My New Group. :3 Vaati's Palace. Hey guys ^^

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Hey guys, I'm Mirria1.

-Now, I wanted to make a group because I've seen others make some so I decided to try it out.

-I'm not the best at this and I'm still trying to figure it out.^^; If you guys want to pitch in and help, feel free to tell me.:) Vaati's Palace is going to need some helpers to get it built and made right.

-I really do need help with this because I'm kinda clueless. I never made a group before. I've joined ones, but never made my own. I'll look around at other groups to get some ideas of how this works, and also ask around too.

-I don't know how to make the icon for it. But I have an idea of what I want it to be like, but I'm just unable to make it. So I'll need some help with that as well. I'll make a small sketch later of my idea. But it would be nice with some somewhat pixelated parts.

-Yes. It's about my fave wind mage, Vaati.:D (But I added my little joke about having people annoying Vaati. like Dark Link and Ghira for example. lol)
-So yeah, it might take a while until this is put together.

-Edit: I believe things are ready enough for people to start joining.:) I'm still trying to understand how some things work though.^^;

-I also have Rules, I'll make an entry later viewing them all for each folder and overall. But if you go inside a folder there on the left side will be some rules for that folder in particular.

Edit: -NOW things are ready.  you can submit what ever you want now.:) It took me a while to figure out I had to open the other folders up for people.:facepalm: WHOOPS!^^; Well, it's fixed now.:D enjoy!

(Updated! I'll edit this more later on to explain more.)
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