, leaving Ash sitting there in his underwear with his shirt just barely covering it.
Acerola actually stared at Ash for a moment in confusion before his Shirt slowly started to extend, growing past his underwear as just out of sight, his underwear morphed into something far more appropriate for his upcoming changes.
His hips pumped up, and her seat raised slightly as his figure became for feminine, and underneath his underwear something very important vanished and was replaced, removing Ash forever from the male gender as she sighed in abject relief.
“What’s wrong?” Acerola asked, her arms at her sides as Ash placed his behind his head.
“Just a bit tight in the wrong places, I’m good.” Ash said, smirking with a familiar catty smile for a second.
Her shirt turning dress continued to extend all the way down her legs, turning from white and blue to many different shades of purple, patches sewin into the dress in various spots from tears and other degradation in the dress as the bottom of the dress became frayed from time and damage as her sleeves disappeared, the pale white skin spreading down her arms, quickly turning them petite as her shoulders crashed inwards.
“Aw come on.” Acerola said, crossing her arms, wondering just what was going through Ash’s head as Ash’s chest inflated, her waist having caved inwards as healthy C cups formed on her chest as she leaned back on the couch.
The tattered dress looked a lot like Acerola’s but it had a different pattern of repairs due to different patchworks needed over the years. The sleeveless dress didn’t remain so for long as Ash’s hands turned petite and feminine, and a blue short jacket grew over his dress. The jacket was small, and tattered, and clearly wasn’t able to close all the way, but Ash wore it proudly, even with the blue patchwork on it and the frayed sleeves.
“It’s fine sis, really.” Ash than said, her voice much softer as her neck thinned. A multi-wrapped and tattered purple scarf formed and wrapped around her neck and shoulders before one end ended up hanging in front of Ash’s chest, revealing the black tattered end that matched a Mimikyu’s ‘claw’.
Acerola than stuck her tongue out at Ash, who pulled down her eye lid in return, causing both girls to giggle as they scooted closer to each other, Ash’s face turning softer and feminine as her eyes turned the same purple shade as Acerola’s.
“Got a big day ahead of us Sis.” Ash said with a smile on her face as she wrapped an arm around her younger sister, not that many would think she was older due to their height being the same.
“Yep! Practice time Mara.” Acerola cheered as both girls jumped off the couch in sync. Their sandals still laying strewn about the floor as they giggled. From the window Mimi-tan floated back in, followed by a second Mimikyu that just hopped through the window rather than float.
“Mimi.” Acerola cheered as the little ghost – ghost type waved its claw in her face, Mara’s Mimikyu crawling up Mara’s leg and dress before settling on Mara’s shoulder.
“Let’s go outside, we’ve got one thing to practice before we see uncle Nanu.” Mara said, the sixteen-year-old girl lifting her feet to put on her stilted sandals that added a few extra inches to her height, causing Acerola to giggled as Mara frowned at her for the compensation.
Both girls walked outside, Mara walking expertly with her added height due to years of practice before they stood outside the back of the house, Mara putting her hands on her hips as Acerola stood next to her.
“Ready?” Mara asked as Acerola gave a thumbs up to her big sister, Both girls crossing their arms in front of their faces as Mimikyu jumped off Mara’s shoulder, and Mimi-tan floated above Acerola.
Both girls did the standard Z move pose, before bending their legs and rising slowly with their hands in front of their face, before both of them burst their hands out in front of them with a loud “BOO!” From both. The girls giggled from their short practice of the ghost type Z-move, before starting to walk towards Nanu’s house, chatting all the while as sisters did.
“Should we try and scare him?” Acerola asked, Mara actually humming at her suggestion before snapping her fingers and reaching into the one pocket on her small vest, pulling out a set of fake fangs with a smirk on her face.
Acerola smiled as she caught onto Mara’s plan, pulling out her own set of fake fangs, their Mimikyus watching as both girls put their fangs in their mouth, grinning at each other before closing their mouths and remaining silent the rest of the way.
Just outside Nanu’s house both girls gave tiny smirks to each other as Acerola knocked on Nanu’s door, the sound of footsteps inside alerting both girls to their uncle’s presence.
“BOO!” When Nanu opened the door he found both his Nieces standing there, preforming the ending of the Ghost Z-pose with fake fakes in their mouths and wicked grins on their faces.
“Really girls?” Nanu asked, more bored than anything else as both Mara and Acerola looked up at him, frowning as Mara popped her fangs out of her mouth.
“Aw come on uncle.” She complained as Acerola pulled her own fake fangs out.
“Acting like that is not what a trail captain should be doing Mara.” Nanu chided her as Acerola took the moment to pipe up.
“And you being a lazy bum is not how Ula’Ula’s Kahuna should act.” She shot back at him in defense of her older sister as Nanu sighed.
“She’s right you know.” Mara said, hands on her hips as her Mimikyu jumped onto her shoulder, tilting his head as Nanu just shook his head.
“I can’t wait for you to be old enough to take over as Kahuna…” He complained, Mara smirking as Acerola giggled, Mimi-tan floating above her shoulder as Nanu let the girls inside for lunch. The two sisters taking their time together as always with a smile.
The final in the Alola batch with my trade with :icondracoknight545:. Acerola finds an old and broken Z crystal in the mall, and when she shows it off to Ash, their both in for a spooky surprise.
MegamanMaster64 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
interesting story, looking forward to more
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