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Vinyl player with vinyl player (turnable)

HD cover

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This should be what the SFM models look like...
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This looks amazing! I thought it was an actual real life figure for a minute there!
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If i could buy this as a figurine, i would in a heartbeat <3
V747's avatar
Oh. Thank you! I'm glad to hear that. 
Feel free to use =)…
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omg, thank you so much! lemme see if anyone i know has a printer aaa~
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Great job! I really like your unique style. It's very expressive.
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My god your 3D artwork is amazing. I wish this was sold as a statue.
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This looks so realistic wow!! Fantastic model
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horseshoes..... iris could be bigger.... mouth a little bigger... glasses could be the same size as her eyes..... blue in her mane could be darker imo.
V747's avatar
Thank you for feedback =) I understand my mistakes i try not to make it in the future.
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Cheeks/eyes not reacting to the smile ASIDE.......... this is perfect.
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looks the cool and nice
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можно её распечатать на тридэ принтере?
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Да, разумеется.… здесь скриншот и ссылка на файл в формате obj. Позднее, делая вещи под трехмерную печать уже объяснили, один файл-она часть внутри, но тогда этого еще не знал и в файле все кучей.
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О, спасибо :) Мне ещё принтер целиком не пришёл и я вообще не разбираюсь, но думаю копаясь в материале пойму в итоге что к чему Х)
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Just absolutely gorgeous. Really shows just how helpful it is to be able to draw as well as model.
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Dang makes me wish this was a item i could have on my desk.
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