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I'm working on Inktober again this year, but I don't plan on sharing all of them here. There may be a couple that I'll clean up/paint that I'll submit to dA, but with potentially finishing 31 drawings this month I can't be bothered to put together a compilation so I'm not bombarding you all with them haha. 

You can keep up with my posts on Instagram mainly!

I'm also much more active there than I am on here or Tumblr!



  • Contact me by E-Mail at to obtain a slot. I’ll gladly take questions on tumblr, twitter, or DA.
  • 2 Tarot slots available for 140$ USD Each. 0/2
  • Payment through Paypal only. I must receive at least 50% payment before beginning your commission, and the remaining balance must be received before I send you the final digital file. I will send you an invoice once your commission is discussed, please do not send the payment outside of the invoice.
  • Tarot style isn’t limited to Dragon Age characters! I will gladly do fanart or original characters.
  • I retain the right to turn down your request if I'm uncomfortable with the subject matter.
  • 1 Character per artwork.


  • Image references only.
  • A short few sentences to describe your character that are relevant to the artwork, some imagery you’d like included, etc.
  • Your Paypal Address.
  • Your username on Tumblr/DA/etc. to refer to you on the finished piece.

Hey guys! I’ve decided to open commissions again, but this time to draw your kitties exclusively! I always seem to be in the mood to draw cats, so I can stay on top of these to earn a little extra on the side hopefully.

Some information:

  • Commissions are 20$ Each. You may add more than one cat to your picture, at an additional 15$ per character.
  • I will draw any cat or feline creature, fully colored! Whether it’s your pet kitty(s), or an OC you’ve made up, as long as it resembles a cat I will draw them! Feel free to ask for little accessories that aren’t pictured in your references, poses, or simple design backgrounds such as in my SAMPLES. Please provide image references of your critter. 
  • PayPal only! I will send an invoice once the artwork’s discussed. Payment up front please.
  • Slots will be open at no limit and indefinitely, until I no longer feel like doing them I guess!
  • You will receive a super high resolution file of your drawing! I vector the linework for these so they are very crisp, and they will also include transparent backgrounds.

Email me at, please do not message your requests through Tumblr/DA. I will be happy to take any questions through Tumblr/DA though. :)

It’s November so that means it’s Christmas right? I’ve updated my Dragon Age Christmas Mugs from last year with lighter backgrounds to make them a bit more vibrant! And Society6 is having a hell of a deal, free worldwide shipping, plus 5$ off. This is the best type of deal S6 offers so I would get on it while you still can, offer ends Nov. 8th! Follow this promotion link to activate the deal. This applies to all products in my Society6 store, not just the mugs, so have a look around!

Wanna make up for some lost hours at work! Halfbody sketches for 15$

3 Slots
Please provide your PayPal address. I will invoice you on the total that you must pay in full before I start your commission.
Contact me at ONLY
One character per commission
2 slots max per customer. 
Image references. a brief 1-3 sentences about your character wouldn’t hurt either.

WOW! 2 weeks from the convention and Weissidian and myself got bumped off the wait list. We will be in the Big Four building this year. I forgot I even signed up in the first place! I've already paid for the table so.... Hopefully my boss is cool with the short notice and I can get those days off haha hahaahhhaaa


We will be in the Big Four Upper Level at table 3104, please be sure to stop by the big our in addition to the main vending hall!

*EDIT*: Lowered price down to 25$, now includes free shipping.

Hey everyone! I’ve decided to open up a few slots for $25 traditional marker commissions due to recent car repairs that have taken a good bite out of my bank account. I’ll be starting with 3 but will open more when I finish any that I get.

Rules and Information:

  1. Payment through Paypal only. Please note that it is up to the buyer to take care of any fees that may arise in the transaction.
  2. Image references only.
  3. I must acquire your mailing address if you wish to receive your piece in the mail. Postage is free.
  4. I will draw mostly anything (I will do either Fanart or your Original Character), but if I don’t feel comfortable taking your request I will say so.
  5. Only ONE character per drawing. 

Please contact me at, do not try to message me through tumblr or deviantart if you are requesting a commission. I will however take any quick questions you might have through either. Samples are pictured above.

Upon making your request, please include - Image references, a brief description of the character, your name and mailing address, and your Tumblr or DeviantArt if you wish.

Slots (1/3)

[Owlosaurus @ Tumblr] [——] [——]

My sister Weissidian is doing some dragon age character card style commissions. They don't have to be your dragon age characters either, they can be OCs, any character. She offers these 2 styles and they look super great. Please look at all the info HERE!

$10 OFF $75 | $15 OFF $100 | $30 OFF $150 + FREE Worldwide Shipping until Midnight PST!

Society6 will be having a bunch of sales the next few days, this is tonight’s sale! I should mention that I also lost 130$ on a conventions artist table that’s non refundable and that I can’t attend due to the road conditions, so anything to help make up for that haha..
Follow THIS PROMO LINK to activate this offer! It ends on Nov. 9th! Offer excludes Framed Art Prints, Stretched Canvases and Rugs
I don't often post personal stuff on here, but today I had such a fun birthday and I had to share haha.

My dad's buddy convinced my stepmom to make a 100ft slip n' slide in the pasture at their house. Had the truck loaded up with a barrel of water & detergent, it was a ton of fun. Worth the bag of ice i'm sitting on to numb my scratched and bruised tush eheh. Gonna be a rough day at work tomorrow! Here's pics.

Hey everyone, I'll be at Animethon next weekend at table A48 with my sister Weissidian! Take note that artist alley is no longer in the multi purpose room on the main campus, but it is now at the Robbins health centre just down the street (-:

I also just received my table number for The Edmonton Expo this fall, I will be in C08, with Weissidian as well;

I hope to see some of you at either event!
Why are they free shipping? Because these are prints I currently have in stock so there is no wait time for printing! My store has also been pretty slow for traffic this month, and I am moving out soon so an extra few bucks on hand would be helpful. Feel free to check out all of my other products too!

The following are available as 10"x13" prints with free shipping:

DAI: Cassandra Pentaghast by Vaahlkult  Hellboy by Vaahlkult  DA: Morrigan by Vaahlkult  DA: Hawke by Vaahlkult  BL: Zaulian Beast by Vaahlkult  Bioshock by Vaahlkult  Loki by Vaahlkult

I have an average of about 2-3 printed for each, so the sale is while supplies last. You can find them in THIS part of my store, they'll have the green sale tag!
Added the following keychains to my Storenvy! I've been selling these at conventions for a long time and am finally selling them online.
I've now added some stickers and decals to my storenvy!

Morrigan DecalHawke Decal
There's FREE worldwide shipping on Society6 today, go check out my products if you haven't! I've added a couple new things including my Corpus and Pixel Reaper drawings that are available on a variety of products.


As for my Storenvy, I have it set up with most of my prints available, I'll be adding more when I can, and I'll also be adding more keychains and stickers when I get a chance. To see what's already available, go here.
All prints are preorder because I'll be printing things on-demand.
I can confirm that I will be at Animethon this coming August, and Edmonton Expo at the end of September. I'll update when I know where I'll be seated.

Animethon tables sold out in 3 minutes... Holy cow. I submitted my form about 30 seconds after they opened and while I signed up for 2 tables, I only managed to get one haha. I'm also going to sign up for Calgary Expo next year for sure at EdExpo, after hearing about all the cool junk that happened this year I'm bummed I didn't go.

See you guys there.
follow this link, ends tomorrow night!


I'm so mad. I lost my tablet pen, eugh.
I've been so busy this week working evening shifts at my dads shop, i havent had time for shit lately. I lost it while I was off to his place. I'm thinking it fell out of my pocket and my dog took off with it somewhere, because i tore apart my house, dads shop, and my boyfriends room looking for it. Going to have to order a new one, which won't arrive for a few weeks. I was going to dedicate tomorrow to my last commission because it's my first really free day for a while ;_;

By the way, I won't be reopening commissions after this. I'm obviously too busy to finish them in a reasonable time frame, and I also need room for a big personal project. Hate dealing with the stress of knowing I have commissions to do, too.
3 days left to rate!!!


I've submitted two designs and would appreciate your guys' support so much!! Go to the following links to rate each design;

Design 1 and Design 2