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You Can Download Free PSD Logo Templates From:
It's Exclusive, Check it. :) ❤
wow,we need a new logo for our new starting company, any chance to get ur design,tq,my 
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Great work! Classy and professional!
Can you créate one for me?
Hello, my channel is
I would very much appreciate a logo design (my favorites on the web include Tristam's)
Please let me know if this is possible. Thank you.
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you can made me a logo?
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how much would you charge to create a comic book logo?
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What does that image illustrates?
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lovely logo. We are partnering up with another company in several months that will be giving us jobs to do. If you are a designer that can do Illustrations, Photo Manipulations, Skin retouching, Business cards, Logo design, flyers type designs and other marketing designs. You should sign…
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Wonderful and distinctive work, 
You can also find Free PSD Logo Templates renewed daily here:
Interested in working on a logo for me? Email me at if you are.
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very nice, clean look; looks like it would belong to an upscale place
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Great logo. It's looks so awesome, very clean!
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are you avaible for a commission
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Nice logo !! Clap 

You can also check my portfolios :-

Thanks !! :) (Smile)
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I like the color and gradient blend, but the reflection is a little off in the gold areas   im not sure what it should be but do you have a few versions available for logo design work?
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I'm looking for people to submit graphics to my new site. It's basically a marketplace where authors can sell their digital items.

You will benefit from a massive 70% off each sale of your item. All you have to do is upload and submit & you set the price!

Hope you're interested! :)
Could you make a logo for me? 
My name is Franxisco Müllo and im a EDM artist from Gothenburg sweden.
I love you art and when i was looking around Deviont art for good art makers to get a hold on about a Logo Request i found you.
I would like to get a hold of a good Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator skills,
to make my official logo.
Ill be releasing 2 tracks in a few months on Ensis and Nanobeat records.
You can check out some of my track or preview track that i post when i play around on
If you would like to help me out with artwork/logo for my artist page on Facebook, please do reply, if you want to get payed for it please tell me your offer and ill get back to you asap
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You did a great job on the icon/ illustration. I can't stop staring at it! :thumbsup:  However, I'm not a big fan of the logotype. It would've been better if you kept the type simple (just tracked & kerned) and let the illustration shine. Right now the "R" at the end is competing for attention. Just my opinion.  
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beautiful great job man ;)
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