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Everything should be in order.:) The group icon is made and on. ((Thank you MayJasmine! ^^))

:bulletred:~I do have 4 rules though.~:bulletred:

1. No submitting any stolen art. It will be removed. (Art or pictures that was used and posted without the original artist's permission.)

2. Put the submissions in the right folders, please.

3. Be nice and respectful to each other.

4. Try to not make everything you upload be using bases... please try something a bit original. (I don't hate base's. You could submit them, just not a crazy amount. But I think most people would prefer more original stuff.)

:bulletgreen:~If any of you guys have questions or are confused about something or need anything, feel free to ask and I'll try to help you out as much as I can, or ask a fellow member or admin.:)

Enjoy. ^^
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