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Team Kazia Supplement Story: “SoulWhite.”
Huana Region: the stage where two conflicting rivals play in. As far as the Residents have known, the two rivals: The Ardent Cinders led by a Heatmor and Ratatta, and the Roaring Icebergs manned by an Amaura and an Aipom, have been butting heads ever since their conception. Two different Ideals, and yet none of them concede to the other. From their adventures, to their rivalry clashes, these two spun tales that would entice even the timidest Pokemon. One of them being Czar; a Charmander who had no memory of his past. Guided by only his gut feeing and the Cursed sword he calls Cino, he joins the Ardent Cinders in hopes to recover his memory. As the days and nights of both his training and his duties, he began to wonder about his past, and whether he is a good Pokemon at heart.
And if so… he wonders if he’ll ever meet with someone Who is looking for him… Or out for vengeance
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Event Stories: Asteria downtime

Event Story: The Tale of the Sea-Faring Samurai: Blue
A Samurai by trade, a Sailor at heart. This Oshawott Traveled among the seas in the vain attempt at finding his long-lost partner; Czar the Charmander. Disembarking somewhere in the Huana Region after a long journey, He scooped out the landscapes and gleaned over the residents. Just at an impasse, a small crack formed over the seemingly unbreakable wall; a faint clue over his friend’s whereabouts; a word of mouth about two guilds defending a farm from wild Diggersby. After “Pampering” the locals, he found out that in the ardent cinders, a Charmander who went by the name “Czar” assisted in that farm. Sparing no sense, Blue sought out to find his partner.
 They met before the station near Neve town and the two crossed both paths, and blades. Distraught over the fact that his friend forgot about him, The Oshawott regrouped back to his allies to form a plan. However&
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Rival Gates Event: Czar
Event Story: The Tale of the Enigmatic Flame Swordsman: Czar
So… This is Asteria City…  Czar thought to himself as he walks along the paved road. He kind of find it surprising that the city bustled with activity despite the lack of sun. He even notices that his flame tail began to faintly glow around him; lighting up the pavement a bit and noticing the various empty bottles, cluttered trash, and torn up paper. Yeesh, I must be getting used to Rift City with it’s cleanliness; this place looks like some thing out of a thug’s story… The Charmeleon thought to himself as he continues onward while keeping in mind of his surroundings. Okay Czar, this is your first time without Cino. Chin up and eyes forward. Ever since Czar evolved to a Charmeleon he relied less on Cino to fight his battles and to keep him safe. He still needs Cino’s help from time to time as despite being stronger, he wants to make sure his old partn
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Rival Gates: Job 1
1 Month after Mission 4
“Come on Cino I know you can do more than that!” Czar’s words rang on out as sounds clashing strikes began to echo out in the sunny afternoon plains. Czar stood on one side; light-footed and bouncy as he gave a small smirk over his sparring partner, a Honedge floating in mid air as it began to swing about. The Sword then began to charge forward as to aim for his abdomen. Czar chuckles at the approach and aptly dodges while going in with one of his strikes.
Cino moves out of the way in time and decides meld into Czar’s Shadow, reappearing behind him and going for a slash. “Alright but you asked for it!” A rather boyish voice came from the Honedge as he goes towards the swipe.
Czar rolled out of the way and double-backs as he uses his flame burst attack too strike at a distance. What he didn’t react do is Cino going in hard and then knocking him in the back with the hilt; the impact made him fall flat
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Rival Gates: Team Kazia
Team Alias: Kazia                   Rank: Student
 Guild Affiliation: Ardent Cinders         Date Joined:5/25/18
Guild Ranking: Basic
Funds: 0 Meobans  
Collected Stamps: (Stamps earned from Jobs and Missions go here)
Member 1: “Czar” Kaze [Shiny Charmander]
Gender:Male        Age:17
Nature:Hardy        Characteristic: Strong willed
Ability: Blaze
Move 1: Counter -With Cino in his hands he uses the honedge as both a slashing weapon and a defensive weapon for counter attakcs, not to say that he can do it with his claws, but the move is less effective if he uses the move without the sword pokemon to help him.
Move 2: Dragon Dance -His signature move. Besides using it to boost to his offense, he also uses it in a means of unconventional
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PMDU: The Radical Dreamers App
TEAM NAME: Radical Dreamers
Date Joined: 10/1/2013
Current Funds: 5 st
Inorokashi Kaze
A Child from the mists… A being of limitless potential…
Pokemon Species: Charmander [Shiny]
Nature and Characteristic: Hardy. Likes to eat alot
Gender: Male               Age: 10
Ability: Blaze
Strength: x     Agility: x
Intelligence: x      Charisma: XX
Total Points Left: 7
Type bonus: Fire +2 Charisma
Move 1: Dragon Dance
Move 2: Metal Claw
Move 3: Flame Charge
Move 4: Counter
Accessory 1:
Accessory 2:
Accessory 3:
A mercenary escorting the young child… A smooth talker with confidence in his battle ability.
Pokemon Species: Dewott
Nature and Characteristic: Bold, Capable of Taking hits
Gender: Male                Ag
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Update by Va-Dorah Update :iconva-dorah:Va-Dorah 8 33 The Odds and Ends of a Rope- M1 Rope Trials by Va-Dorah The Odds and Ends of a Rope- M1 Rope Trials :iconva-dorah:Va-Dorah 2 2 The Odds and Ends of a Rope- M1 Rope Trials by Va-Dorah The Odds and Ends of a Rope- M1 Rope Trials :iconva-dorah:Va-Dorah 4 0 The Odds and Ends of a Rope- M1 Rope Trials by Va-Dorah The Odds and Ends of a Rope- M1 Rope Trials :iconva-dorah:Va-Dorah 0 0 The Odds and Ends of a Rope- M1 Rope Trials by Va-Dorah The Odds and Ends of a Rope- M1 Rope Trials :iconva-dorah:Va-Dorah 0 2 The Odds and Ends of a Rope- M1 Rope Trials by Va-Dorah The Odds and Ends of a Rope- M1 Rope Trials :iconva-dorah:Va-Dorah 2 0 The Odds and Ends of a Rope- M1 Rope Trials by Va-Dorah The Odds and Ends of a Rope- M1 Rope Trials :iconva-dorah:Va-Dorah 1 0 The Odds and Ends of a Rope- M1 Rope Trials by Va-Dorah The Odds and Ends of a Rope- M1 Rope Trials :iconva-dorah:Va-Dorah 2 2 Legends of Avalon: Cinokashi by Va-Dorah Legends of Avalon: Cinokashi :iconva-dorah:Va-Dorah 10 18
Pokemon of Avalon: The Sellsword, now the Knight
“It’s Funny, I thought at this rate this land would be held of nothing. Next thing I know, I saw these banners of a new kingdom; asking if To assist. To be frank, I’ve seen a lot of things in my time...  Actually that’s a lie; considering I’m only 18. But I’ve seen enough see that we don’t get foreigners that much. I’m in need for some coin, and the folk look nice. Might as well join them in their escapades. who know, maybe my sword can be of use, and we can go off on an adventure to explore the world!
…Hah, who am I kidding; seems kinda far off. But hey, a Mon can dream can he?
~Words Of a Self-Proclamed “Hero of the Skies”
The Morning sun vanquished the darkness, as it’s warmth and divine rays smothered the earth with it’s welcoming warmth. The darkness of the storm has passed, and the skies above were cleared of clouds, and gloom. Because of the rain that happened last night, it was very
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Commission Masterpost! [Spots Open]
Commissions are currently open!
Commission slots;
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  Base price: $10
  Shading: +$5
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  Effects: +$5
Examples (click to see bigger view)

  Base Price: $20
  Shading: +$5
  Color: +$5
  Effects: +$5
Examples (click to see bigger view)

Pixel animations
Simple animation - $10

  Complex animation - $15
Adopt: Winged Champion [Closed] by splendidcitrusAdopt: Heartthrob (Closed) by splendidcitrus
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CLOSED// 1000 POINTS raffle!
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Another raffle for you, dear watchers! The rules are similiar to my previous raffle-giveaways.
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Winners are always chosen randomly.
Raffle ends on 15th October.
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You'll find them by Winick-Lim You'll find them :iconwinick-lim:Winick-Lim 23 0 Artist template for CCC [Meme] by Czar-Ino-Kaze Artist template for CCC [Meme] :iconczar-ino-kaze:Czar-Ino-Kaze 14 12 RQ 03 - Cino by potatotter RQ 03 - Cino :iconpotatotter:potatotter 19 8 Cino - Request by Moo-feeler Cino - Request :iconmoo-feeler:Moo-feeler 58 2 PoA: Getting serious here by Tokiball12345 PoA: Getting serious here :icontokiball12345:Tokiball12345 12 7 Charmander by MiMiDong Charmander :iconmimidong:MiMiDong 2 2 40-Story Zelda and Link building in Tokyo! by J-Skipper 40-Story Zelda and Link building in Tokyo! :iconj-skipper:J-Skipper 578 103 26-story Mario! by J-Skipper 26-story Mario! :iconj-skipper:J-Skipper 422 105 Gale Nightrider - Lochesh NPC by Galactic-Rainbow Gale Nightrider - Lochesh NPC :icongalactic-rainbow:Galactic-Rainbow 80 41 Dash the Evee by Soniclifetime Dash the Evee :iconsoniclifetime:Soniclifetime 9 20 Skyrim Monopoly Board by wasteguru Skyrim Monopoly Board :iconwasteguru:wasteguru 13 3 Lapras Sculpture by eskimogeorge Lapras Sculpture :iconeskimogeorge:eskimogeorge 9 3 I am not alone. by wolfblackwing I am not alone. :iconwolfblackwing:wolfblackwing 6 4



Team Kazia Supplement Story: “SoulWhite.”


Huana Region: the stage where two conflicting rivals play in. As far as the Residents have known, the two rivals: The Ardent Cinders led by a Heatmor and Ratatta, and the Roaring Icebergs manned by an Amaura and an Aipom, have been butting heads ever since their conception. Two different Ideals, and yet none of them concede to the other. From their adventures, to their rivalry clashes, these two spun tales that would entice even the timidest Pokemon. One of them being Czar; a Charmander who had no memory of his past. Guided by only his gut feeing and the Cursed sword he calls Cino, he joins the Ardent Cinders in hopes to recover his memory. As the days and nights of both his training and his duties, he began to wonder about his past, and whether he is a good Pokemon at heart.

And if so… he wonders if he’ll ever meet with someone Who is looking for him… Or out for vengeance…


On a rather warm afternoon in the Region, Pokemon bustle through the dirt roads and the dense forests as they began to head out to cooler pastures like the coastline or the low snowdrifts near neve City. Traveling along these dirt roads were Two Charizards; a Female with a vibrant orange skin, and a Male with a threatening, yet awesome Black scales. The pair looks on behind and sees their little caravan catching up to the pair as the Female Looks on over to the Male; a little concerned that maybe perhaps they need a break. Deciding that it is a great time to both refresh their bodies with rest and food, The duo calls them to set up camp at the next turn; leading to a riverbed that exports it’s bountiful water into the open seas.

Soon a bit after, An Aggron; holding a burlap bag the size of his torso gladly flops his bag onto the ground with a grin as he Looks on to the Male Charizard. “Phew, Glad to see you were thinking of us Kain,” The Aggron places a hand on the Charizard’s Shoulder and lets out a hearty laugh. “We may be strong mons but we ain’t as young and energetic as you two.” With a strong-sounding grunt, the Aggron opens his things and begins to set up camp.


Kain just flashes the Aggron a smile as he bent down to help the Steel Mon with Camp. “Oh you’re still young Dirk. Besides guess we had a spring in our step that we have yet to share with the troupe.” Kain replies with a chuckle; waiting for the Firepit and the caldron to be ready. “Besides… you did all the heavy lifting. I doubt Me and Rydia would be able to carry as much with ourselves.” With a big breath, Kain exhales a rather tame flame to light up the firewood. With the cooking pot readying up, the Charizard pats Dirk on the shoulder and chuckles to him.

“Heh, well while we rest up, I’ll look after the roads to see if we can line our pockets.” He says to Kain as he then faces his back to Kain, but not before having the last word. “Kain the Firesmith!, Bender of Steel and Boiler of stew. No matter the Strength or the Tenacity, The ‘Zard’s flame shall service all of Hauna!” He then laughs once more before going to help the rest of the Caravan set up.


Kain just groaned softly and places his hand on his forehead, if anyone took a good long look at his face anyone could see the Charizard’s anguish and regret; the moment he tried to make something catchy it ended up sounded a bit less than desired after hearing it from his friends. Ugh… the more I think about it, maybe I should’ve let Molly handled my Slogan…  He thought to himself. Nevertheless, Kain smiled through his regrets and pulls up a seat to prepare for Lunch. As he prepares his ingredients he couldn’t help but peer over the cooking pot to see the caravan group huddling over the Female Charizard. He waits as a chilled wind blew from the coast to the river, then what came next is the sound of various instruments as the Female Charizard began to dance in front of her spectators.


He watches her; both enticed by her movements and enamored of her natural beauty, what came next was a transparent purple glow that enveloped her body, what came next was her movements becoming more daring and profound, as if she became much more dexterous, seeing her in her natural happiness brought a warm feeling to Kain as he closed his eyes and smiled on; Reminiscing about days of old… It has been twenty years since I met you, and since then, you and me have been a inseparable pair…


I remember the time I met you; back when we were still Charmeleons. You were running away from somewhere just as I walked back from work. I remember the moment where we bumped into each other, you held my hand and dragged me somewhere. You were begging me to take you somewhere not in town, that you wish to be kidnapped. Of course, I had no idea why… But I couldn’t just leave any Pokémon that’s in a bind. That was both an adventure and a moment where I never regretted playing along with your plan. At that moment, we’ve became fast friends. Then one thing came another.

That moment on that hill underneath the Full moon, I still remember that memory vibrantly… After all, it was the moment where we let our hearts out, and we’ve become more than just close friends. What came next after… It still threw me through a loop. Who you really are, and the surprise you had for me… Kain shook his head to return to reality and looks on up to see Rydia playfully punch his shoulder with a toothy grin. 


“Don’t pretend you didn’t see Darling! I know you watched me from afar, Come on… What do you think?” Rydia Looks on over to Kain shortly as she couldn’t help but puff out her rather slim body; the result after pursuing a rather athletic hobby. There she notices Kain standing up and giving Rydia a little smirk and saying to her.


“Oh Your little dance. Well… Heh… I didn’t like it…” There he paused for a second to see Rydia’s Expression; unphased by his words. He waits for a bit for any reaction, but then was met with another voice and footsteps.


“Mister Kain, that’s not true, your emotions and your thoughts say that you loved it a lot!” Approaching the Charizard Pair was a Kirlia and an Oshawott; holding a few berries and fish caught from the riverbed. This caused Kain to be surprised and embarrassed at Rydia; who just couldn’t help but giggle at the Kirlia’s Words.


“A-Ack, Molly! Come on, I was just trying to have a little fun now with Rydia…” He exclaims before looking on to Rydia; clearly enjoying Kain’s attempt at being a little playful. He sighs a bit before looking disappointed. “Man… I can’t even have a little fun messing around.” He says to them with a small smile. Soon he was met with Rydia’s arms as she gave him a hug from behind. He perks up a tad and turns his head to see Rydia giving her a playful chuckle before smiling right back and nuzzling her chin. “D’aw, I really can stay sad with you around hun.” He says to him with a smile before looking down to Molly and the Oshawott. He moves Rydia’s arms away for now and goes to pick up the supplies the two procured from the river. “Ah, Good job you two, you certainly know your way around here.”


The Oshawott gave Kain a smile before closing his eyes and poses; emitting an aura of confidence; more on over-confidence with his skills. “Of course, Kain! It helps that you have me out there to scope out the area, with me sharp eyes and strong sense of direction I was able te get us some prime Fish for cookin!” He smiles on over to Kain as Molly rolls her eyes and lets out a giggle.


“Oh is that so… Sharp eyes and Strong sense of Direction Blue? you know that fish took more than twenty minutes to find, and when you were able to see it in the water, it went around you so fast that you couldn’t see it even if it were flopping in the shallows!” She lets out a playful tongue as she began to see the vien throbbing on the Oshawott’s head.


“Oh Haha! Very Funny Molly!” Blue; sounded quite offended, crossed his arms and looked on over to the side. “Geez, one lass sassing me is enough… now two…?” He murmurs underneath his breath, Molly picks up what he said as she giggles once again.


“That’s because she’s not here to put you in your place when you go stroking your ego and flaunting your greenhorn skills…” She laughs it up as she runs around Kain; trying to avoid an Angry Oshawott swinging around his Scallop; infused with Razor Shell. It took a bit but Kain was able to calm both down after a bit of scolding.


“That’s quite enough you two!” Kain says as he sat down and looks on over to them. “Geez, Now I can see why he said that you three are a piece of work, Man I don’t know if…” He shortly huffs out some smoke and looks on towards the two; holding back a lot now that he took a good look at them. When Kain mentioned “Him” The two of them looked rather sad and downtrodden. “…He really meant a lot to you three huh?” Kain tilts his head on over to the Duo and goes up to both Blue and Molly as he playfully pets them on their heads; ruffling their hair or fur before kneeling to their level. “Hey, It’s alright guys. I know you miss him, But not to worry Guys, I’m sure that whatever traces he left, I’m sure we’ll use that to pick up his trail. “Kain flashes them a smile as the two cheered up and nods.


“Heh, well according to the word of mouth, there seems to be a village near here. I believe it’s called Attwell. We still have quite a bit of time before sunset, why don’t you head on over there and get more than just berries and fish?” The Duo looks on over to Kain and flashes them a smile as they began to pack up and hurry off. “…And make sure to help out anyone who needs assistance! We are trying to spread the good word of our cause!” Kain yells out to them. Just as soon as he turns to Rydia, He notices that she’s having a bit of trouble carrying the utensils out for dinner. With a smile, Kain rushes over to her side and takes one of the bags and gave her a small kiss on her cheek which made Rydia giggle and coo. “Now-Now Hun. Allow me do the heavy lifting…”


In the late afternoon, Dinner was almost set up and the caravan troop were starving. Kain worked near the cooking pot as he finishes up making the stew, he gave it a test and took the ladle to taste it a tad. He delightfully hums to the taste being great and began to fill it with a bit of garnish. These ingredients are different where we come from, these are a lot fresher than I thought! He thought to himself as he begins to stir the stew now. While he continuously spins the ladle in a slow but forceful matter, he heard heavy foot steps from a distance. With each passing second the footsteps became louder and louder, by the time Kain turned around he sees a rather happy Dirk; holding a sack that jingled each time he took a step.


“Kain! Your handicraft finally Paid off! We’re set to travel again!” He yells out in happiness.


“Oh hey! that’s Great…” He was happy at seeing his hard work paid off, but at the same time he just stares on to the Aggron; looking a little annoyed, if irritated… “Wait… Excuse me…? Finally paid off? We’ve been living off my Creations for a long while… You just BARELY noticed that?” His tone shifted from happy to quite annoyed at that.”


The Aggron gave off a hearty laugh as he sets down the sack and grins on over to Kain. “Oh, come on Kain, I’m just teasing!” He pats Kain on the back… But the pat was rather strong for the Charizard as he flew a few feet before skidding across the grass. Aggron’s face turns to that of shock as he grabs some bandages from the tent and goes off to see Kain; who was recovering from the pat. “Oh gosh, Sorry Lad!” He says to Kain as he starts to place bandages where they don’t belong. The Charizard shook his head and waved his arms around to try and stop the Aggron from further bandaging him.


“T-The stew… No wait D-Dirk… The Stew…” He tries to speak out, but the bandage made it hard to do that. In a matter of seconds, he was fully covered in bandages as the Aggron became proud of his handiwork in first aid. Unfortunately, the remains of the bandages caught on to his tail flame and the bandages erupted in flames shortly. The two share an awkward stare that lasted a full minute before Kain went back to the cooking pot. “Well… Guess that sack of poke is going to some Medical Supplies… See if you can sell a bit more Dirk… Please…?” Kain; sounding a bit defeated, asks Dirk. He then sees Dirk; looking defeated as well, raises one hand before going back to his post.


After that fiasco of poor judgment in strength, Kain finally finishes up his stew and begins to pour the stew into a few bowls; setting them up for the caravan to eat and enjoy. He takes some from the pot and eats some before reaching into his own possessions he placed near his seat. With a ring of a Bell, He sees the caravan heading straight in and began to huddle near the food as if they were ready to get their grub on. With a laugh, Kain made sure to set up two bowls aside for Blue and Molly. Once making sure that everyone; present or not, gets at least one bowl, Kain extends out his head and tries to find Rydia. Just being not around at all when the dinner bell rang, raises a red flag for the Male Charizard. He stands up and begins to walk towards the riverbed; hoping he could at least find his Beloved. After walking along the river; carrying a bowl of stew, He finally sees Rydia with a fishing pole; struggling just a tad with it just trying to cast out the line.


With a relieved sigh and a warm smile, He moves on over to her side and helps her out; he places his hands-on top of hers and huddles close. Rydia looks up and sees Kain helping her as a faint blush formed on her face, then smiles as he lets him guide her hands to properly cast the line out. “Oh… thank you darling, I’ve always wanted to try to fish…” She lets out a small giggle before sitting down next to Kain; who places down the stew for them to enjoy. As they talked about miniscule events, the local gossip, and the state of the caravan. The sun began to set on their day; the vibrant blue skies turning ever redder as a rather beautiful orange hue began to cover the skies. “Oh! Would you look at the time, we should head back to camp before night fall. “Rydia says to Kain with a smile as he gets the fishing rod case. She opens the box and… doesn’t put the fishing rod back, instead she just stares into the piece of red cloth that was stuck inside. When she would pull it out, the cloth wasn’t a cloth, but a red scarf that looked frayed out. She remained silent for a long while; just looking at it and its broken condition.


Kain became a bit worried about why was Rydia taking so long with putting back the rod as he looks on to her. After looking a bit and seeing her unfold the red cloth, Kain felt her emotions; sadness, regret, and overall general sorrow. “…You know… He really loved to fish, so much that every time we would go out to the nearby lake we would just fish for hours on end… Of course… you were there with us, and while we were fishing, you were cheering us on; spending the day weaving that scarf of his. I remember him always toting around that scarf; as if it were his prized possession. I’ll never forget that look on his face when he first wore that…” He places a hand over one of her hands and gripped gently as he huddles in close to share his warmth. “Rydia, I know it wasn’t your fault. Even if it were, we were all to blame for something like that to happen to him.” He says as he wipes the tears off her face.


“…I can feel it though… He’s still out there somewhere Kain, Our little boy lost in the world. I can feel him crying out to us…” Rydia tries her best to hold back her tears as she grips the torn-up scarf, soon she could feel Both of Kain’s Claws gripping on to her own. She looks to Kain; half covered in tears as looks up to Kain; who she can feel that he’s hurting inside as well.


“I know Rydia… Our little Charmander is somewhere… We’ll find him. I swear on my honor we’ll find our little piece that makes us whole. So please Beloved… Dry your tears and let me see your smile again.” Kain says to her as then was met with an embrace from her. The two charizards hugged tightly as their tails gently coiled together. Soon she looks on over to Kain with a small smile before burying her face and snout into the Male Charizard’s chest.

Kain… You’ve been with me for so long… Helping me, supporting me, and now loving me as I loved you… Even when I fell into the darkness, you were my light guiding me to salvation. I’m glad I met you back in the past… and… I’m glad that you were the one to help me make my dream come true… I know you’ll support me to the ends of time, just how I supported you from the day we met. I too swear that we’ll find our little Charmander…  The moment the two shared though was completely interrupted by the fierce spinning of the fishing line.  The Two quickly bounced back to get the fishing rod in time as they began to reel in their catch. However, the fish was simply too much for Kain… Alone that is. With Kain buying Rydia some time, she was able to bring out dragon dance and placed her hands-on top of his as the two smiles to each other. “I got you Hun, just keep reeling!”


As the sun begins to set on the Attwell, Blue and Molly finished up assisting the townsfolk with their daily chores and were on their way to regroup at the entrance. Molly waits patiently over at the entrance of Attwell; holding supplies and a crate of goods. To pass the time, Molly sat on the crate and shakes her feet. As time began to pass again, she became slightly irritated; the growls in her stomach were the cause of her grouchiness as she slowly contemplates the notion to leave Blue. Gah… what’s taking that oshawott so long?! Molly thought to herself as she stretches out her hands.


Meanwhile back in the city, Blue was finishing up a delivery of Crops from Hemstok’s Farm to the Local tavern as he sat up and waits for his pay. “Heh, there you go mate. Heh they weren’t that bad of a carry honestly.” Blue chuckles before seeing the manager nod with a smile as well.


“Hehe! Thanks so much Blue, you wouldn’t believe the demand for these Veggies! Ever since Helmstok’s farm got raided by them bunny boys we were in trouble, High Demands with Low supplies brings about bad business y’know!” The Manager chuckles as he then faces Blue; who had a confused expression and wanted to learn more. “Oh well if you’re curious… We’ve heard that our supplier Helmstok had a bit of trouble with the Diggersby gang near Rift City. Took the effort of two city guilds to drive out them bunny boys.” The manager inspects the vegetables and deems them worthy for the dishes they’re going to serve. “Even though them Roaring Icebergs won that bout, the Ardent Cinders sure won our hearts; especially that Little Charmander.” Just hearing the species ‘Charmander’ turned Blue’s expression from curious… To shock and awe. “Even after their leader was heading over to the slammer, the Bunnelby were adamant on taking their leader back. That Charmander? Hoo-Wee that Little Lizard had heart; took them all out with nothing but his own fists! Course he was flailing about with his hands and feet… “Comedy Combat” as he calls it! Hah, I wouldn’t lie though; all that flailing did fend off those bunny boys I’ll tell you what.”


It was there that Blue looks on over to the Tavern and couldn’t help but ask. “So… the two guilds… What they be doing now?” His eyes gleamed with interest and his heart began to race. Unbeknownst to everyone, The Charmander he talked about peaked his interest a lot. “…And this Charmander… What did he look like?!”


“Eh? Well… currently as of right now, they’re setting up trade routes leading up to the old Tramstation near Neve City; north of here.” He closes his eyes and places a claw under his chin as he tries to recall the Charmander. “This Charmander… He was a shiny fellow, Green eyes as well. He also wears a red scarf; toting it around as if it meant something to him. If I were him though I would be using something a bit more… Stylish heh… what say you Bl-“He opens his eyes and sees an empty seat. “Oh why do the youngin’s always have to leave in such a hur…” He looks onto the counter and sees a smaller sack of poke. Soon his mind and his temper flared up as he pounds the desk. “Oh Dadgummit! I gave them the wrong pay!”


Blue began to ran through the streets of Attwell; carrying a rather large sack of Poke as he then sees Molly; who was angerly looking towards Blue. “There you are Blue… Sheesh, did you get lost AGAIN? I’ve been waiting here for you for the past hou-“ Before she could finish that thought, she was met with a large sake of poke as caught it; causing her to skid on the ground a bit. She then places it down and sees Blue run off again. “B-Blue?! Where you going?! What did you do?! IS THIS STOLEN?! I NEED ANSW- HEY WAIT!! BLUE!!!!” She tries to get his attention once more, but by the time she finishes up he was gone; heading north.


It can’t be… It isn’t so! He thought to himself as he rushes through the ruined path leading up to the tramline, there he traverses through the forest as he had one thought in mind; that Charmander. This will be a stretch… But if it is… IF it's him, then…


Hold on there little Charmander… I’m coming!!!

The story that supplements Team Kazia. This introduces the Two Pokemon who will be joining Czar's team, as well as two supporting NPCs of Team Kazia. If you're curious, the caravan's name is "SoulWhite" As for why they're called SoulWhite It'll be revealed later on.

This takes place after Job and Mission 1 of Team Kazia.

Pokemon Belongs to Pokemon

:iconrival-gates: Belong to :iconsrarlight:
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