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vada energy

Vada Energy - Hydrogen on Demand

website layout design
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Overall look is fantastic!!
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hey! wht about the idli energy? :D
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For me the best things are icons. Concept is also good.
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Nice one:) Header has nice colors
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Really nice design :)
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nice design...i like the banner...that picture is nice...
good editing!!
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Nice concept! Added to my collection :)
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if the buttons are self made you will get a fav :)
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hehehe... yes, some elements though are cut out of the photograph and tweaked to look like a button :D
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ok fav anyway :P
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Wonderful design with great imagery - nice work and :+fav:!
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This is really cool dude! I have so much do write about, I'll do it in a list:

+ The "LEGAL" and "PRIVACY" buttons looks really clean and nice
+ The car looks really futuristic and modern
+ The colours are great
+ The sharpness on the road is really, really good but I could have been better on the leaves to the left
+ Really nice logo and the speedmeter in "HYDROGEN" is really witty :D
+ Clean fonts and a good structure
+ It's very easy to see what the site is about

Nothing bad here, great job man! Keep up the good work :)
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thanks Cheezen :)
+Legal & Privacy got there actually by accident, we forgot to add them in when site was built so to save some time I just added them on top :D
+Car is actually '09 maxima so yeah I guess you can say she is from the future somewhat ;)
+Colors "blue" for water "green" for nature ;)
+yes leaves were added the last and I was already out of energy for them... vadaenergy 2.0 will look cleaner (currently working on it)
+thanks for all the comments & compliments once again :D
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Nice work ;) .......... again

Featured in my "Good Web Design" collection [link]
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thank you, thank you :)
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cool. now when it becomes reality, you let me know, k?
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