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Team Kazia Supplement Story: “SoulWhite.”
Huana Region: the stage where two conflicting rivals play in. As far as the Residents have known, the two rivals: The Ardent Cinders led by a Heatmor and Ratatta, and the Roaring Icebergs manned by an Amaura and an Aipom, have been butting heads ever since their conception. Two different Ideals, and yet none of them concede to the other. From their adventures, to their rivalry clashes, these two spun tales that would entice even the timidest Pokemon. One of them being Czar; a Charmander who had no memory of his past. Guided by only his gut feeing and the Cursed sword he calls Cino, he joins the Ardent Cinders in hopes to recover his memory. As the days and nights of both his training and his duties, he began to wonder about his past, and whether he is a good Pokemon at heart.
And if so… he wonders if he’ll ever meet with someone Who is looking for him… Or out for vengeance
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Event Stories: Asteria downtime

Event Story: The Tale of the Sea-Faring Samurai: Blue
A Samurai by trade, a Sailor at heart. This Oshawott Traveled among the seas in the vain attempt at finding his long-lost partner; Czar the Charmander. Disembarking somewhere in the Huana Region after a long journey, He scooped out the landscapes and gleaned over the residents. Just at an impasse, a small crack formed over the seemingly unbreakable wall; a faint clue over his friend’s whereabouts; a word of mouth about two guilds defending a farm from wild Diggersby. After “Pampering” the locals, he found out that in the ardent cinders, a Charmander who went by the name “Czar” assisted in that farm. Sparing no sense, Blue sought out to find his partner.
 They met before the station near Neve town and the two crossed both paths, and blades. Distraught over the fact that his friend forgot about him, The Oshawott regrouped back to his allies to form a plan. However&
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Rival Gates Event: Czar
Event Story: The Tale of the Enigmatic Flame Swordsman: Czar
So… This is Asteria City…  Czar thought to himself as he walks along the paved road. He kind of find it surprising that the city bustled with activity despite the lack of sun. He even notices that his flame tail began to faintly glow around him; lighting up the pavement a bit and noticing the various empty bottles, cluttered trash, and torn up paper. Yeesh, I must be getting used to Rift City with it’s cleanliness; this place looks like some thing out of a thug’s story… The Charmeleon thought to himself as he continues onward while keeping in mind of his surroundings. Okay Czar, this is your first time without Cino. Chin up and eyes forward. Ever since Czar evolved to a Charmeleon he relied less on Cino to fight his battles and to keep him safe. He still needs Cino’s help from time to time as despite being stronger, he wants to make sure his old partn
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Rival Gates: Job 1
1 Month after Mission 4
“Come on Cino I know you can do more than that!” Czar’s words rang on out as sounds clashing strikes began to echo out in the sunny afternoon plains. Czar stood on one side; light-footed and bouncy as he gave a small smirk over his sparring partner, a Honedge floating in mid air as it began to swing about. The Sword then began to charge forward as to aim for his abdomen. Czar chuckles at the approach and aptly dodges while going in with one of his strikes.
Cino moves out of the way in time and decides meld into Czar’s Shadow, reappearing behind him and going for a slash. “Alright but you asked for it!” A rather boyish voice came from the Honedge as he goes towards the swipe.
Czar rolled out of the way and double-backs as he uses his flame burst attack too strike at a distance. What he didn’t react do is Cino going in hard and then knocking him in the back with the hilt; the impact made him fall flat
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Rival Gates: Team Kazia
Team Alias: Kazia                   Rank: Student
 Guild Affiliation: Ardent Cinders         Date Joined:5/25/18
Guild Ranking: Basic
Funds: 0 Meobans  
Collected Stamps: (Stamps earned from Jobs and Missions go here)
Member 1: “Czar” Kaze [Shiny Charmander]
Gender:Male        Age:17
Nature:Hardy        Characteristic: Strong willed
Ability: Blaze
Move 1: Counter -With Cino in his hands he uses the honedge as both a slashing weapon and a defensive weapon for counter attakcs, not to say that he can do it with his claws, but the move is less effective if he uses the move without the sword pokemon to help him.
Move 2: Dragon Dance -His signature move. Besides using it to boost to his offense, he also uses it in a means of unconventional
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PMDU: The Radical Dreamers App
TEAM NAME: Radical Dreamers
Date Joined: 10/1/2013
Current Funds: 5 st
Inorokashi Kaze
A Child from the mists… A being of limitless potential…
Pokemon Species: Charmander [Shiny]
Nature and Characteristic: Hardy. Likes to eat alot
Gender: Male               Age: 10
Ability: Blaze
Strength: x     Agility: x
Intelligence: x      Charisma: XX
Total Points Left: 7
Type bonus: Fire +2 Charisma
Move 1: Dragon Dance
Move 2: Metal Claw
Move 3: Flame Charge
Move 4: Counter
Accessory 1:
Accessory 2:
Accessory 3:
A mercenary escorting the young child… A smooth talker with confidence in his battle ability.
Pokemon Species: Dewott
Nature and Characteristic: Bold, Capable of Taking hits
Gender: Male                Ag
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Update by Va-Dorah Update :iconva-dorah:Va-Dorah 7 33 The Odds and Ends of a Rope- M1 Rope Trials by Va-Dorah The Odds and Ends of a Rope- M1 Rope Trials :iconva-dorah:Va-Dorah 2 2 The Odds and Ends of a Rope- M1 Rope Trials by Va-Dorah The Odds and Ends of a Rope- M1 Rope Trials :iconva-dorah:Va-Dorah 4 0 The Odds and Ends of a Rope- M1 Rope Trials by Va-Dorah The Odds and Ends of a Rope- M1 Rope Trials :iconva-dorah:Va-Dorah 0 0 The Odds and Ends of a Rope- M1 Rope Trials by Va-Dorah The Odds and Ends of a Rope- M1 Rope Trials :iconva-dorah:Va-Dorah 0 2 The Odds and Ends of a Rope- M1 Rope Trials by Va-Dorah The Odds and Ends of a Rope- M1 Rope Trials :iconva-dorah:Va-Dorah 2 0 The Odds and Ends of a Rope- M1 Rope Trials by Va-Dorah The Odds and Ends of a Rope- M1 Rope Trials :iconva-dorah:Va-Dorah 1 0 The Odds and Ends of a Rope- M1 Rope Trials by Va-Dorah The Odds and Ends of a Rope- M1 Rope Trials :iconva-dorah:Va-Dorah 2 2 Legends of Avalon: Cinokashi by Va-Dorah Legends of Avalon: Cinokashi :iconva-dorah:Va-Dorah 10 18
Pokemon of Avalon: The Sellsword, now the Knight
“It’s Funny, I thought at this rate this land would be held of nothing. Next thing I know, I saw these banners of a new kingdom; asking if To assist. To be frank, I’ve seen a lot of things in my time...  Actually that’s a lie; considering I’m only 18. But I’ve seen enough see that we don’t get foreigners that much. I’m in need for some coin, and the folk look nice. Might as well join them in their escapades. who know, maybe my sword can be of use, and we can go off on an adventure to explore the world!
…Hah, who am I kidding; seems kinda far off. But hey, a Mon can dream can he?
~Words Of a Self-Proclamed “Hero of the Skies”
The Morning sun vanquished the darkness, as it’s warmth and divine rays smothered the earth with it’s welcoming warmth. The darkness of the storm has passed, and the skies above were cleared of clouds, and gloom. Because of the rain that happened last night, it was very
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Commission Masterpost! [Spot Open]
Commissions are currently open!
Commission slots;
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3. Open

  Base price: $10
  Shading: +$5
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  Effects: +$5
Examples (click to see bigger view)

  Base Price: $20
  Shading: +$5
  Color: +$5
  Effects: +$5
Examples (click to see bigger view)

Pixel animations
Simple animation - $10

  Complex animation - $15
Adopt: Winged Champion [Closed] by splendidcitrusAdopt: Heartthrob (Closed) by splendidcitrus
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CLOSED// 1000 POINTS raffle!
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Another raffle for you, dear watchers! The rules are similiar to my previous raffle-giveaways.
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3) Tag in your comment some people and friends (minimum 3, max 15)
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Winners are always chosen randomly.
Raffle ends on 15th October.
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You'll find them by Winick-Lim You'll find them :iconwinick-lim:Winick-Lim 23 0 Artist template for CCC [Meme] by Czar-Ino-Kaze Artist template for CCC [Meme] :iconczar-ino-kaze:Czar-Ino-Kaze 13 12 RQ 03 - Cino by potatotter RQ 03 - Cino :iconpotatotter:potatotter 21 8 Cino - Request by Moo-feeler Cino - Request :iconmoo-feeler:Moo-feeler 59 2 PoA: Getting serious here by Tokiball12345 PoA: Getting serious here :icontokiball12345:Tokiball12345 13 7 Charmander by MiMiDong Charmander :iconmimidong:MiMiDong 3 2 40-Story Zelda and Link building in Tokyo! by J-Skipper 40-Story Zelda and Link building in Tokyo! :iconj-skipper:J-Skipper 578 103 26-story Mario! by J-Skipper 26-story Mario! :iconj-skipper:J-Skipper 420 105 Gale Nightrider - Lochesh NPC by Galactic-Rainbow Gale Nightrider - Lochesh NPC :icongalactic-rainbow:Galactic-Rainbow 81 41 Dash the Evee by Soniclifetime Dash the Evee :iconsoniclifetime:Soniclifetime 9 20 Skyrim Monopoly Board by wasteguru Skyrim Monopoly Board :iconwasteguru:wasteguru 13 3 Lapras Sculpture by eskimogeorge Lapras Sculpture :iconeskimogeorge:eskimogeorge 9 3 I am not alone. by wolfblackwing I am not alone. :iconwolfblackwing:wolfblackwing 6 4



Team Kazia Supplement Story: “SoulWhite.”


Huana Region: the stage where two conflicting rivals play in. As far as the Residents have known, the two rivals: The Ardent Cinders led by a Heatmor and Ratatta, and the Roaring Icebergs manned by an Amaura and an Aipom, have been butting heads ever since their conception. Two different Ideals, and yet none of them concede to the other. From their adventures, to their rivalry clashes, these two spun tales that would entice even the timidest Pokemon. One of them being Czar; a Charmander who had no memory of his past. Guided by only his gut feeing and the Cursed sword he calls Cino, he joins the Ardent Cinders in hopes to recover his memory. As the days and nights of both his training and his duties, he began to wonder about his past, and whether he is a good Pokemon at heart.

And if so… he wonders if he’ll ever meet with someone Who is looking for him… Or out for vengeance…


On a rather warm afternoon in the Region, Pokemon bustle through the dirt roads and the dense forests as they began to head out to cooler pastures like the coastline or the low snowdrifts near neve City. Traveling along these dirt roads were Two Charizards; a Female with a vibrant orange skin, and a Male with a threatening, yet awesome Black scales. The pair looks on behind and sees their little caravan catching up to the pair as the Female Looks on over to the Male; a little concerned that maybe perhaps they need a break. Deciding that it is a great time to both refresh their bodies with rest and food, The duo calls them to set up camp at the next turn; leading to a riverbed that exports it’s bountiful water into the open seas.

Soon a bit after, An Aggron; holding a burlap bag the size of his torso gladly flops his bag onto the ground with a grin as he Looks on to the Male Charizard. “Phew, Glad to see you were thinking of us Kain,” The Aggron places a hand on the Charizard’s Shoulder and lets out a hearty laugh. “We may be strong mons but we ain’t as young and energetic as you two.” With a strong-sounding grunt, the Aggron opens his things and begins to set up camp.


Kain just flashes the Aggron a smile as he bent down to help the Steel Mon with Camp. “Oh you’re still young Dirk. Besides guess we had a spring in our step that we have yet to share with the troupe.” Kain replies with a chuckle; waiting for the Firepit and the caldron to be ready. “Besides… you did all the heavy lifting. I doubt Me and Rydia would be able to carry as much with ourselves.” With a big breath, Kain exhales a rather tame flame to light up the firewood. With the cooking pot readying up, the Charizard pats Dirk on the shoulder and chuckles to him.

“Heh, well while we rest up, I’ll look after the roads to see if we can line our pockets.” He says to Kain as he then faces his back to Kain, but not before having the last word. “Kain the Firesmith!, Bender of Steel and Boiler of stew. No matter the Strength or the Tenacity, The ‘Zard’s flame shall service all of Hauna!” He then laughs once more before going to help the rest of the Caravan set up.


Kain just groaned softly and places his hand on his forehead, if anyone took a good long look at his face anyone could see the Charizard’s anguish and regret; the moment he tried to make something catchy it ended up sounded a bit less than desired after hearing it from his friends. Ugh… the more I think about it, maybe I should’ve let Molly handled my Slogan…  He thought to himself. Nevertheless, Kain smiled through his regrets and pulls up a seat to prepare for Lunch. As he prepares his ingredients he couldn’t help but peer over the cooking pot to see the caravan group huddling over the Female Charizard. He waits as a chilled wind blew from the coast to the river, then what came next is the sound of various instruments as the Female Charizard began to dance in front of her spectators.


He watches her; both enticed by her movements and enamored of her natural beauty, what came next was a transparent purple glow that enveloped her body, what came next was her movements becoming more daring and profound, as if she became much more dexterous, seeing her in her natural happiness brought a warm feeling to Kain as he closed his eyes and smiled on; Reminiscing about days of old… It has been twenty years since I met you, and since then, you and me have been a inseparable pair…


I remember the time I met you; back when we were still Charmeleons. You were running away from somewhere just as I walked back from work. I remember the moment where we bumped into each other, you held my hand and dragged me somewhere. You were begging me to take you somewhere not in town, that you wish to be kidnapped. Of course, I had no idea why… But I couldn’t just leave any Pokémon that’s in a bind. That was both an adventure and a moment where I never regretted playing along with your plan. At that moment, we’ve became fast friends. Then one thing came another.

That moment on that hill underneath the Full moon, I still remember that memory vibrantly… After all, it was the moment where we let our hearts out, and we’ve become more than just close friends. What came next after… It still threw me through a loop. Who you really are, and the surprise you had for me… Kain shook his head to return to reality and looks on up to see Rydia playfully punch his shoulder with a toothy grin. 


“Don’t pretend you didn’t see Darling! I know you watched me from afar, Come on… What do you think?” Rydia Looks on over to Kain shortly as she couldn’t help but puff out her rather slim body; the result after pursuing a rather athletic hobby. There she notices Kain standing up and giving Rydia a little smirk and saying to her.


“Oh Your little dance. Well… Heh… I didn’t like it…” There he paused for a second to see Rydia’s Expression; unphased by his words. He waits for a bit for any reaction, but then was met with another voice and footsteps.


“Mister Kain, that’s not true, your emotions and your thoughts say that you loved it a lot!” Approaching the Charizard Pair was a Kirlia and an Oshawott; holding a few berries and fish caught from the riverbed. This caused Kain to be surprised and embarrassed at Rydia; who just couldn’t help but giggle at the Kirlia’s Words.


“A-Ack, Molly! Come on, I was just trying to have a little fun now with Rydia…” He exclaims before looking on to Rydia; clearly enjoying Kain’s attempt at being a little playful. He sighs a bit before looking disappointed. “Man… I can’t even have a little fun messing around.” He says to them with a small smile. Soon he was met with Rydia’s arms as she gave him a hug from behind. He perks up a tad and turns his head to see Rydia giving her a playful chuckle before smiling right back and nuzzling her chin. “D’aw, I really can stay sad with you around hun.” He says to him with a smile before looking down to Molly and the Oshawott. He moves Rydia’s arms away for now and goes to pick up the supplies the two procured from the river. “Ah, Good job you two, you certainly know your way around here.”


The Oshawott gave Kain a smile before closing his eyes and poses; emitting an aura of confidence; more on over-confidence with his skills. “Of course, Kain! It helps that you have me out there to scope out the area, with me sharp eyes and strong sense of direction I was able te get us some prime Fish for cookin!” He smiles on over to Kain as Molly rolls her eyes and lets out a giggle.


“Oh is that so… Sharp eyes and Strong sense of Direction Blue? you know that fish took more than twenty minutes to find, and when you were able to see it in the water, it went around you so fast that you couldn’t see it even if it were flopping in the shallows!” She lets out a playful tongue as she began to see the vien throbbing on the Oshawott’s head.


“Oh Haha! Very Funny Molly!” Blue; sounded quite offended, crossed his arms and looked on over to the side. “Geez, one lass sassing me is enough… now two…?” He murmurs underneath his breath, Molly picks up what he said as she giggles once again.


“That’s because she’s not here to put you in your place when you go stroking your ego and flaunting your greenhorn skills…” She laughs it up as she runs around Kain; trying to avoid an Angry Oshawott swinging around his Scallop; infused with Razor Shell. It took a bit but Kain was able to calm both down after a bit of scolding.


“That’s quite enough you two!” Kain says as he sat down and looks on over to them. “Geez, Now I can see why he said that you three are a piece of work, Man I don’t know if…” He shortly huffs out some smoke and looks on towards the two; holding back a lot now that he took a good look at them. When Kain mentioned “Him” The two of them looked rather sad and downtrodden. “…He really meant a lot to you three huh?” Kain tilts his head on over to the Duo and goes up to both Blue and Molly as he playfully pets them on their heads; ruffling their hair or fur before kneeling to their level. “Hey, It’s alright guys. I know you miss him, But not to worry Guys, I’m sure that whatever traces he left, I’m sure we’ll use that to pick up his trail. “Kain flashes them a smile as the two cheered up and nods.


“Heh, well according to the word of mouth, there seems to be a village near here. I believe it’s called Attwell. We still have quite a bit of time before sunset, why don’t you head on over there and get more than just berries and fish?” The Duo looks on over to Kain and flashes them a smile as they began to pack up and hurry off. “…And make sure to help out anyone who needs assistance! We are trying to spread the good word of our cause!” Kain yells out to them. Just as soon as he turns to Rydia, He notices that she’s having a bit of trouble carrying the utensils out for dinner. With a smile, Kain rushes over to her side and takes one of the bags and gave her a small kiss on her cheek which made Rydia giggle and coo. “Now-Now Hun. Allow me do the heavy lifting…”


In the late afternoon, Dinner was almost set up and the caravan troop were starving. Kain worked near the cooking pot as he finishes up making the stew, he gave it a test and took the ladle to taste it a tad. He delightfully hums to the taste being great and began to fill it with a bit of garnish. These ingredients are different where we come from, these are a lot fresher than I thought! He thought to himself as he begins to stir the stew now. While he continuously spins the ladle in a slow but forceful matter, he heard heavy foot steps from a distance. With each passing second the footsteps became louder and louder, by the time Kain turned around he sees a rather happy Dirk; holding a sack that jingled each time he took a step.


“Kain! Your handicraft finally Paid off! We’re set to travel again!” He yells out in happiness.


“Oh hey! that’s Great…” He was happy at seeing his hard work paid off, but at the same time he just stares on to the Aggron; looking a little annoyed, if irritated… “Wait… Excuse me…? Finally paid off? We’ve been living off my Creations for a long while… You just BARELY noticed that?” His tone shifted from happy to quite annoyed at that.”


The Aggron gave off a hearty laugh as he sets down the sack and grins on over to Kain. “Oh, come on Kain, I’m just teasing!” He pats Kain on the back… But the pat was rather strong for the Charizard as he flew a few feet before skidding across the grass. Aggron’s face turns to that of shock as he grabs some bandages from the tent and goes off to see Kain; who was recovering from the pat. “Oh gosh, Sorry Lad!” He says to Kain as he starts to place bandages where they don’t belong. The Charizard shook his head and waved his arms around to try and stop the Aggron from further bandaging him.


“T-The stew… No wait D-Dirk… The Stew…” He tries to speak out, but the bandage made it hard to do that. In a matter of seconds, he was fully covered in bandages as the Aggron became proud of his handiwork in first aid. Unfortunately, the remains of the bandages caught on to his tail flame and the bandages erupted in flames shortly. The two share an awkward stare that lasted a full minute before Kain went back to the cooking pot. “Well… Guess that sack of poke is going to some Medical Supplies… See if you can sell a bit more Dirk… Please…?” Kain; sounding a bit defeated, asks Dirk. He then sees Dirk; looking defeated as well, raises one hand before going back to his post.


After that fiasco of poor judgment in strength, Kain finally finishes up his stew and begins to pour the stew into a few bowls; setting them up for the caravan to eat and enjoy. He takes some from the pot and eats some before reaching into his own possessions he placed near his seat. With a ring of a Bell, He sees the caravan heading straight in and began to huddle near the food as if they were ready to get their grub on. With a laugh, Kain made sure to set up two bowls aside for Blue and Molly. Once making sure that everyone; present or not, gets at least one bowl, Kain extends out his head and tries to find Rydia. Just being not around at all when the dinner bell rang, raises a red flag for the Male Charizard. He stands up and begins to walk towards the riverbed; hoping he could at least find his Beloved. After walking along the river; carrying a bowl of stew, He finally sees Rydia with a fishing pole; struggling just a tad with it just trying to cast out the line.


With a relieved sigh and a warm smile, He moves on over to her side and helps her out; he places his hands-on top of hers and huddles close. Rydia looks up and sees Kain helping her as a faint blush formed on her face, then smiles as he lets him guide her hands to properly cast the line out. “Oh… thank you darling, I’ve always wanted to try to fish…” She lets out a small giggle before sitting down next to Kain; who places down the stew for them to enjoy. As they talked about miniscule events, the local gossip, and the state of the caravan. The sun began to set on their day; the vibrant blue skies turning ever redder as a rather beautiful orange hue began to cover the skies. “Oh! Would you look at the time, we should head back to camp before night fall. “Rydia says to Kain with a smile as he gets the fishing rod case. She opens the box and… doesn’t put the fishing rod back, instead she just stares into the piece of red cloth that was stuck inside. When she would pull it out, the cloth wasn’t a cloth, but a red scarf that looked frayed out. She remained silent for a long while; just looking at it and its broken condition.


Kain became a bit worried about why was Rydia taking so long with putting back the rod as he looks on to her. After looking a bit and seeing her unfold the red cloth, Kain felt her emotions; sadness, regret, and overall general sorrow. “…You know… He really loved to fish, so much that every time we would go out to the nearby lake we would just fish for hours on end… Of course… you were there with us, and while we were fishing, you were cheering us on; spending the day weaving that scarf of his. I remember him always toting around that scarf; as if it were his prized possession. I’ll never forget that look on his face when he first wore that…” He places a hand over one of her hands and gripped gently as he huddles in close to share his warmth. “Rydia, I know it wasn’t your fault. Even if it were, we were all to blame for something like that to happen to him.” He says as he wipes the tears off her face.


“…I can feel it though… He’s still out there somewhere Kain, Our little boy lost in the world. I can feel him crying out to us…” Rydia tries her best to hold back her tears as she grips the torn-up scarf, soon she could feel Both of Kain’s Claws gripping on to her own. She looks to Kain; half covered in tears as looks up to Kain; who she can feel that he’s hurting inside as well.


“I know Rydia… Our little Charmander is somewhere… We’ll find him. I swear on my honor we’ll find our little piece that makes us whole. So please Beloved… Dry your tears and let me see your smile again.” Kain says to her as then was met with an embrace from her. The two charizards hugged tightly as their tails gently coiled together. Soon she looks on over to Kain with a small smile before burying her face and snout into the Male Charizard’s chest.

Kain… You’ve been with me for so long… Helping me, supporting me, and now loving me as I loved you… Even when I fell into the darkness, you were my light guiding me to salvation. I’m glad I met you back in the past… and… I’m glad that you were the one to help me make my dream come true… I know you’ll support me to the ends of time, just how I supported you from the day we met. I too swear that we’ll find our little Charmander…  The moment the two shared though was completely interrupted by the fierce spinning of the fishing line.  The Two quickly bounced back to get the fishing rod in time as they began to reel in their catch. However, the fish was simply too much for Kain… Alone that is. With Kain buying Rydia some time, she was able to bring out dragon dance and placed her hands-on top of his as the two smiles to each other. “I got you Hun, just keep reeling!”


As the sun begins to set on the Attwell, Blue and Molly finished up assisting the townsfolk with their daily chores and were on their way to regroup at the entrance. Molly waits patiently over at the entrance of Attwell; holding supplies and a crate of goods. To pass the time, Molly sat on the crate and shakes her feet. As time began to pass again, she became slightly irritated; the growls in her stomach were the cause of her grouchiness as she slowly contemplates the notion to leave Blue. Gah… what’s taking that oshawott so long?! Molly thought to herself as she stretches out her hands.


Meanwhile back in the city, Blue was finishing up a delivery of Crops from Hemstok’s Farm to the Local tavern as he sat up and waits for his pay. “Heh, there you go mate. Heh they weren’t that bad of a carry honestly.” Blue chuckles before seeing the manager nod with a smile as well.


“Hehe! Thanks so much Blue, you wouldn’t believe the demand for these Veggies! Ever since Helmstok’s farm got raided by them bunny boys we were in trouble, High Demands with Low supplies brings about bad business y’know!” The Manager chuckles as he then faces Blue; who had a confused expression and wanted to learn more. “Oh well if you’re curious… We’ve heard that our supplier Helmstok had a bit of trouble with the Diggersby gang near Rift City. Took the effort of two city guilds to drive out them bunny boys.” The manager inspects the vegetables and deems them worthy for the dishes they’re going to serve. “Even though them Roaring Icebergs won that bout, the Ardent Cinders sure won our hearts; especially that Little Charmander.” Just hearing the species ‘Charmander’ turned Blue’s expression from curious… To shock and awe. “Even after their leader was heading over to the slammer, the Bunnelby were adamant on taking their leader back. That Charmander? Hoo-Wee that Little Lizard had heart; took them all out with nothing but his own fists! Course he was flailing about with his hands and feet… “Comedy Combat” as he calls it! Hah, I wouldn’t lie though; all that flailing did fend off those bunny boys I’ll tell you what.”


It was there that Blue looks on over to the Tavern and couldn’t help but ask. “So… the two guilds… What they be doing now?” His eyes gleamed with interest and his heart began to race. Unbeknownst to everyone, The Charmander he talked about peaked his interest a lot. “…And this Charmander… What did he look like?!”


“Eh? Well… currently as of right now, they’re setting up trade routes leading up to the old Tramstation near Neve City; north of here.” He closes his eyes and places a claw under his chin as he tries to recall the Charmander. “This Charmander… He was a shiny fellow, Green eyes as well. He also wears a red scarf; toting it around as if it meant something to him. If I were him though I would be using something a bit more… Stylish heh… what say you Bl-“He opens his eyes and sees an empty seat. “Oh why do the youngin’s always have to leave in such a hur…” He looks onto the counter and sees a smaller sack of poke. Soon his mind and his temper flared up as he pounds the desk. “Oh Dadgummit! I gave them the wrong pay!”


Blue began to ran through the streets of Attwell; carrying a rather large sack of Poke as he then sees Molly; who was angerly looking towards Blue. “There you are Blue… Sheesh, did you get lost AGAIN? I’ve been waiting here for you for the past hou-“ Before she could finish that thought, she was met with a large sake of poke as caught it; causing her to skid on the ground a bit. She then places it down and sees Blue run off again. “B-Blue?! Where you going?! What did you do?! IS THIS STOLEN?! I NEED ANSW- HEY WAIT!! BLUE!!!!” She tries to get his attention once more, but by the time she finishes up he was gone; heading north.


It can’t be… It isn’t so! He thought to himself as he rushes through the ruined path leading up to the tramline, there he traverses through the forest as he had one thought in mind; that Charmander. This will be a stretch… But if it is… IF it's him, then…


Hold on there little Charmander… I’m coming!!!

The story that supplements Team Kazia. This introduces the Two Pokemon who will be joining Czar's team, as well as two supporting NPCs of Team Kazia. If you're curious, the caravan's name is "SoulWhite" As for why they're called SoulWhite It'll be revealed later on.

This takes place after Job and Mission 1 of Team Kazia.

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:iconrival-gates: Belong to :iconsrarlight:

Event Story: The Tale of the Sea-Faring Samurai: Blue

A Samurai by trade, a Sailor at heart. This Oshawott Traveled among the seas in the vain attempt at finding his long-lost partner; Czar the Charmander. Disembarking somewhere in the Huana Region after a long journey, He scooped out the landscapes and gleaned over the residents. Just at an impasse, a small crack formed over the seemingly unbreakable wall; a faint clue over his friend’s whereabouts; a word of mouth about two guilds defending a farm from wild Diggersby. After “Pampering” the locals, he found out that in the ardent cinders, a Charmander who went by the name “Czar” assisted in that farm. Sparing no sense, Blue sought out to find his partner.

 They met before the station near Neve town and the two crossed both paths, and blades. Distraught over the fact that his friend forgot about him, The Oshawott regrouped back to his allies to form a plan. However… In the Snowy trenches of Neve, an opportunity struck the Pokemon; a recruitment form for the little Charmander’s Team. He signed up and joined Team Kazia; Without Czar’s consent that is… Soon after evolving to a Dewott and fighting alongside Czar again, He figures out that his friend is suffering from Amnesia, Blue took it upon himself to help him get his memories back, and since then he has been an invaluable partner to Czar. Like old times Blue would say. After arriving in Asteria City, the 4 went Split up to explore the town. Unfortunately for Blue he had to deal with a rough patch of delinquents; one of them stealing his pocketbook…


Event Story: The Tale of the Rebellious Princess: Molly

A Princess by everything except Title. This Ralts founded her life dull in the castle, it wasn’t then until he was met with a shiny Charmander who goes by Czar that helped her escape. Soon she felt welcoming to Czar’s little team of friends and bonded close to her playful captive. Until one day she was separated from Czar and was downtrodden over losing her closest ally. Soon after hearing from Blue about Czar’s whereabouts, she took alongside her friends and traveled to Huana Region. After a long climb with Blue to Neve City, they were able to find Czar; in critical condition, in the snowdrifts.  After healing the Charmander’s wounds, Molly wanted to go back home after finding Czar… In which Blue was against the notion. Disheartened, but looking after Czar’s happiness, she didn’t take him home.

During the mine job, Molly temporary teamed up with Czar to help find the stone. The more Czar talked, the more sadness Molly felt; as if he totally forgot about her. Soon everything happened all at once; the finding of the stone, a cave-in, and her close friend’s lost of consciousness. She disappeared; only to return and seeing nothing, she felt as if she let Czar down… However it was her worries getting to the best of her, because shortly after. Czar handed her a Recruitment form for Molly to join. His words echoed in Molly’s mind and heart as she accepted the job. After arriving in Asteria City, the 4 went Split up to explore the town. After a round of exploration, she decided it was best to return to the meeting spot. She was however distracted with the pitter patter of steps; small children hurrying over to the docks…

Event Stories: Asteria downtime
Man I really kinda wished I had just a bit more time to work with this to supplement my entry But it is focused on the one Pokemon I want to share so it's all good. Eventually I'll come back to this and fully complete them out. For now there enjoy the little preview on what I had in mind for Team Kazia's New Members.

Note: Team Kazia will be getting the "Razor Claw"

Pokemon Belongs to Nintendo, Game Freak and the Pokemon company.

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Event Story: The Tale of the Enigmatic Flame Swordsman: Czar


So… This is Asteria City…  Czar thought to himself as he walks along the paved road. He kind of find it surprising that the city bustled with activity despite the lack of sun. He even notices that his flame tail began to faintly glow around him; lighting up the pavement a bit and noticing the various empty bottles, cluttered trash, and torn up paper. Yeesh, I must be getting used to Rift City with it’s cleanliness; this place looks like some thing out of a thug’s story… The Charmeleon thought to himself as he continues onward while keeping in mind of his surroundings. Okay Czar, this is your first time without Cino. Chin up and eyes forward. Ever since Czar evolved to a Charmeleon he relied less on Cino to fight his battles and to keep him safe. He still needs Cino’s help from time to time as despite being stronger, he wants to make sure his old partner was there as well to keep him safe. During the trip he decided that his team should go split up for a bit and enjoy the sights; leaving each and everyone to their own devices. He trusts that they can hold their own in battle… but as a leader he still worries about their safety.


Once after taking a good look around the city, Czar took some time to rest his feet by taking refuge on a stone bench at the side of a park. The Spiraling heights of the Trees, and the overabundant colors of the City lights almost placed Czar in a sensory overload so he needed time to just relax and collect his thoughts a tad. While he sat and regained composure, he looks on over to the City streets and see a group of Kids running around with decorated goods and expensive toys while seeing another group walking towards the dock with innertubes and floaters. Just seeing the kids being themselves and having fun puts a warm smile on his face. Heh… I bet their having the time of their lives right now. Still though… I wonder what I was like as a kid, Heh… I bet I was a Rambunctious little guy with a sense of adventure. He closed his eyes and began to attempt to recall any more memories. He took a long hard while to try and remember his past but ended up straining himself a tad as nothing came into mind, He only recalls his Parents, his friends, and his move set but nothing else. Not wanting to Invoke a headache he stops and opens his eyes. He lets out a disappointed sigh and just slumps onto his bench; unaware that he slid off and sat on the floor. It’s no good… I can’t remember anything still, Only those dear to me and my combat skills.


Seeing that he sat on the floor causes him to blink a bit and shake off the funk. With a small chuckle he stood up once more and overlooks his Charmeleon claws. He proceeds to perk up a bit more as to try and cheer him up. Heh, I shouldn’t sulk, I mean I did get this far. Growing from a Charmander with no memories or combat skills to a hardboiled Charmeleon with trusted friends, I have grown a lot back then and I’ll keep on going, til I realize my goal! He curls his claws up to fists and pounds them together before raising one and roaring with energy. After gaining a fragment of self-awareness, he found out that he began to attract unwanted attention from those around him. Seeing this causes him to blush out of embarrassment as he sheepishly grinned and sat back down on the bench. He twiddled his claw thumbs a bit before looking at one of the red lights and traces it from beginning to end. Heh… But yeah, I should keep on going, Molly and Blue are counting on me to do my best, and I know Cino wants to see me with my memories restored. Still though… I did wish I knew more than just tactics and combat, Like I know somewhere in my repressed recollections I had a hobby or two that doesn’t involve sparring or dancing…


While Czar began to think once more, a delicious smelling aroma; that of cooked fish, began to travel along the Asterias air current and moves through the city streets. Citizens were talking among themselves about the smell and what was searing. Eventually the rich aroma reaches out to the park Czar currently is and began to entice Czar. He smells it a bit as his mouth began to water a bit. Soon he heard grumblings of his stomach come in afterwards which gave him a light laugh. That’s right, I haven’t eaten much ever since I got here. I think some grub should help boost my spirits, I hope they have some meat as an entrée! He forms a grin on his face before getting off of the stone bench and began to chase the Aroma to the source.


After hopping through the back alleys and the seeding dark corners of the trees, Czar eventually makes it to the origin of the Smell: A restaurant that seems to be preparing for the Dinner service. Coming in from the back, he overlooks one of the windows and sees the chefs preparing like crazy, He notices the Professionals yelling obscenities while the newly hired staff; Some of them being Roaring Icebergs, and the kitchen in disarray. Seeing this gave him the urge to come in and help as a part of him began to drag him into the kitchen. I got to help them out! …But let’s not be too hasty Czar, got to follow standard procedure… He thought to himself as he jumps onto the top of the wall opposite of the restaurant and the roof of the restaurant. After running on top he touches ground at the front and began to look at the inside. It was quite spacious for a restaurant, perhaps too spacious to his liking. It was there that he notices the restaurant splitting into two different groups; one red and one blue. Putting two and two together, he figures out that this is meant for the arrival of the Ardent Cinders and the Roaring Icebergs. Figuring it out places a big smile on Czar’s Face. Oh baby, we’ll be eating good tonight! He began to savor what delicious foods that they’ll be having, and the stories to share among friends. Then a realization kicked in as his expression turns to worry.


Wait… If that’s the case then that’s a lot of pokemon they’ll be having to serve, and the way things are going on in the kitchen… The Ardent Cinders and Roaring Icebergs are having a tough time as it is. If nothing changes then this could get worse from here… He mulls over a bit as he then remembers why he came here other than the delicious smell of cooked food. Hm, I gotta help somehow! He psyches himself up as he opens the door to the restaurant, before he could even say anything he looks up and sees a bell ringing, probably used to announce an arrival.  He decides to take a step forward, just as he was approached by a chef; a Farfetch’d with a Chef’s hat, who began to push him out.


“I’m sorry sir, but we’re closed for the day! We have important guests coming after all!” He says to Czar as tries his best to commit to his duties. At first, he tries to grab his shoulder to pull him out, but the chef couldn’t make him lose balance, then his arm. Seeing that he’s not producing any results he then tries to push him out. All in the while Czar just looks as the Chef and just tilts his head. He made a mental note of how dedicated he is to the job, and how heavier he is upon evolution. The Farfetch’d began to grunt heavily as his talons gripped the floor so not for him to lose balance. “Sir! We’re closed! Try the food stalls around the plaza if you want food! He can just imagine the chef fuming with rage as he then sees the Chef backing up to go for a charge. Just as soon as the chef barges in for a rush down, Czar side steps out of the way; holding the door open as to make sure the farfetch’d didn’t collide with the glass door. With a small chuckle, he gives the Farfetch’d a chance to catch his air before he begins to respond.


“I know, you’re preparing dinner for the Ardent Cinders and the Roaring Icebergs.” He says to him with a smile as he helps up the Farfetch’d, He then fixes his scarf a bit to show the chef the Ardent Cinders logo emblazed on his scarf. He then couldn’t help but pose a bit as he uses his claw thumb to point to himself. “My name’s Czar of the Ardent Cinders. I’m the leader of Team Kazia and I want to help your team cook for us.” He says with a smile as he then sees the Farfetch’d’s eyes sparkle a bit as he takes Czar’s hand and tries his to pull him into the kitchen. All he did was sigh and chuckle before walking with the Chef into the Kitchen.


After exchanging greetings with the teams, he hears about what they’re going to serve. At first, they’ll have a variety of appetizers; going from a simple chips and artichoke dip to something more complex like Bruschetta Rolls. Then their entrée list will consist of everything Seafood, Czar then took a gander all the types of fish they had: Hm… Tuna, Shrimp, ooh catfish too? Czar nods on over the selection of fish they have. He closes his eyes and began to formulate dishes in his head. Upon doing that however something sparked within him once more, the same feeling he had whenever Czar was fighting against someone, remembering the faces of his friends, and the time he danced. He slips into his thoughts and began to recall a fuzzy memory; one where he was alone in a kitchen as he prepares food for the day. He remembers how he handles food and which is fresh and wish spoiled. He also recollects his specialty on meat dishes; more specifically dishes from the orient. But most of all, he remembers packing lunch and offering it to his comrades before setting off on a mission and seeing their faces of joy. One of them being a Charizard, and the other still a faint outline of a Pokémon. When he came to, his eyes open wide at the revelation.


Whoa?! Was that me as a cook? Did I cook back then? He mulls over the memory a bit before looking around the kitchen; seeing that it’s nicely stocked as well as ready for additional stock to arrive. He sees the Chef working on his famous stew, swirling it around with his leek to provide it with a bit more flavor. “Excuse me, sous Chef?” Czar approaches him with a curious expression. “I was wondering, since your supply is good, Can I use a halibut? I want to show them what dishes I can make.” He sees the chef looking towards Czar and nods with a smile. This both puts Czar at ease and at the same time excited. Czar went towards a counter to pick up two knives and a halibut. He scraps them together before cutting the Halibut down. First, he cuts it into sizable pieces; some for searing, and the other parts to make sushi out of. The Chef watches Czar in anticipation as he cuts the fish. He looks on to Czar shortly after making that cut with a nod; impressed at his cutting. After setting out his plates of his creations, he began to work on a fun little dish. He took shrimp, crab meat, and some dried seaweed and puts them on the side while getting out the garnish and spices. While he does all this, the chef brought out a pen and paper to jot down the ingredients he used, the garnishes he tops the dish with, and the steps on accomplishing it.


What came to be minutes later was a cake-like sushi dish with rice; decorated with peeled shrimp, stacked with Sea weed, more rice filled with crab meat, one more layer of sea weed and rice. As soon as he finishes up, he has a bit more fish and rice to spare. For fun he decides to make use of the left overs. What the chef notices is that he made little sushi snowmen; using wasabi as a makeshift beret and cut up baby carrots for the nose. With wet hands, the Charmeleon then gently places the snowmen on the sushi cake to top it off. Once he finishes up, Czar sighs out of relief and nods at his work. He lets it sink in for a moment to examine his work; confirming his thought and becoming more excited. No way, I can cook?! This is great! I remember how to cook! He couldn’t help but smile and short hop in the air out of excitement. He calms down a bit after noticing the chef looking at Czar’s work.


“I must say Czar, you are quite the culinary expert! Your technique is impressive, and your presentation is spot on, are you an aspiring chef?” The Chef asks as he takes a bit of the sushi cake for a taste, the flavors didn’t clash at all, but rather mixes together for a rich tasting meal of protein and bran. After taking a few more bites and taking a feel of the texture, he became sold on the recipe and gulps it down eagerly. “O-Oh my, Czar, this is delicious! Is it okay if I can take the recipe for myself?”


 He looks on over to Czar with stars in his eyes. At first, he wanted to agree wholeheartedly, but became quite partial to the way his dishes were made; especially the sushi cake. I mean, It’ll be an honor! But the preparation isn’t well worth it, I just kind of did that out of fun and to test my skills. Oh I know!” He cracks a smile to him before nodding. “I will of course… on a couple of conditions.” It looks to him with a smile before beginning to lay out his conditions. “the Sushi Cake will take a great amount of effort and time, but if you think my cooking’s delicious, I’d say we should only make two and offer them to the guild leaders. ” He crossed his arms a bit before grinning. “My other Condition, for just this night, let me be your executive chef!” He says to the Chef. He took a bit for him to think about it. Soon he came to an agreement and nods as he shook Czar’s Hand.


An hour passes by with Czar preparing the kitchen and eyeing the kitchen black board, a sense of nervousness chilled Czar’s spine for a moment. He’ll admit that he’s slightly nervous since this is the guild’s dinner and with it his cooking will be judged among peers and higher-ups, at one hand if he would do a good job that would score Team Kazia a bit of recognition; something he secretly wants for a good while. On the other hand, if he were to mess up, it would be all on him since he’s the head chef. Nevertheless, he closes his eyes and begins to focus; putting his mind at ease and channeling Dragon Dance to help him with his duties. As focuses a bit more, a voice calls out to him. Before he knew it he felt something attach onto his back, a feeling that felt very familiar to Czar.


“Finally found you Czar!” Cino calls out to him as it causes Czar to open his eyes and look behind him. Seeing a rather familiar face he couldn’t help but smile and nod towards Cino. “Hehe, I gotta say, Asteria City’s larger than I thought; But at least you’re okay, that’s what matters.” He says to Czar before looking around his surroundings, a fully stocked kitchen with fellow guild members going through the recipes and talking to among themselves. “Oh! Is this for the Dinner party? I can see the Ardent Cinders and Roaring Iceburgs are a little nervous.” Cino looks towards his partner, who was shaking off the nervous edge by moving about with short hops and head stretches.


“We’re all nervous, I mean we are cooking for the guild and the guild leaders, one wrong move and we might poison them, after all cooking is indeed a careful process.” He relaxes a bit after talking to Cino and pulls him out with a smile. “Can you help me see through this job Cino?” After a few seconds of pondering, Cino’s Eye gem turns to that of an excited expression as to show he’s in. “Heh… I knew I can count on you buddy, you’ll be my assistant chef and personal cutter!” He says to him before placing him back on the sheath. He turns around shortly and sees the farfetch’d chef approaching.


“We’ll be ready to cook on your convenience head chef. He replies to Czar as he was then approached by the helpers; both Ardent Cinders and Roaring Icebergs. It was at this point he needed to be firm about one things. “Alright gang, tonight we will be cooking for the two guilds. I know you guys have your rivalries and such, but in this hour, I need you guys to put your differences aside for now and work with me to provide a great dinner service not just for your friends and fellow guild members, but for the guild leaders too.” He says to them before looking at them bluntly.  “and don’t you dare sabotage the dishes to make your team look good! If I see acts of foul play I will have to punish you, that includes you Ardent Cinders! just because we’re in the same team doesn’t mean I can cut you guys some slack. Don’t you dare try to pull a fast one either! I have eyes in this kitchen, and behind my back!” He looks on over to Cino; who’s eye gem looks like he’s going to suck the life out of someone. “Is that clear Gang” He eyes each one of the helpers as they began to nod. “Good. Now then, let’s get cooking!” He raises up one arm to rally them up. He sees them going with them as they began to man the stations.


Okay, First things first, the Appetizers. I think a hearty harvest salad should do the trick. Czar thought to himself as he began to jot down the ingredients for the appetizing dish he has in mind, he makes some room to have the others put down their own recipes. “If you guys have anything you want to serve, don’t be afraid to put it up in the board now!” He says to his team with a smile as he moves down to the stove; seeing that it’s prepped with fire wood and an iron skillet. With a smile Czar passes the stone and ignites the stove with a swift flick with his tail flame, as if lighting a match, he also heard someone asking if they can light up the BBQ spit he’s manning to bring about some grilled meats. “I got it friend!” Czar says out loud as he slides across and flicks his tail once more to start the grill. Stooping in front one of the crates from Helmstok’s farm, he pulls out a variety of green veggies, strawberries and other berries as he plants them down at his station and proceeds to prepare the harvest salad. He brought out the veggies out for a toss and puts the berries at the side. With one hand he puts the veggies in a bowl to clean and toss while with another hand, he held strawberries. With a smile he tosses the strawberries in the air and looks on to Cino. “Cino, Cut the Strawberries please!” He says with a smile on his face


He sees Cino shadow sneak out of his back and sheath and began to float in the air. He made two cuts in the air and slices the straw berries in half as Czar then takes the bowl filled with veggies and uses it to catch the strawberries before placing back at the table. “Nicely cut partner!” He says to him with a smile. As he tops it with sliced oran berry and cheese crumbles. He looks on over to one of his team who made three appetizers; one of them being the harvest salad, compared to his one. It looked good to Czar.  When he looks on over to the blackboard, he sees the list being filled quite a bit with two more appetizers. Ooh, someone is fancy with their menus: Risotto, Salad, and Chips & Dip.  He can totally see the menu coming together as he decides to work on one of the appetizers, that is until one of the helpers came in with a huge tuna, the poor mon looks overwhelmed by it as it was big for his size.


“I have to tuna ready!” The Pokemon yells out as he ran into the kitchen. However, the poor mon tripped and caused the tuna to fly right out of his hands! Everyone just looks on over to the flying tuna as it flops in the air. Poor Farfetch’d saw this and his heart sank down to his stomach. “No! Not the tuna! That’s expensive!!!” He exclaims as he felt himself lose vision, and then he felt himself hit the floor. The chefs look on to the sous Chef and noticed that he passed out due to the shock of what’s going on in the kitchen.


While everyone just watched in shock, Czar gave off a small smirk and nods to Cino in which he nods back and shadow sneaks back into his hands. “Everyone, this is no time to panic!” He says to everyone as he dashes towards the area where the fish will land. First he kicks it back up in the air where it hang in the air for a couple of seconds. Before it could begin its descent down, Czar took a step back and used Cino as a knife to cut away at the tuna as much as possible. The Fish hung in the air for a bit after Czar attacked the fish and touched the ground, with a few seconds to spare, Czar then looks on over to Cino once more and smirks a tad. “You’re up Cino, Magnet rise and keep balance!” He says as he tosses out metal plates on to Cino.


“Got it chef!” Cino replies with a small chuckle. He flips around so that he sees the tuna, about roughly a second later, the Fish was then cut into various pieces; some thick and some thin. After polarizing the Metal plates to attach themselves on to Cino, he then proceeds to catch the fish pieces. He had a helper pokemon guide him as well as carrying another plate in case Cino misses. While getting the tuna pieces and setting them on the table, Czar puts a line down in the black board to make columns, this time he marks one of the columns as “entrée” Since he had to react on a quirky moment. Soon he places down two item menus: Sushi and Sashimi. To the best of his abilities he drew on what the dishes look like. With some success, he was able to convey the dishes.


“Right! There should be more Tuna on the way, so for now let’s focus on making sushi and sashimi!” Czar goads them with a smile as he pulls out the dried seaweed package. With a group close by he demonstrates on how to make sushi. First, he showed them the traditional way: he took some sushi rice, and one of the tuna slices and places them together with his hands. Then as a means of presentation, Czar takes one of the seaweed paper and slices it carefully before wrapping the thin line around the Sushi. “…And that’s it really, you don’t have wrap the seaweed around, but if you want to do it just have steady hands.” He cracks a smile and sees his team nodding, he even sees one perfectly copies Czar’s example in which he became impressed. “And Sashimi is basically thinly cut fish… That’s it.” He says with a smile before breaking the team to work on entrees now.


As time goes on, the kitchen began to operate like clockwork; entrees are being prepared and chilled for the dinner, the pokemon began to come up with more dishes while the chefs toiled in their work to create said dishes. Czar over looks one of the dishes that caught his eye; a simple bowl that was filled with thinly sliced beef and onions sitting on top of rice. He tilts his head and looks on over to the bowl and couldn’t help but ask. “excuse me good mon, what is that dish?” He looks to Czar and with a smile, but just as before he could say anything else…


“Chef!” A Slurpuff approaches Czar and hops onto the table, “Please allow me to handle Desserts! You’ve been working hard.” He offers to take over for the desserts in which the Charmeleon nods with a small smile. “Thank you, Chef! Cino told me to ask you because it looks like you need a break, He’ll be helping me with the dessert, we’re planning to have Ice cream with various toppings.” He says before having a miscevious grin. Czar overlooks the restaurant outside and Sees Cino floating in the middle while one side held various berries and treats while the other were holding bowls. All Czar could see is the Slurpuff running outside with him yelling out to Cino. “Alright Sous Chef, ready when you are!”


Cino dances a bit out of excitement. First, he sets things up by doing one slash in the air. Once he did that, a protective barrier covers the restaurant, the walls, and the pokemon who will be caught in the way of what’s to come. Next he does another slash in the air as the pokemon sees Cino shedding off some excess steel and becoming much more nimble. “Okay, here goes!” Cino says out to them as he readies up for what’s to come. First, he aligns himself evenly in the air and then process to become parallel to the ground. Then he starts to spin, at first there was a wind-up, but thanks to Autotomize he began to pick up speed until he became that of a slicing circle, like that of an airborne blender.


Once Cino became ready, The Slurpuff winds up his fist a bit before raising it in the air as he then yells out. “Pull!!!” Soon Pokémon began to throw berries, fruit, and treats onto the Honedge. Whenever they contacted the blade food cuts it down bit by bit. Fruit Juices, Berry Juices, and Treat particles began to splatter across the street and the ground, however thanks to Wide guard, the restaurant, and the vicinity around the eatery didn’t became stained with food particles. As Cino continues to slice, the pokemon began to scramble around to try and grab the toppings that began to fall on them like raindrops. The onlookers from outside watched the chaos sprang from outside of the restaurant as they wonder what’s going on. Nevertheless, they were intrigued by the madness.


Czar just watches from the inside as a sense of regret and worry began to fill his mind. Perhaps the Charmeleon should’ve asked what they were going to do and supervised their actions. Despite their interesting actions, they’re getting the job done and that’s all that matters so far. He looks on to the clock and notices that it’s an hour until the meet up for dinner time. “Heh, I’m sorry. But I need to go clean up and prepare more dishes in case of emergency. I hope that I can get that recipe from you before we convene for the night!” He says to the mon with a smile as he goes and cleans up for the night. As he goes and cleans up and check the stocks for later, he began to hear a cry coming from outside of the restaurant. He goes outside to investigate the crying. To his surprise, he sees a lone sneasel; balled up and crying as if it was scared out of it’s mind.


Poor thing…  he thought to himself at first, but once after he has gotten a good look at the Sneasel, Czar notices the band wrapped around the Pokémon’s arm, and noticing the color and the brief outline of the Ardent Cinders. H-Huh? Wait that Sneasel’s part of the Ardent Cinders! Czar became surprised afterwards. He tries to approach the Sneasel but then stops for a moment as the doubt began to set in. Wait, Is she? I haven’t seen her before… then again, I doubt anyone ever seen me before. But still! that Sneasel could be just any Pokémon in Asteria City asking for money. He mulls it on over for a few seconds, but each passing second, his gut feeling, and instincts pointed him to trying to help the Pokémon. …No, Ardent Cinders or not, that Pokémon needs help, and I promised Team Kazia that I will do what I can to help any mon in need. Eventually the Charmeleon approaches the Sneasel as he began to speak up.


“Um… hello, do you need help?” Czar asks the Sneasel in a calm and kind voice. He wanted to make sure that he tries his best to not sound so rough. He kneels to the Pokémon and shows the Sneasel the Imprint of the Ardent Cinders. “It’s okay, I’m with the Ardent Cinders, My name is Czar of Team Kazia. Did you get separated from your partner?” Czar then notices the Sneasel look towards the Charmeleon; staring at him blankly at first with no dialogue. The air began to fill an awkward silence as Czar waits for an answer. As he waits, doubt began to pour into his mind; now becoming worried that he might’ve stepped over his boundaries or said the wrong things. He was going to say something else but Cino reappeared behind Czar’s back as he was delighted with the results.


“Czar! Everything’s good to go!” Cino says to him with a smile before looking towards the scared Sneasel; who once again was curled up back to a ball. Czar sees that his efforts reversed upon Cino returning to Czar as he sighed. “Oh… Did something happen” Cino asks the mon with a curious expression. Cino can see the Charmeleon nod to Cino as he began to explain.


“I heard crying over at the back of the restaurant and I came to investigate. I found that this Sneasel’s been lonely and saddened over something, I tried to ask to see what was wrong, but I didn’t get a response.” He says to the mon before sighing a bit and slumping his shoulders. “I kind worry a bit as I think I might’ve been too coarse…” The two then sees the Seasel shaking his head a tad before stopping; raising the confusion a bit more over to Czar. Hm… I just wish she could speak to me. I’m not a bad mon really! Sure maybe almost killed a Diggersby, almost caused a cave in, and ate some apples, but I’m not a bad mon! He continues to mull over facts, but not before seeing Cino perk up a bit with a nod.


“Oh! I think I know who this is!” Cino says over to Czar as the Chameleon’s expression turn to curiosity as he wanted to know more so he could help this Sneasel. “While I was traversing the City with Shadow Sneak, I heard another Sneasel calling out for her sister. She sounded worried, so I made a note of it before I continued looking for you guys. I believe the name she called out for was… Kara?”


That alone causes the Sneasel to break out of her funk and stands up. She still didn’t say much, but she became slightly complicit. Czar makes a not of this and looks on to Cino with a smile as he goes and asks him. “Hey Cino, go check up on Blue or Molly, will you? I’ll go help reunite these two. I’m sure that Kara’s sister is still around the City.” He says to him as he sees Cino’s expression change to an agreeing one. Soon he molds into Czar’s Shadow and begins to travel along the City’s shadows once more. He then looks on over to the Sneasel with a calm and friendly smile before adding on. “Okay then Kara, let’s go find your sister… Oh! But before that, I bet you’re hungry.” With a chuckle, Czar takes a step inside the Restaurant quickly and takes a minute or two before coming back right out; holding an Ice Cream Cone made from MooMoo Milk. “Heh, I was going to have this later; more specifically the milk, but I think I’ll be okay. Do you want it-


Before Czar could even finish his sentence, Czar just blinked once and notices the Ice Cream gone from his hands. He looks on over to Kara; whose worry melted away thanks to the Ice Cream as she has a rather childish and cute expression. Czar couldn’t help but smile warmly over the Pokemon’s quiet, but quirky attitude and with it, he takes Kara and places her on his shoulders for her to sit on. He made sure to hold on to her feet before adding on. “Okay Kara, just point if you see your Sister ok?” He says with a cheerful tone as he wanders around the city again; this time to reunite a lost team.

Hm... I wonder what are the others are doing right now...?

Rival Gates Event: Czar
This is my entry for the event that's going on in Rival Gates, and perhaps one I will be submitting to be judged. I decided that the event should flesh out a bit more on Czar's Character than telling an actual story. As a result I kind of had fun writing a simple thing based around cooking and hilarious hi-jinks that seems to follow him around. I decided not to get an award for doing the cooking segment because I'm actually working on two more things revolving Czar's new members. One of those will nab the reward. which one? All will be revealed in time. Till then though.

The Following is a fan-based Work. Pokemon, PMD, and other spin-offs are owned by Game Freak, Nintendo, Creatures, Satoshi Tajiri, and Ken Sugimori. Please support the official release

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1 Month after Mission 4


“Come on Cino I know you can do more than that!” Czar’s words rang on out as sounds clashing strikes began to echo out in the sunny afternoon plains. Czar stood on one side; light-footed and bouncy as he gave a small smirk over his sparring partner, a Honedge floating in mid air as it began to swing about. The Sword then began to charge forward as to aim for his abdomen. Czar chuckles at the approach and aptly dodges while going in with one of his strikes.

Cino moves out of the way in time and decides meld into Czar’s Shadow, reappearing behind him and going for a slash. “Alright but you asked for it!” A rather boyish voice came from the Honedge as he goes towards the swipe.

Czar rolled out of the way and double-backs as he uses his flame burst attack too strike at a distance. What he didn’t react do is Cino going in hard and then knocking him in the back with the hilt; the impact made him fall flat first. Soon he stops moving and begins to chuckle. “So how did I do?” He asks as he waits for a response from Czar.

“Heh, For someone who has gained sentience not too long ago, you’re shaping up quite well, your ability in utility is improving as well,” Czar says to him as he got up. He fixes himself and stretches before rubbing the back of his head. “You’re getting there Cino, but let’s stop and take a break for now.” He says with a smile.”

“Really? But I want to do a bit more with you! I want to be able to stand by you and be there for you in your time of need! I-“He kept on flailing around until suddenly he froze and crashes back to the ground; clattering about as Czar moves next to him and places him on his back.

“Heh, I know you want to be helpful to me Cino, but you’ve just only been able to move freely as a ghost Pokémon and nothing more yet as your spirit needs to develop more.” He looks at Cino’s eye and gave him a look of confidence.  “Like I said, you’re getting there, but no need to rush things, training is important for you to be able to hold your own solo but taking the time to rest is also important.”


Cino looks back towards him and shows a happy expression with his one eye. “Well… Okay Czar. Besides It looks like it’s getting late. I kinda want to go back home and try to sharpen up, will you help me with that?” Cino asks Czar in which he replies with a chuckle and a nod. The two basked in the warm glow of the afternoon sun before returning to rift City. Along the way, Czar and Cino passes by Wren’s Farm, he took a moment to look around and notices that things have returned to normal. Helmstok sees the duo and greets them. They were told that one of the laborers couldn’t make it because of illness and he must get the order in by nightfall. He didn’t want to go into town, so he reluctantly asks the two of them to help out with the yield.


As they went on about their talk Cino felt like he knew Helmstok, at least at an acquaintance level, as he mulls over the thought of when he exactly met Wren before. Just as Czar began to tend to the crops Cino asks his partner. “That Helmstok Fellow… I felt like I’ve met him before do you know him Czar?”


“The Farmer? Well, Yes as a matter of fact.” He replies as he pulls out one crop and places it onto the crate. “He was our first Requester. A Gang consisting of Bunnelbys lead by a Diggersby raided his farm and caused a ruckus. The Guilds dispatched us on a job to take them out. Needless to say it was a good first job, unfortunately the Other guild; the Roaring Icebergs, came out on top. I didn’t really care who won or not, just a matter of fact that in the end we were able to save a farm and the city from a bad food shortage.” Czar begins to tend another crop as he finishes up his story.


“Oh? Then how come I don’t remember being in that job? Didn’t we enlist in the Ardent Cinders together?” Cino became even more curious now at Czar’s story. Not that he didn’t believe him, in fact he wants to know how long Czar has been working for the Ardent Cinders. Czar looks towards Cino and replies just as he sets down a crate.

“Because you were still dormant back then; you weren’t as… lively as before; relegated as a means to protect me as I didn’t know how to fight as much yet…” He closes his eyes and reminisces about the past. “I never expected to be dispatched so soon, just days after our entrance…” Czar notices himself rambling on as he chuckles to Cino. “Oh sorry, didn’t mean to think back for a minute… unless you’re curious on what went down on our first job.”


“Are you kidding?! I would like to know what happened!” Cino’s voice turned to that of wonder and curiosity, as he got a chuckle coming out of Czar.


“Okay okay… It’s a doozy of a story, so you better pay attention.” Czar looks on over to the stack of crates that the helpers put in and sees the work dying down a tad, so he figures that this is a good time to tell him what happened.

“Well for starters, Helmstok came over to the city for help, lately he has been dealing with Bunnelby stealing his crops and shooing them away, but one day a rather nasty Diggersby came to his farm and gave ‘ol Helmstok a run of his Meos. So, with the task from the Mayor, the guilds dispatched out on a job to help Helmstok. I still remember the emotions I felt when I was walking up that hill with the others; nervous, determined, but most of all excited…


Job 1: A Tactician in the Making


“Oi! Quit lollygagging will ya? We’re almost at the Farm!” Helmstok wasn’t in the brightest of moods as Czar could visibly imagine the steam that began to escape from where ever he has ear holes at. He looked behind and sees the group going up the hill at three-forths the speed Czar and Helmstok was going at. Czar looks on over to Hemstok with concern as perhaps he was pushing it,

“Um… Helmstok sir, aren’t you just being a little rough? I mean, they’re going as fast as they can. Look I know your farm is important but can you just…” He stops mid-sentence as he notices that he is getting a angry stare at the Excadrill.

“Hoo boy… I’ll never forget a face like that, it was as if Arceus was staring down at me and judging me for my mistakes and everytime he would bring about one, a part of me would die. I didn’t know Helmstok at the time, so I honestly felt I made a mistake. So like most cowards did and retreated back a bit.”

“You wanna run that by me again… boy?” he says to Czar in a low, yet still angry sounding tone that even shook Czar to the core, all he sees him shaking his head and nervously sweating. All he did was nod towards him before walking forward.


Wren passes Czar shortly as he took a good look at him, Poor mon looks as if he’s scared stiff. Seeing him like that causes Wren to worry even more; looking around to see if he has heard anything. He then tries to get the poor mon back to his senses. “H-Hey… this is no time for cold feet…”


Czar then snaps back and takes a deep breath to relax himself. He shakes his head and feels the nervousness melt away. “Oh man, thanks for that… Wren, right?” Czar asks him in which he sees the Ratatta nod. He continues with him as he looks to see a farmland forming in the horizons. “So, to clarify, we have to get Diggersby’s gang out of the farmland and into custody, right?” Czar can see Wren shake a tad, but nods in agreement. Poor fella must be nervous… honestly, I’m nervous too, but I can’t let that affect the Job. I’m sure it’ll be fine.


Eventually they made it up to the farm, and to Czar’s dismay it looked quite a wreck. He didn’t know Helmstok’s ways to work a farm, nor had the need to inquire unless he wants to try his luck on not angering him. He trusts that he keeps his farm good and running; chalking the blame up to the Bunnelby gang and the Diggersby Leader for causing such a mess. From ravaged crops to broken crates of half-eaten yields. The carnage left a bad taste in Czar’s mouth and he knew that he needs to help. By the time he readies to charge in, the other guild did it for him by charging on right though; causing him to stop and be dumbfounded for a bit.


“It was surprising on how gung-ho they were as a team! Kinda makes me regret not signing up for the Roaring Icebergs as they had fire in their eyes. But I still stand firm on my decision. Despite being a cheap scarf, the red scarf I chose has guided me out of various situations. Not to mention it brought back a few memories, although fuzzy memories but hey that’s all that matters to me really. Anyways this was my first introduction of the leaders of the feuding Guilds: Jay and Numi…”


“Czar, Over here please.” Czar looks behind him to see Numi and Wren discussing plans with the other Pokemon, seeing that this is his first romp into the mix he took the time to get a look of his leader, he hasn’t seen a Heatmor before, then again it could just be due to a lack of memory that’s causing that thought. Still he makes another note of the leaders and joins up with them. They began to discuss about various options and ways to get them out of there. Numi suggests her team to use intimidation to drive them out of the farm, but Czar wasn’t thoroughly convinced.


“That’ll be the objective, any questions?” Numi asks everyone. She did a quick headcount on who’s here and then looks on over to Czar, who was in deep thought. “Something the matter little Charmander?” Numi looks towards Czar with crossed arms.


“Little Charmander… It was around at the time that I’ve just been introduced to the guild, just merely a few days after getting used to life in Rift City and making a few friends, I haven’t really introduced myself to the guild yet and I was kinda shy about speaking up, but I knew in my heart that just looking scary isn’t going to cut it, so I did what I had to do.”


“Call me Pessimistic, but what if the Diggersby doesn’t fall for the intimidation? Then there’s no choice but to fight and we risk losing the farm in the conflict if we don’t have a backup plan, we need a bit more information…” He says as he looks to Helmstok. “Helmstok, wouldn’t you happen to have a map of the farm? I feel that we’ll have a better chance at this if we have the layout at the ready.” He tries to put in a brave face, but he is deathly afraid that he might’ve set him off. All he sees is just him going off to get the layout of the farm. He sighs a bit out of relief before looking onto Numi. “The way I see it, there’s always a chance that a plan can go wrong. So, I see it that we shouldn’t just try to convince the Diggersby to stop, but also include keeping losses to a minimum. Not to say that we couldn’t use intimidation.”


Soon enough the Excadrill came back with the farm layout and gives it to Numi. “Here, I hope you know what’re doin boy, if things go down south with your little plan, it’s all on your head…” He grunted as he crossed his arms once more. Czar nods over to Numi and gets the floor plan and spreads it right out. He notices that the layout has been reworked numerous times; keeping in mind on the age of the farm and how Helmstok’s dedicated to his farm. He also notices a few buildings around the farm; some of them with the message: “To Replace”


“I don’t know the other team that well and what they’re doing, but one thing’s for sure. If the fight gets moved to the major part of the farm, then the victory will be pointless.” He points out as he then eyes the path way leading towards the buildings. “What If we suggest a divide and conquer strategy? If what Helmstok suggests and that this is nothing more than Feral Bunnelby then I’m sure we can get their attention easily.” Czar begins to think about it more before eyeing Helmstok a bit more; his confidence in his plan fills him with courage. “Helmstok I noticed that in your farm layout you’re expanding, and that you’re going to tear down the buildings, is it alright if we can use one of your dilapidated buildings?”


“It was crazy, I yammered on tactfully about my plan, it felt so surreal seeing my hand freely, yet cunningly point out possible paths, marking potential buildings, and critically thinking about the objective. Quite frankly I still feel that way, it was as if a part of me awakened to help me get my plan out. Now of course I’m not going to toot my horn and say that it’s fool proof, like most well thought out plans, anything can go wrong and always expect it so, not to mention I always had that feeling that someone won’t be on board, mostly because of my status as a new Pokemon…”


As Czar went on, Numi envisions the plan in her head. Soon enough she looks towards Czar; seeking clarification. “The way I see it, you want to lower the numbers of the wildcard; the Bunnelby gang that are currently wreaking havoc at the farm, and you’ll do so by luring them into one of the buildings, and from there you’ll say that you’ll need a team to keep them tied up while we deal with the Diggersby.” She then faces Czar with a furrowed expression. “And I suppose that you have a plan for subduing the Diggersby?”
Numi felt that he has something going on but wasn’t thoroughly convinced and needs more.


“The Diggersby is the leader of the gang, right? So why is he doing this? Not just for retaliation, but because he needs to take care of those who follow him.  What I’m getting at is that we’ll do the intimidation, but double down and show that if you dare mess Helmstok, you mess with us, we’ll do that with the power of wit, and how we’ll do that is-


“…Holding the Bunnelby gang hostage to further boost our intimidation…” Numi finishes Czar’s thought and looks towards Czar with a blank stare. “…It’s a rather barbaric plan honestly and I have my qualms about your tactics Charmander…” She furrows her gaze a bit more before easing a bit; seeing the tiny flame in his eyes growing bigger.


“At that moment I knew there wasn’t going back, as I felt like I was overstepping boundaries because I was new, however… seeing her ease off, I thought I was going to get chewed out for endorsing Hostage taking but seeing her be compliant with my idea threw me off a bit. Seeing that furrowed gaze she had on me, I seldom forget that expression. However, I might be crazy for thinking of it, but I felt like I gained her trust a bit.”

“But I can see that you have people of Rift City in mind by minimalizing damage to the farms so that there would be less time fixing the damaged farmland.” Her gaze softens a bit more before looking at the team. “As long as the job is done, it doesn’t matter how you approach this, just don’t kill them okay?” She then looks on over to the ardent cinders as she nods. “if you have better plans I suggest you put them to use right now, otherwise you can always go with the Little Charmander’s idea. Now move out and let’s show them snowflakes how it’s done.”

“The Plan was set in motion, I had a few Pokémon with me to carry out the plan. I had the scary looking dark and ghost Pokémon hiding in one of the building, while I made sure to guide the Bunnelby’s to the area. It took a while though, but I thought about how I’m able to get them to the ambush spot. It was also at that time when the plan needed a bit of a… recalculation.”

Czar looks on outwards and notices the Bunnelby messing around with the farm equipment and digging around the newly developed farmland, He overlooks the area near the main farm and notices something off. The Diggersby leader is there, but not the Roaring Icebergs, Hm… Where are the Roaring Icebergs? I thought they would be attacking the leader, I bet they must be caught up with the Bunnelby. At this rate he’s going to find out what happened with his gang. I better get the rest of his gang into the ambush point… Czar then notices a Bunnelby carrying a crate with his flappy ears, on it, the crate had a stamp on it as well as a drawing of a vegetable. A plan soon forms inside Czar’s Head as he had his right hand on the hilt of Cino. This will be one of our many encounters we will fight partner. Lend me your strength!


Czar then boldly charges in and ambushes the Bunnelby. Taking out Cino, he flips the Honedge to where his swings invoke a blunt blow and slaps the Bunnelby with force. The crate then flies up in the air and lands in Czar’s hand. He turns it around and sees it open as he shook his head; “First you ruin the fiends now your eating the crops? Have they no shame?!” He says to them as he places Cino back into his sheath; from what he’ll be doing next, he won’t need him. “I’m looking at you Bunnelbys, as long as I’m around, I’ll make sure you never get these…” Czar then pulls out one produce from the crate… and was internally horrified.


“Now I know what you’re thinking Cino, what was in that box that had almost broke me? I’ll be honest with you, I don’t have a problem with the produce now but back then I wasn’t a fan of it for some reason, as if it brought back bad memories. Maybe it’s because somewhere in my memory I grew a large disdain of it, hence why I reacted as such. But that leafy green look, and what I had to do to get their attention. Well… sometimes you got to make tough decisions for the sake of the duty…”

C…Cabbages? Of all things, why Cabbages?! Czar took a good look at the cabbage and was about to break, but then shook it off as he needs to goad them into following him. “Y-Yeah That’s right! As long as I’m here you’re never going to get these Cabbages!”  Czar then takes the cabbage and stuffs it inside his mouth; keeping a brave face but had to fight an internal struggle. Come on Czar, this is for the sake of the job! He chewed it up and grinded it with his teeth before gently swallowing it down. He shook his head and gave off a toothy grin. “Yeah… That’s right, what are you going to do now bun-buns?!”  He says to them; seeing their reaction. They look rather angry; especially the one that Czar ambushed. In a fit of rage, the remnants of the Bunnelby Gang began to chase them down. Heh… That surely ticked them off! He says to them as he runs off to the ambush point with the crate.


He took the off path leading to the outskirts of the farm as to minimalize farm destruction. He looks behind him just as he jumped over the farm fence and sees the rest of the Bunnelbys going after him. Alright looks like it’s the last of the bunch. He thought to himself as he hurries back to the front of the farm to head towards the ambush point. It didn’t take the gang long to catch up and try to snag the producfrom Czar though as they attack the Lizard Mon from all sides. Czar being quite the nimble Pokémon dodged, dipped, dived, and redirected their attacks. From Zig-Zagging to Jumping to even countering a leap attempt from one of the Bunnelby by throwing the crate at them to knock them out of the leap.


“I wouldn’t be lying when I would say that I was quite nervous having to be the bait for the last of the gang. But everyone did their part, so I had to do mine. As for how I was able to fend them off long enough to head back towards the ambush point? Well, I didn’t realize it at first, but a part of me did wake up that day; the need to complete the job in anyway possible, as a result I unknowingly activated one of my Moves, which move is that you may ask? Heh… Well that’s a story for another time. But for now, Where was I… Oh yeah, I was able to get back to the ambush point just as everyone else gathered the rest of the gang.”


Arriving back at the ambush point with the produce, Czar threw it inside the building and sees his share of the gang heading right on in. “Now!” Czar yells out and sure enough he sees the barn close its doors entirely; hearing the commotion going on inside, he knew his allies were putting work in with subduing the lesser part of the gang. Then all is quiet, and everything went according to plan. He sees Wren scurrying out of the barn as he looks towards Czar, with a nod he looks back and asks him: “Has the Intimidation Team did their part?” He asks Wren in which he gave a nod. “Oh, that’s Good, right now we just got to find the Diggersby and we can get the Intimidation plan goin-“ Just as he was about to finish his sentence, the Diggersby took Czar by his ear hands and threw him out of the Farm with him running in Tow. All he could hear from that were Wren’s Cry of concern and the Diggersby’s roar of anger.


Landing hard into the ground, Czar had a bit of trouble getting up, by the time he could retaliate though the Diggersby grabs Czar with his ear hands and begins to hold him tightly. From the feral growls and grunts of him, he could confirm that he’s wondering where his gang is. All Czar did was chuckle as he then looks towards the Diggersby; trying to get in the air to speak. “H-heh… you’re looking for your gang… well… g…uess what… hah… w-…we’ve got them l…locked up as punishment… You see Diggersby… by messing what mon’s farm… you’ve messed with the Beedrill’s nest… H-Heh… G-Gah?!” Soon he could feel his back slam against the ground hard as he let out a yelp of pain, Then what he saw next was an eclipse, and the one blocking it was the Diggersby; going in to flatten the Lizard Mon with the bounce attack. Seeing that his life is on the line, Adrenaline began to flow in Czar as he then recovers quickly and dodges out of the way in time.


“H-Heh… You missed…” He snakingly remarks; coughing loudly to regain his composure. With a roar, he notices the Diggersby readying up for battle as he enters a stance. With a gulp, Czar stood his ground and exhales sharply.


“There were things I could’ve done differently, I could’ve ran back to the farm and ask for the help of others, I could’ve goaded him back to Helmstok for a 2 on 1 fight, I could’ve also went to the ambush point for better help as well as Rift city for the police to help me. But for some reason… at that moment, I thought to myself: ‘Czar, you have to fight! You can’t just end up running away and have other Pokémon help your problems, what if there’s no one to help you fight? What if you’re alone against the unknown dangers? Would I be strong enough to fend them off? Or would my journey end right there due to my inability to hold my own. In the end, I did what I had to do, and what I did was…”


Czar slowly grabs Cino’s hilt and proceeds to hold it in two hands. He spread his legs out to compensate for the weight of Cino and holds it steady around his middle abdomen. If I keep running off, I’ll never become strong enough to defend those I care about. Alright Diggersby, you’ve dragged both of us into your fight, now we’re going to settle things right here, right now! “It’s do or die now! Have at you!” Czar charges inward with no intention to back down despite not knowing what moves he has. This is it… I’m relying on you Cino, help me see through this fight!


The fight started with the Diggersby going in with Hammer arm to try and smash Czar to the ground, Czar notices him reeling back for a bit before seeing one of his ear hands curled up to a fist and using the force and momentum to swing it down hard. Czar notices the wind-up time of the move and back-peddles out of the way before jumping on to his ear arm and jumping off to deliver a slash towards his cheek before landing on the ground. Using the Diggersby’s reaction of being slashed, he then hops in to deliver two more slash attacks on to his furry belly before withdrawing to not get caught up in the attacks. Looking up he notices the cuts he made began to glow a bit before glowing brightly and explode; causing him to reel back in pain. He notes the strange phenomenon as how would slash attacks with a Honedge work as.  He didn’t let the observation deter the battle at hand as he continues to fight on.


“For some reason, all the attacks I’ve done to the Diggersby felt natural, as if I fought something before, call it repressed memories coming back to me, but I let my instincts guide my attacks, and while I was in complete awe of my movements, a part of me felt… rather scared. yes, I attacked with the force of a Garchomp and the speed of a Sceptile. But… the way I did my attacks, I’ve must’ve done a lot of battles in my past… and I bet I ether must’ve attacked innocents or did worse. To this day I still wonder if I’ve hurt anyone innocent by the way I approach battle… We and the Diggersby went back and forth for a while, I was trying to waste time for either the Roaring Icebergs or the Ardent Cinders to come. Soon the climax came, and it was there that despite my combat prowess… I still had a long way to go…”


Czar began to pant heavily as the fight began to take a toll on his body. He could feel the sting of his cuts and bruises push against his will to fight, the feeling of exhaustion adding in to his weight, and the weakening sensation he has on his body blurring his vision. He can see the Diggersby starting to tire out as well, with all the slashes Czar did on his body, Soon Czar can see him roar loudly and bull-rushing Czar. At that point he tried to move but felt the strain of combat starting to affect his strength. He tried to move forward but almost fell; using Cino to help him stay up. C-Come on Czar, if you don’t do anything It’s over! You didn’t join the Ardent Cinders to find a swift end, Get up and Fight! His mind yells out, but his body didn’t react. Just then, that voice he heard back at that stormy night rang out to him again.  Only it sounded… concerned, if not worried for Czar.

Friend… Don’t give up… I’ll protect you!  It cried out.

Soon Czar felt a sudden surge of energy flow into his tiny body as he stood up once more. At that moment, it felt as if Time began to slow. What he saw next was a foggy memory, but it he can see a Pokemon; wielding a Honedge, holding the blade back-handed style and doing a spin just as an enemy came up to him, then with the momentum he had, he delivers a strong horizontal slash and made the enemy faint. That move… It looked like a counter…  He thought to himself. Soon he realizes what he must do and once he felt time returning to normal. He did the exact movement of his vision. Soon all he sees is the Diggersby roar out in immense pain as a large glowing gash formed on his side and explodes; causing a cut to open on one of his side. The resulting injury caused the Diggersby to lose control of his movements and slid across the field, in which Czar notices the Bunny Mon not moving.  Is… Is it over? Did I accidently kill him?” Czar approaches the non-moving Diggersby with extreme caution. When he took a good look, the Diggersby suddenly Whips back into shape and goes for a sneaky hammer arm attack once more!

Czar was able to block the attack in time with Cino, but the sudden attack causes the Honedge to escape Czar’s grasp as it impales the ground near the farm. N-No! He thought out to himself as he tries to run to get the Honedge. He held on to his left arm as the sudden attack caused it to dislocate, he’s even wonder how he is still able to run, let alone fight! The Diggersby then proceeds to use Bounce; not to land on Czar, but the ground near him. The impact made once he lands back made the ground shake, and with it made Czar lose balance. He is close to Cino though as he tries to reach out to him. However, all he heard was the cry of victory over towards the Diggersby as it began to walk towards Czar, in which he turns around. He just sat there as the fear began to settle in. Once he got close, all he could see is the Diggersby go in to grab him, in which causes Czar to close his eyes…


“It was some scary stuff I tell you; it was as if I was watching some sort of horror scene or the end of some tragic action fight scene where the protagonist is close to meeting his end. Life didn’t flash before my eyes unfortunately, like I had anything to recall anyways. But it was thanks to a certain someone rushing in to save my life, I was quite surprised who it was… and you would be surprised as well. Heh… Do you want to know? Okay… I’ll tell you, get ready Cino: The One who saved me…”


…What Czar head next was grunts of panic and worry. When he opened his eyes, what he saw was Cino; out of desperation, clinging on the diggersby’s hand arm; looking very scary, at that time that voice spoke once again, this time it sounded desperate and angry.

You… Stop hurting my friend! STOP IT RIGHT NOW!!!

Seeing the Honedge crying out for his friend sent shivers down Czar’s Spine. For a moment out of desperation, Czar notices that Cino attained Sentience long enough to save him. However, he notices that things were taking a darker turn, he hears the Diggersby crying out of fear, and yelling out of pain, and on top of all, the Diggersby looks like it’s slowly losing the will to fight. Czar clearly remembers Numi’s request not to kill anyone, and with that he began to fear that Cino may end up doing so. Gritting his teeth and using his right arm to get back up, Czar then cries out to Cino.

“Cino! Stop please, don’t kill him!” He pleads with the sword Pokémon; not wanting to fail the mission.

But… He hurt you… He almost killed you, HE MUST PAY!!

His fears came to light, the Honedge still has the power to drain the life force out of those who touches his hilt. There he began to fear that if he were to intervene, he would have his life drained as well. As he just watches the events unfold, voices began to echo in his head; his own voice, they were all over the place; talking to children, adults, authority, even his friends and parents. One thing linked them together however: The courage to stay loyal to his beliefs, and most important the mission. Using the words to boost his courage, Czar desperately runs towards Cino and forces it off the Diggersby.

What came next was excruciating pain and discomfort as he felt his own lifeforce being drained, however that sensation stopped immediately as Cino realizes what it is doing to his friend. Czar looks over to the Honedge once peace settles in; seeing that it lays dormant once more.  The next thing he did is inspect the Diggersby. Thankfully it’s still alive, but the act of feeling his life force and his sense of self being drained away by a cursed sword must have scarred him as he just sees him twitching out of fear.

“Cino… you saved me once again, but you almost cost us the mission. I know you mean well… but please… don’t do that again…” He says to himself as he sat down next to the Diggersby; basking into the glow of the setting sun as he waits for everyone to come back…  


“I did that! TO YOU?!” Cino says to Czar out of worry and sadness as the eye began to well up in tears. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to cause you that much grief. I… I did what I had to do, I wanted to protect a friend, but all I ended up was hurting you…” Cino replies; sounding sad.


“Hey now it’s alright Cino. Like I said, it was around the time where you have yet to gain sentience, well… Full sentience at least, you did what you felt was right. I just merely helped you understand that sometimes, even doing the right thing can be wrong.” Czar says to Cino with a smile. He can see Cino calming down and nodding in agreement as he relaxes a bit more. “Besides you’ve improved as time went by, and sooner or later you became your own mon, and that’s what matters.” He rubs Cino’s gem eye as he see it transform into a happy expression.

 “In the end the job did turn out to be a successful one, as for where was Helmstok at the time? Well turns out he was helping the Roaring Icebergs fight. He was quite impressed at how they did things that he put in a good word for them to the Mayor. In the end they ended up on an expedition to the ivory forest while we dealt with the cleanup. I’d say it wasn’t too bad, In the end I did get to know Helmstok and Wren a bit more and made friends with the little guy. As for Helmstok I’d say he… tolerates me a bit more.”  Czar chuckles to Cino.

“Oi! Czar, got ‘de yield ready to go? I need your help with the next farm patch!” Helmstok calls out to Czar; sounding a little less angry than he remembers.

“Okay Helmstok I’ll be right over there!” he says to him as he hurries on over to the next farmland… only to regret the decision for what met his eyes were rows and rows of cabbages. “…You can’t be serious right…?” Czar looks on over to Helmstok, who was smirking with his arms crossed.

“What? And you think I still haven’t forgotten the cabbage you ate?” He says to him as he pats him on the back. “Come on kiddo, time’s a wastin!” He laughs it off as he walks away.

Czar just stood there in awkward silence, just eyeing the sea of cabbages he would have to pull away.

Aw…. Why me…?

Rival Gates: Job 1
From Job 1 to Mission 4, the story will be told in Non-chronological order, seeing that we can do past missions and get rewarded I thought it would be nice to try a different approach of story telling, To summarize it all, Every past mission will be Czar or someone else telling a story to Cino about the events leading up to his sentience. Moments where the Storyteller talks will be formatted as such "StoryTeller"

Anywho this is the first job for :iconrival-gates:

I'll admit, it has been awhile since I've done writing like this and it's certainy rougher than sandpaper, but I hope you give it a read and enjoy it.

And as always:
The following is a Fan-Based Work, Pokemon belongs to Game Freak, Nintendo, and Creatures, please support the official release.

Team Alias: Kazia                   Rank: Student

 Guild Affiliation: Ardent Cinders         Date Joined:5/25/18

Guild Ranking: Basic

Funds: 0 Meobans  

Collected Stamps: (Stamps earned from Jobs and Missions go here)


Member 1: “Czar” Kaze [Shiny Charmander]
Gender:Male        Age:17


Nature:Hardy        Characteristic: Strong willed

Ability: Blaze


Move 1: Counter -With Cino in his hands he uses the honedge as both a slashing weapon and a defensive weapon for counter attakcs, not to say that he can do it with his claws, but the move is less effective if he uses the move without the sword pokemon to help him.

Move 2: Dragon Dance -His signature move. Besides using it to boost to his offense, he also uses it in a means of unconventional combat; using his movements and body to both break dance and attack with his moves.

Move 3: Dragon Rush- His Only offensive move. An all-or-nothing attack that is the least accurate of his moveset offset by an immense power. If charged up before hand with Dragon Dance…

Move 4: Flame Burst -His only Ranged Move. A Fireball attack that bursts upon impact, depending on the situation he can either fire it as a standard burst, in small bursts that he can use on the move, or a powerful burst that requires concentration.


(Use “~” to indicate a TM or Tutor Move)


Uniform Accessory: Cheap Scarf
Item 1:
Item 2:
Item 3:
Description: A Standard Shiny Charmander with Green Eyes and a lighter colored belly. Other than the standard uniform of a cheap scarf, he hasn’t been seen toting anything else recently, when asked why he would still wear his uniform outside of work, he would reply the scarf reminded him of a familiar memory

Brief Bio: A Shiny Charmander who woke up on an empty beach with nothing more than a name and bits and pieces of his memory. He was taken in by a Kangaskhan who told him a bit about the region and pointed him towards the direction of a place where he can get a home while he finds a way to recover fragments of his memories. With hope in his heart and spring in his step, He sets off towards Rift City to reclaim what was lost.

Job 1:
Czar has a rather disdain outlook on Cabbages, He has gotten better as time passes but a part of him still doesn't like it to this day. Nevertheless it doesn't let the cabbages or anything negative in the matter to deter him from his duties. Despite still not being able to hold his own in battle, Czar has shown himself to have a knack for tactics. During his battle with the Diggersby, Czar recalled a memory. That memory showed him the move Counter and as a result, recovered the Counter move from repressed Memory.



Member 2: Cino [Honedge]

Gender: Male?       Age: Unknown

Nature: Docile           Characteristic: Often dozes off

Ability:No Guard

Move 1: Autotomize- Normally Cino can be too heavy for others, in the case someone it trusts needs the pokemon’s aid, but can’t wield it, Cino sheds a bit of itself. Reducing its strength and endurance, but drastically making it lighter and easier to swing.

Move 2: Shadow Sneak- A Rather Cunning Move, as long as Cino stays within 10 feet of its target the Sword disappears from it’s location and delivers a flanking attack or a flanking feint for either Czar’s Dragon Rush or Any other Pokemon’s attack. It’s also used a utility move; using it to travel stealthy; connecting from each shadow and then appearing at a pokemon’s time of need.

Move 3: ~Magnet Rise: A Utility Move Czar had thought up of, Since Cino's Size is bigger than Czar, he had the idea of riding the sword Pokemon. With Magnet Rise and a bit of momentum, he can ride Cino like he's a hover-board; Both to avoid ground based attacks and a means of transportation. With the sheathe on he can safely have other small pokemon ride on him, with the sheathe off the move transforms into an offensive attack. By using the momentum he can guide Cino towards the enemy and either go in for a stab or a graze.

Move 4: Wide Guard -Drawing from Czar’s Soul, Cino utilizes his desires to protect by casting out a defensive barrier to protect him and his allies from All-Encompassing attacks like surf or earthquake.

(Use “~” to indicate a TM or Tutor Move)

Uniform Accessory: Plain Tie

Item 1:

Item 2:

Item 3:

Description: A Dulled Honedge with the blue cloth ripped out. With a bit of maintenance Czar sharpened the blade to make It look presentable and used the red tie he got from joining the Ardent Cinders to graph an imitation cloth that was ripped from the pommel. He has still yet to fully sharpen the blade to its former self; fearing that one day it will turn on him and drain his life force. When he holds Cino, he grips the pokemon with two hands. When needed to block he holds it with one hand and places his other hand on the blade. The size of the pokemon is rather big; at least bigger than Czar. theoretically he and other pokemon Czar's size can ride it...

Brief Bio: It was rumored that Honedge were cursed blades that drain the life out of Pokémon, due to this a group of Pokémon ambushed one and ripped the cloth into pieces before casting it away somewhere where it laid in stasis for a long time, Until out of self defense, Czar came across the blade Pokémon and withdrew it to protect himself. Wondering who it was, it possessed Czar and over took his actions while looking into his soul. Once Czar came to, he was holding the blade. He knew that it was cursed, but at the same time the blade did save him at his time of need. Taking a risk, Czar took the Blade with him and dubbed it “Cino”, and they became Inseparable partners, at least with Czar because Despite it all though, it has yet to gain sentience. However It has called Czar a friend...

Job 1:
Cino temporarily gained sentience to save Czar's life in the Diggersby battle. However it hasn't fully comprehend when to show mercy or to just neutralize threats. As a result Czar had to step in and intervene for the sake of the job, with enough effort he was able to get Cino off of the Diggersby, but as a result had a bit of his life force drained. amid to Czar though, that part of him will shape up future interactions for Cino on his path to Sentience...

Team Inventory

Current: None

Used: TM slip x1

Written Test

How it all came to be…

Dusk began to fall upon the region of Huana as the gray overcast that graced the region began to turn Blue. While the sun began to set behind the clouds, the wildlands and the forests began to struggle to stay still as wind stirs across the land, the residents knew what was coming: Rain, a Fire Pokémon’s nemesis and a grass Pokémon’s ally. Readying for the oncoming rain to come, the Residence holed themselves up nice and comfy in their homes, some bundled against the warm fire while some gazed out their windows; wondering the storm will end. Amid it all, they weren’t aware that in the luscious forests and the rolling green plains, a lone Charmander is running for his life in the cruel weather; tired, confused, but most of all scared…

I knew I should’ve waited for conditions to improve before leaving her home…
Czar thought to himself as the Charmander braced against the cold wind and the little droplets of water landing on his head. With each stride he would look behind him to try and see if it was not too late to turn back and stay with his caretaker for the night. To his dismay all he saw was nothing but fog behind him; fog that formed from the crashing waves on the beach he was rescued from. Gritting his teeth, he grunts out of slight annoyance and frustration as he kept going forward; blaming himself for being so impatient.

As Darkness sets down the winds began to subside for a bit, however what replaced the winds were Rainfall; crashing down on the land as if the clouds can’t sustain their weight. This didn’t Deter Czar though as he kept on going; looking around and only seeing the orange hue around him that emanated from his tail flame; cutting through the darkness, and a rise of steam that came from the rain hitting his tail flame. It wasn’t before long until he managed to find respite under a grand oak tree.

Deciding to wait out the storm, he took a few moments to collect his thoughts as he began to think things for a spell as rests. So, this area I’m in, it’s called Hauna…? And the town she mentioned, Rift City eh? He investigated his soaked body and his wet claws before shaking off the wetness. Wanting to confirm his suspicions he peers into his palms; letting the thought soak in.

So… I am a Charmander as the Kangaskhan told me. The thought of it sounds familiar, yet… Why don’t I remember anything? He huddled in close and kept by the fire emanating from his tail, the warm glow dried him up a tad and stabilized his body temperature a bit before curling up to rest.  

Just how did I end up here anyways? So many questions that have yet to be answered… Heh… I should probably stop with this train of thought, I’m going nowhere with just asking questions. Maybe I’ll find the answers over at Rift City… Yeah… He tries hard to tell himself he’ll find answers in the city, but just the lingering thought of his situation left him restless, it didn’t help that the conditions worsen with each passing half-hour; thunder striking against the plains and scorching the plains by leaving its devastating mark… as well as feeling unease that someone was stalking him.

He uncurled and stood up as he took an offensive stance. “W-Who’s there?!” He demanded as he hoped that his stance, voice, and his ferocity would fend off his pursuers. This is bad… I can’t fight like this, not especially when I can’t recall any moves! D-Do I even have any Pokémon moves in the first place?! Occupied by the questions and thoughts in his mind, he was approached by a three-mon team consisting of Midnight Lycanrocs. They began to circle the Charmander with their dark-piercing eyes keeping track of the Lizard Pokémon. With a laugh from one of them, the first one charged straight towards Czar!

G-Gah! If I can’t fight I’ll just Run for it! He waits for the right time to move as he hunches down. Just as before he would be struck with a head-butt attack, Czar jumped on the charging Lycanrocs back and kicked off him; the force of the kick caused him to collide against the tree. Just as the team went to check up on one of it’s members, Czar vanished into the darkness. But even then, he knew that he would just be trailed by the steam formed from the rain hitting the tail flame.

Czar ran as much as he could; dodging the attacks his pursuers would do and giving them the slip each time one would lunge, he desperately tries to lose them in the forest and plains but to no avail as his light did combat the darkness, but it brought attention to the horrors that would try to snuff it out. Eventually he became to tired to the point where he tripped on accident, By the time he would stand up one of the Lycanrocs came up and struck him from the back; sending him flying towards one of the trees and slamming against it hard.

G-Gah! He screamed out in pain just as he landed from the impact. In time he slowly stood up and held on to his left arm; upon touching the ground he landed on it hard. “No… S-Stop please… Don’t make me hurt you…” Once again, he let his words do the talking as the Lycanrocs approached him; toothy grins formed on three of them. In fear, Czar backed away until he felt a rock formation on his back, and on the rock was a Honedge embedded in the stone. A Honedge?! It looks dormant… Maybe I can use that to fight back… he grabs the sword Pokémon and goes in to grab the hilt, only to stop as he felt his heart rate increase. W-Wait! What am I doing?! This is a Honedge! If it goes wrong, It will drain the life out of me!

Looking back, the Lycanrocs looked battle ready as they lined up in a formation to strike Czar down. He closed his eyes and began to take a deep breath; affirming his resolve by pulling a huge gamble. I don’t have a choice, it’s either I go out as a Predator or Prey! In a desperation attempt with his emotions getting the best of him, he pulls out the Honedge from it's sheathe and held it in his right hand. Soon he points the tip towards the Lycanrocs as he threatens them one last time. “I-I’m warning you! Stay back right now! O-r… Or…”  

Before he could even finish his sentence, he starts to feel his senses dulling and his vision darkening. All he saw was his eyes enveloped in a magenta glow before his sight wanes. He tries to move forward but all he could do is descend in what it feels to be an endless shaft spiraling downwards. It felt like hours passed and he hasn’t seen the floor appear or the ceiling disappear, as if he felt like his falling ceased and is now in suspended animation; trapped in darkness as whoever instrumented this is doing who knows what on his body.

In a desperate plea Czar cries out on anyone to listen but was only met with the walls of the bottomless pit turning into a singular eye; the eye that was on the Honedge only… it looked not as dangerous, but curious about its victim.  “Who… are you…?” Czar asks the eye. Then silence fills the air; the silence that’s so profound that he could barely hear his heart beat. Then, a voice breaks the silence as light fill the chamber. Just as his vison returns to normal all he sees is the team running away; wounded but still alive. He shook his head to regain his senses and just looks down at the Honedge.

This Honedge… not only it saved my life, but he spoke to me? He jumps over the rock; unaware that it’s a drop and that he hurt himself in the fall and notices a small cave. Seeing it as a perfect reprieve for the rain, Czar hide within the entrance and takes a breath of relief. He took the time to recollect his thoughts and look on to the Honedge. He stood up and walked in a bit further into the cave and sees a perfect spot to plant the sword back.

He gazes the spot carefully and hovers over the spot and sets the sword up in a downward stab to plant the sword back. However, with each passing second, thoughts, second guesses, and even worries began to plant his mind. At the peak of the stab the thoughts became louder as he became more hesitant; closing his eyes to clear his mind. Eventually he stopped and doubled back towards the wall; slumping down back to a seating position.  

I can’t do it… I don’t know this world, or the dangers that prowl in the darkness. On top with no memories, I don’t know what I can do to defend myself, at least I know how to threateningly swing things around though… He sighs to himself as he listens to the patter of raindrops and the thunderous cries of the clouds.  Maybe I should take care of it, if I treat it nice and right, maybe it’ll be grateful enough to be my first friend.  He digs around for some stones and scrapes it against the Sword Pokémon; sharpening it up before feeling too tired to do so. Throwing the rock away, he blankly stares at the dimly lit cave ceiling as he felt his eyelids becoming heavy. Eventually the sounds of calming rain soothe his worries as he falls into a comfy sleep; remembering the words the voice told him upon breaking his trance.

Hello…. Friend.  


The Formation of Team Kazia


Well… I’m finally here in Rift Town… Czar took a rather long stroll around town to get a bearing of his new surroundings, he’ll admit that for a town modeled after the yesteryears of time, it felt rather… too authentic for the Charmander, but the new locale didn’t intimidate him as much, in fact it felt interesting and breathtaking for the small Pokemon. After making a right down at a dead-end path, he notices the heaven-piercing building; the skyscraper.


So, I guess that’s the building, the folks here told me that I should meet up with the mayor before I do anything else here. It looks like it’s going to be quite the climb… just looking on how high it is made Czar’s head spin. Nevertheless, he takes a deep breath before pressing onward. Passing through the double doors and taking the corridor that leads to the stairwell, Czar began on what his honest opinion: the most Arduous climb ever of meeting the mayor. Nearly halfway he started to slow his pace as he could feel his body aching from the climb.

After what he considered to be several flights of will-testing stairs, Czar finally made it on top; feeling winded after that, Okay… After this I need to find a place to start getting in shape and training… He sat on the top steps for a moment to catch his breath as he wants to look at his best for the Mayor. Once after stretching to get the tiredness out of his systems, he perks up and goes up to the Mayor’s office.

Top Floor, Mayor Izel’s Office… Czar took a moment to memorize the name and proceeds to knock on the door, however the slightest tap of the door caused it to slowly swing on open, as if the door wasn’t closed all the way. Peeking out of curiosity, All Czar notice is the mountain of paper work that seems to be conquering the room, and amid the piles of busy work, a Sewaddle leaps and hops between the stacks to try and organize them all.  

…Is that the Mayor? Such dedication… He waits for the Sewaddle to notice him, he ganders around the sections of the office not drowning in paper and notices a flier; no, not a flier, but a community board with a large section dedicated to the two guilds: The Roaring Icebergs, and The Ardent Cinders, at first he chuckles at the names for being so dramatic, but then nods with a smile.

I should join one of the groups, it seems that they’re always looking for newcomers, and I do need a place to stay as well as give back to the community. Who knows? Maybe someone can recognize me and help me find my memories, okay it’s settled! He perked up a bit and chuckled. “Alright Ardents you better ready because Czar’s Making a Dramatic entry!” He couldn’t help but pose and emphasize on the last part of his sentence, all he heard next was a panic as he notices papers flying about,

“Oh Jeez! I’m so sorry!” He looks on over the startled Sewaddle and the pile of paper falling apart. To make amends he picks up the paper and puts them in order before looking towards the Sewaddle. The Sewaddle looks back towards Czar and greeted him with a short silence before a shy smile emerges from the bug Pokémon’s face

 “Oh hello, hi! U-um, can I help you with something?” He asks Czar as he scuttles a bit to maintain a respectable distance. Czar nods to him and begins to explain.

“Ah yes, you see I’ve recently came to this town after traveling on foot for a while. I’ve been meaning to find a place to stay, until I recently discovered a recruitment flier for the guilds to have. I would like to join one of them if that is alright. What came next was the Sewaddle’s smile; a smile that would defrost a froslass’s heart.

 “Of course, of course! Uh, have a seat, I’ll be just a moment.” The Sweaddle responds by looking through a stack of papers. Czar did what the Sewaddle asks of him and proceeds to sit down; setting aside his Honedge Partner at an empty chair next to him. He tries to attempt some small talk to get to know the little guy a little more. “So um… Mayor Izel, I can see that you’re quite the busy pokemon with all the paper work, I like that; proves to me you really care for your city.

Once he gets the establishing paper work he hears his words and tilts his head for a bit before smiling once more. “Oh, thank you very much, but I’m not Mayor Izel, I’m just her assistant, My name's Butter. What are your names?”

Hearing that caused Czar to blush out of embarrassment. “O-Oh, I’m sorry… Anyways… My name? um… My name is Czar, and my partner… His name is Cino. He looks over at the Honedge with a smile. Hm… I guess he isn’t prone to wreak havoc on the innocent, maybe it’s a good little haunted weapon… I hope it is...

“Czar… And Cino… Gotcha!” The Sewaddle finishes up scribbling down their names before looking on to Czar “So Czar! which guild did you want to join again? If you need a crash course on both teams don’t be afraid to ask.” He says to them as he readies the pen to write down their chosen guild.

“Ah right um… I know I kinda shouted it out and I scared you; so sorry for that.” He says to him as he bows out of respect. He raises himself back up and gave out his answer. “But I wish to join the Ardent Cinders.”

 “Um... are you sure? Why would you choose them over The Roaring Icebergs?” He asks Czar It was there that he began to speak up, but nothing came out of his mouth, realizing this he crosses his arms and begins to think for a spell.

Butter does have a good point, I came in here just to find a place to stay and maybe find work. I never actually gave it true thought other than hoping that someone will be there to jog my memory. But I should at least come up with an answer. “Ah well, Um… They’re wear red…?” He says to him with a sheepish smile. All Butter did was look to him with an expression that fuses confusion and awkwardness. Nevertheless, all he did is nod.

 “Okay, but no changing your mind! The guilds don't like each other, and they might throw you down a pit if you try and change sides. It sounds scary.” Butter shivers at the thought; taking a gander at the barricaded door before scribbling on the papers some more. Czar peers overhead and sees the barricaded door as well. He sees something slithering against the holes before disappearing. Czar turns pale for a few seconds before looking away. Making a permanent mental note not to switch teams.

Once he’s finished, Butter turns his attention back towards Czar and Cino. “Okay, what else can you tell me about yourselves? What makes you... um...” He pulls up the sheet of paper again, scanning through it before finishing his question. “W-what makes you and your partner unique?” Czar; once again, opens his mouth but the shuts it entirely as he begins to think once more.

Oh! Um, I should not mention that I was guided here by a Kangaskhan in hopes that I’ll find my memory I don't think they'll believe me, not to mention This is uncharted territory of course and the last thing I need is someone being suspicious of me. “Oh well, I’m a explorer you see, I chart the lands for the sake of better understanding of our world. I came from a far-off land called… Kazia you see! I was on an expedition to another region, unfortunately we were met with a rather nasty storm and as a result I washed up ashore on this region. My adventuring bug was kicked into high gear after seeing new land; resulting me exploring the region. Soon I caught wind that Rift City is the place to be from one of the inhabitants and as a result I’m here.” He says to the Sewaddle with a smile. Just then something clicked in Czar’s mind as he talked about his fabricated story; Bits and pieces of his memory forged together, as If it his story was indeed true. When he came to, all he saw was a cute little Sewaddle curling up in a cute ball and just rocking back and forth; causing him to smile warmly. Okay… This kid is too cute…

“Oh, wow, that's so cool! I think you'll fit right in like a bug in a... um... never mind.” The Sewaddle quickly snaps back into work mode and finalizes the paper work needed for registration. He carefully clips them together and sends them to Czar as he waves to them. “Alrighty then, all set and good to go. Now just find your guild and hand over the papers, they’ll handle everything else… I think. Anywho, good luck and have fun!” He says to them as he sees Czar smile. He sees the Lizard Pokemon take Cino and places him on his back and begins to head off. But not before the Eye of the Honedge staring blankly at the Sewaddle; as if it was plotting for his downfall when it just did nothing really. Poor Butter looked at the eye and instantly became startled; dislocating more of the paper work,

Okay Just gotta find the Ardent Cinders… He says as he went down the stairs, he looks over at the registration papers and immediately was met with many errors. W-What the?! My name is Spelled with a C first! Not a Z, my name’s not Zar! H-Huh? I-Is that me as a Drawing?! Am I really that Fat?! And Cino… He looks-  well okay wow yeah just a death sword with a scary eye… That’s… Terrifying. He sighs. Eh… Oh well though… at least I’m in now… After gazing through the papers, he sets them down and looks out from a window in the sky scraper.


Well… I guess this is my new life now… until I find my memories. Till then though… a smile forms on his face. Look out World, Team Kazia is born!




Rival Gates: Team Kazia
=====Jobs done=================================================================


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Anywho the dA group is :iconrival-gates: owned by :iconsrarlight:

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